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Patient D., aged 57. Neurofibromatosis
Vs. NMR1
Patient V., aged 37: Lymphoma of the hypothalamus
Vs. NMR2
Patient Z., 54 years old: Circulatory encephalopathy (chronic insufficiency of cerebral circulation)
Vs. NMR3
Patient L., 43 years old: Acute ischemic stroke
Vs. NMR4
Patient T., aged 38: Sub frontal meningioma
Vs. NMR5
Patient S., aged 56: Metastasis of lung cancer in the left frontal lobe
Vs. NMR6
Patient Z., 62 years old: Metastases of adenocarcinoma of the kidney in the right hemisphere of the cerebellum
Vs. NMR7
Patient P., aged 47: Typical supratentorial foci in multiple sclerosis
Vs. NMR8
E. The patient, 54 years old. Osteochondritis of the lumbar spine
Vs. NMR9
Patient G., aged 56: Osteochondritis of the cervical spine with a reduction in the height of the rear discs and hernias
Vs. NMR10
Patient, 67 years old: Fibro sarcoma sacrum
Vs. NMR11
Patient A., aged 58. hepatoblastoma neck localization
Vs. NMR12
Patient A., aged 58: hepatoblastoma neck localization
Vs. NMR13
Patient I., aged 49: Per neural arachnoid cyst

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