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How to working the 3D NLS?

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How to working the 3D NLS health analyer?

DIACOM NLS FREQUENCY ANALYSIS and STRESS REBALANCING DEVICE DIACOM was designed to assist people in controlling their health. Mothers, students, doctors, teachers, nurses, etc., can use the equipment in full assurance of its dedication to accurate analysis. Not for a few years but for generations. By being our customer you become family. Family grows, learns and supports each other. This is what DIACOM is all about! We boldly say DIACOM is THE MOST ACCURATE device of its kind!

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The graph below demonstrates how the software works. The back straight line represents a perfectly healthy organ. The red line represents the dysfunctional organ, and the black line with filled in color represents the function of the ideal supplements and or analysis. Supplements chosen by the body will act to balance the frequency of the dysfunctional organ to bring it back to a health state. Diacom allows the operator to find the dis balance and a ways to balance the issue back out again


This will work if a client comes to see the operator of a DIACOM device; the device will include software tools to conduct an analysis of the person’s body. After the analysis scan is complete, the operator will find dis-balances in the body and then choose from the programs list of supplements and ask the body to confirm on a combination of supplements ideal to itself.

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The key is that out of 200 supplements 720 million combinations are made and the body chooses the best combinations for itself. Each person’s system is unique; therefore any professional could not recommend a better combination than the body can to itself. 1 herbal supplement is designed to bring healing to a specific part of the body, 2nd supplement is designed to bring healing in another part and the two combined bring healing to a whole other part

 How to working the 3D NLS health analyer


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