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hunter nls what it how work why it and who need?


What is Hunter NLS analysis?

hunter nls hunter nls

The Science Behind Hunter NLS Spectral Analysis
Clinical analysis: analysis of metals in biological fluids and tissues, such as whole blood, plasma, urine, saliva, brain tissue, liver, muscle tissue, semen. Drugs: trace catalysts left in the final drug product during the production of certain drugs, water analysis: analysis of metal content in water. Spectroscopy is often used in physical and analytical chemistry to identify substances. A spectral recording device is a spectrometer. Spectroscopy can be classified according to the physical quantities measured or calculated. Spectroscopy is also heavily used in astronomy. Most large telescopes have spectrographs that measure the chemical composition and physical properties of astronomical objects. A person’s recorded spectral-electromagnetic spectrum studies the intensity of emitted electromagnetic waves and the number of absorbed electromagnetic waves. The kinetic energy of particles is studied by electron energy loss spectra. The mass-to-charge ratio of molecules and atoms is studied in mass spectrometry, which is sometimes called mass spectrometry. Mass spectrometry is a measurement technique that produces a mass spectrum similar to other spectroscopic techniques, i.e. mass spectrometry.Hunter NLS spectrometry-Hunter NLS spectrometry is a powerful tool for determining the most important information about the human body.

hunter nls

How does Hunter NLS work?

Through QUANTUM LIFE Company LLC, the official representative of Romania, at the UMF Bucharest Institute of Applied Reishi (IPP) in Omsk, Russia
The Omsk Institute of Applied Reishi (IPP) has created a survey system, of which there is no analog in the world called Metatron, which can track any condition of the human body through changes specific to the vibrations of the human tissue. The Nonlinear Analysis System (NLS) is the most advanced information engineering of this century and can be considered the most outstanding and beneficial implementation of modern natural science. The Metatron diagnostic system is based on magnetic field spectrum analysis of any biological subject. It is unique and incomparable in the world today.

The Device Metatron developed by PPI can generate specific neuronal neuroelectric activity, thereby potentially selectively amplifying hard-to-detect statistically fluctuating signals and thus isolating and decoding the information they contain. Thus, instead of the “pulse” that emits the radiation, the device Metatron decodes it and displays it on a computer monitor, where a virtual model of the organ is represented in a specific color. In addition, the software provides a three-dimensional projection of internal organs for the doctor’s Metapathia model. The points marked by color are located on the drawing and can aid the pathological process more precisely. By comparing the dynamics of change over time, it is possible to explain the decay process of biological structures and establish prognosis by comparing the distribution of colored dots on a virtual human scanning model.

In order to be able to determine the pathology of a particular area, it is necessary to investigate the depths until the disease outbreak is localized.

The diagnostic system Metatron was developed on the assumption that the human body has electromagnetic information printing and can respond to external stimuli from the electromagnetic body.

hunter nls hunter nls hunter nls

Why choose Hunter NLS?

Absolutely safe and user-friendly.
The Hunter NLS crude diagnostic system will not cause any harm or discomfort to the patient’s health.
No internal detection
No medical examination required*

1 UNIQUE-Hunter NLS is the first of its kind in the world. It is the most informative, portable, user-friendly, secure and legally licensed and certified device available.

2 Accuracy – A comprehensive clinical trial confirmed that Hunter NLS is 79.9% accurate in detecting acute and chronic processes and susceptibility to certain diseases that affect the organism.

3 Usability – The straightforward interface allows training to learn and assess patient health status in just 2 days with Hunter NLS. When packaged, the Hunter NLS can be packed in the carrying case provided at the time of purchase, making it highly portable and convenient.

4 The various data received – Hunter NLS in addition to determining the current status and functional level of the organ, causes viruses, allergens, infections, parasites and trace elements that can roughly indicate some future health predictions and make treatment recommendations and remedies for diseases found.

5 A wide range of applications – Hunter NLS has proven its effectiveness and usefulness in different areas; hospitals, clinics, resorts and sports centres. Hunter NLS is available worldwide and is pre-installed in several languages.

The Metatron system has been used; Western medicine, herbal medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, psychology, psychiatry, sports medicine, fitness consultants, health spas and clinics, homeopathic clinics and rehabilitation centers. The range of applications for the Metatron Rough Diagnostic System is endless, which is why the system is quickly becoming an essential companion for practitioners looking to upgrade and future proof their respective clinics.

hunter nls hunter nls

What is Hunter NLS system accuracy?

Comparison of NLS Diagnostics with other methodologies

NLS diagnosis: 64%, 4%
MRI: 23, 4%
Photography: 14, 8%
Ultrasound: 13, 9 per cent

The average diagnostic accuracy was obtained by comparing the results of clinical studies in 5 areas: gastroenterology, pulmonology, gynecology and endocrinology.

hunter nls what it how work why it and who need?

hunter nls what it how work why it and who need?

Who needs to use the Hunter NLS?

Our products have been used by the following people.
Doctors and doctors.
Nursing home resorts
Fitness centers and spas
Oriental Medical Center
Sports Medicine Specialist
diagnostic room
Scientific Research Center
Distributor of phytoremediation and dietary supplements

Who can operate Metatron equipment?

All NLS Hunter NLS can only be operated by a certified Metatherapist.

hunter nls hunter nls

How get the Hunter NLS Price?

We are the Hunter NLS supplier,we sale the Hunter NLS to Hunter NLS,we can delivery to all the worlds by dhl,ups,offer OEM,if you need the Hunter NLS,please contact us.100% happy shopping and support Returns.

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