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Diacom 3d nls Health Analyzer


What is the Diacom 3d nls Health Analyzer?

Diacom 3d nls Health Analyzer Diacom 3d nls Health Analyzer

Diacom 3d nls Health Analyzer will pass light waves, sonar, through the eardrum into the human brain, using quantum resonance technology to detect the hydrogen atomic energy of specific organs in human tissues, after the electromagnetic wave resonance is fed back to the computer, compared with an excellent huge database, it can find the presence, the past and the next 3 to 5 years of detection of organs, by the former Soviet Union and the United States. Renowned scientists have spent 35 years building health status databases, billions of dollars in national research funding, including collections of sex-, age-, race-, disease-, and clinical data.

Diacom 3d nls Health Analyzer

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How does the Diacom 3d nls Health Analyzer work?

Physical discipline.
sonar technology

resonance theory (physics)

lightwave scanning

Statistical subjects: the database of human beings is very large and is based on the same test criteria, including different ages, races, sexes and diseases. There are 863 diagnoses of medical information.

Diacom 3d nls Health Analyzer

Why choose Diacom 3d nls Health Analyzer?

1) The green test does not cause any harm to the body. Painless, non-invasive, radiation-free, simple operation, comprehensive testing, easy to understand, faster testing, predictable

2) Not only can you see the health of internal organs, but you can also easily understand health trends 3-5 years down the road.

3) Quickly detect changes in the body’s 12 systemic tissues, allowing you to compare relevant ranges of scans up

Completes 100,000 scan points at 300 light speed to ensure accuracy of detection.

4) Quickly help the user understand the action of a specific organ in advance.

5) Test the efficacy of everyday food or health food products.

6) Provide a professional image of educational materials to train practitioners in their expertise.

7) Provide a basis for tracking the efficacy of health supplements sold.

8) Can provide consumers with a personalized health professional data recovery plan.

9) Can provide consumers with guidance on daily healthy eating.

Diacom 3d nls Health Analyzer

Which applications of Diacom 3d nls Health Analyzer?

1, Health practitioners: medical doctors, acupuncturists, nutritional therapists, reflexologists, alternative therapists, naturopaths and holistic health practitioners.

2. spas, wellness product companies or members of the wellness industry.

3. Companies and communities that wish to conduct a comprehensive health assessment of their employees or members without having to undergo costly examinations (even before they become seriously ill and require hospitalization or expensive medication).

Companies that manufacture or sell health care products.5. Families that want to monitor the health of their members.

Diacom 3d nls Health Analyzer

Diacom 3d nls Health Analyzer


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