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nls bioresonance


What is NLS Bioresonance?

nls bioresonance

nls bioresonance

Vital signs are an important indicator of your health. NLS Bioresonance is an electronic device designed to allow people to wirelessly measure the nonlinear vortex of the magnetic field of any living object in a matter of minutes.

The spectral signal obtained from the headset (within a sensor called a CADISTOR) measures the information background noise around the destroyed biological object. A trigger sensor is a device that records the background noise of information from a biological object. The trigger sensor also includes a broadband noise generator (i.e., oscillating diode 2G401V) as a noise generator. The noise generator, after adjusting to the resonance frequency of the biological object, can obtain the frequency resonance characteristics of the noise from the object under study in the standard frequency range. The received signal is sent to an oscillator or computer for further spectral analysis. This information is intended to be displayed, stored and read by the Veritas software application.

The first version of the device is now in use by more than 1,000 people in over 70 countries. It is being researched for use in research and it is part of our registration roadmap. nls Bioresonance has EU and RU certification for electromagnetic measurement safety.

The NLS Bioresonance biofeedback device is registered in the European Union and is certified as a measuring device for measuring electromagnetic fields and low voltage electromagnetic wave generators for low voltage devices. The device has passed all tests, including electromagnetic safety, environmental friendliness and human and animal safety.

The exterior of the device is a rectangular box with three LEDs on the front panel, three connectors on the sides and an Extrnal nls Bioresonance Lite-FREQ on the rear panel.The body of the device measures 156 x 180 x 36 mm.In addition to the main unit, the set includes an electromagnetic biosensor, a USB cable, a glass-shaped electromagnetic reprinter and an FREQ cable. The unit is placed in a reusable cardboard box. Inside the mainframe are: radio electronic panels with components – including systems to prevent hacking, communication systems with personal computers, systems for generating and detecting low voltage electromagnetic fields, and programmed waves for generating low voltage electromagnetic waves. The device is primarily used to study the dependence and effects of low-pressure electromagnetic waves in different regions of the human and animal environment, and the effects of these fluctuations on the human body. The electromagnetic wave low voltage generators available when the equipment is operating can affect microorganisms, especially pathogens. The combination of the two technologies allows electromagnetic waves to have a deeper impact in different regions of the human and animal environment. To conduct these studies, software that is freely available can be used. Inls Bioresonance Veritas Software is a program designed to be used with this device.

nls bioresonance

nls bioresonance

What are the 3 main features of NLS Bioresonance plus?

1Body testing – can easily and effectively target human body conditions, disease trends and health directions.

2 can confirm whether food and health products are helpful or harmful to body organs.

3 Two aspects of human organ repair function – energy repair and spectrum repair.

How does the NLS Bioresonance Health Analyzer work?

The NLS Bioresonance Health Analyzer takes light waves, sonar, through the eardrum into the human brain, uses quantum resonance technology to detect hydrogen atomic energy in specific organs in human tissue, and then feeds the resonance of the electromagnetic waves back to the computer, compared to the vast database of current, past, and future 3-5 years of detected organs, a health status database built by prominent scientists who previously funded tens of billions in national research, collecting data on different genders, different ages, different races, different diseases, different clinical…

nls bioresonance

nls system what it how work why and who need it?

Why do we need NLS bioresonance?

-Green check on the body, no harm done. Painless, non-invasive, radiation-free, simple to operate, comprehensive, understandable, faster and predictable detection
-It is easy to see not only the health of the internal organs, but also the health trends 3-5 years later.
-Quickly detects changes in human tissue in 12 systems, can compare scans of relevant range, and can complete up to 100,000 scans at the speed of 300 lights to ensure accuracy of detection.
-Quickly helps users understand the role of specific organs in advance.
-Produce test data on the efficacy of everyday foods or health foods.
-To provide a professional image of the material to train practitioners in their expertise.
-Provides a basis for tracking the efficacy of health products sold.
-Can provide consumers with a personalized health professional data recovery plan.
-Can provide consumers with daily guidance on healthy eating.

nls bioresonance

nls bioresonance

Where is the need for NLS bioresonance?

Anyone interested in quickly and efficiently checking the health of patients, clients, friends, family or employees can use MK nls Bioresonance.Accurate analysis is a driving factor in our company and no matter who you are or what you do, you will be well informed from the information collected by the MK nls Bioresonance device and everyone you work with will be accurately informed.

Keep in mind that information is gathered at the cellular level and the advantage of this diagnostic method is that it is found before anything is proven.

Those who fall into any of the following categories will be welcomed, advised and will benefit from the use and ownership of the MK nls Bioresonance Biofeedback device

family doctor

The device detects and monitors the expression of genetic disorders in all family members

Clinical and medical units

The efficiency of clinical examinations and initial consultations has been greatly improved. Significantly reduces financial costs and time. The physician is exempt from routine and frequent formal work. Without referring your client to another specialist, you can help them by examining all of their concerns and offering treatment and rehabilitation methods.

Educational facilities and schools

The ability to monitor the health of all children and staff on a truly continuous basis at intervals of no less than once a month, making it possible to assess the health status of pupils.

nls bioresonance

nls bioresonance

nls bioresonance




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