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Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS


What is the Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS?

Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS

NLS produces simulant-free research equipment that is capable of tracking any state of a biological object based on the fluctuating characteristics of human tissues, individual cells, chromosomes and even individual ferments and hormones.

Non-linear analysis system (NLS) is the most advanced information technology, which at the beginning of this century can now be considered as the most outstanding and beneficial achievement of modern natural science.

The indication/diagnostic equipment based on the spectral analysis of the vortex magnetic field of the biological organism is very unique…. Numerous experiments carried out at the Institute of Practical Psychophysics have confirmed the close connection between vortex magnetic fields and biological systems, which were Used in biological systems. As a means of interacting inside and outside the cell. Vortex magnetic fields play an important role in the transfer of information and interaction with biological systems.

Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS

How does Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS work?

The device works by amplifying the introduced signal in the presence of sub-steady-state structural disintegration. By affecting an external electromagnetic field, the magnetic moments of the molecular currents in the nerve cell centers of the cerebral cortex lose their true direction. This causes a misadjustment of the off-domain electron vortex structure, which leads to the formation of an unstable sub-stable state. The collapse of this state plays a role in triggering the signal. The physical representation of the device is a system of electronic oscillators that oscillate at the appropriate wavelength of electromagnetic radiation. Its energy corresponds to the energy that degrades the dominant bonds of biological object structures capable of maintaining a good state. The device induces bioelectrical activity in brain cells and thus selectively amplifies the signal in the background compared to quiescent currents. It is difficult to detect. On the basis of non-contact sensors developed using modern information technologies and infrasound circuits, the collection of information about organ and tissue specific time information about the condition. The sensor reveals virtually undetectable signal fluctuations that are filtered out of the sound field and then converted to digital sequences, which are then processed by a microprocessor and transferred to a computer using an interface cable. The development of a new generation of nonlinear computers, although competitive with MRT, utilizes scanners for multidimensional virtual imaging of the object under investigation (supersonic) has been able to greatly increase the effectiveness of NLS methods and even expand their applications. The distinguishing feature of multidimensional NLS imaging is the initial volumetric nature of the scan.

The data received in this way is a complete array, which helps to reconstruct a multidimensional virtual image of the anatomy of the object under study. In this regard, virtual NLS is widely used, especially for angiographic examinations for 3D reconstruction of vascular morphology. Another expected field of application for 3D image reconstruction based on the data received from multidimensional NLS is that involving virtual NLS-. scopyФ for the study of hollow organs. This system was developed by Medintech for its Z-series of high-speed multidimensional nonlinear scanners, known as the Hunter. maintains Hugh’s resolution during spiral scanning and uses the LAPP system (with ultra-high computing power and (running speed of the system parallel processor) can be implemented in the project on Voxel Z multi-mode DICOM compatible workstations. Virtual NLS-scopyФ principle. is the primary system for imaging and subsequent data processing using the Medintech scanner. The NLS images are ready for visual analysis by the company’s own original 4-d Tissue method, which was developed Not only can you obtain virtual multidimensional icons of anatomical structures, but you can also pick out specific biological tissues of interest – an additional dimension – and and imaging bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels in a single session. Specific features of the virtual data represented by the Hunter system are located on the surface of the cavity outside the examined lumen (lymph nodes, blood vessels). and extramural tissue simultaneously. The received images form a natural sequence of virtual NLS images.

Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS

Therefore, some special navigation programs automatically define the motion path of the virtual scanner Ф according to the center of the examined cavity. The operator can select the motion path with some other adjustments so that the NLS picture can be specified in detail by changing the view. It is also possible to elevate the surface of the display cavity in cases involving certain shaded areas. With the epi-Clien program, the resulting NLS picture sequence can easily be converted to the standard VHS video format. and thus can be used in common video systems, especially in radiology. The Hunter system is first designed to reveal the patient’s presence in upper respiratory tract obstruction, mass formation in the esophagus, stomach or colon, large blood vessels, and the presence of a large, complex, and complex vascular system. Atherosclerotic lesions and diseases affecting the paranasal sinuses, bladder or spinal canal. The data collected by virtual NLS microscopy allows the optimal biopsy site to be identified in a timely manner and the extent of surgical intervention required to be determined.

Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS

What tests can be performed on Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS equipment?

Complex analysis of all organs and systems of the human body.

1. Cardiovascular system

2. Gastrointestinal tract

3. Genitourinary system

4. Musculoskeletal system

5, Bronchopulmonary system

6, Endocrine system

7, Vision and hearing aids/organs

8, Nervous system

9, blood chemistry analysis without interference

10. Infections of organs and systems – viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoan, worm infections, etc. (staphylococcal and streptococcal, Giardia) (flagellosis, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, urea plasma, etc.)

11, Qualitative assessment of hormone levels, adrenal gland, pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, gonads

12. Immunity

13, Allergy diagnosis (up to 500 allergens can be tested)

14, Medical examination (individual medication)

15, Chromosomal diagnosis

16, laboratory analysis (blood counts, biochemical parameters, hormones, trace elements)

17, the treatment of pathological processes determined by bioresonance therapy (meta-therapy).

18, treatment by lithography (spectral frequency separately selected minerals)

19, fear, emotional matrix, relationship matrix, etc.

Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS

Vegeto test cups on the body

Support to save health products or software in the software. People can recommend their sustenance to customers.

Key analytical functions.

Displays anatomical biofield energies 1-6.
2. High and low biofield charges are shown in red and blue.
3. Standard coefficients for biofield pathological patterns.
Entropy (disorder) analysis for valuation1-7. 5.
Vegeto test to indicate optimal response frequency/remediation. 6.
6. microbial biofield analysis.

Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS

Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine

Alternate diagnosis.

BAP assessment of hands and feet

audiological diagnosis


Corrective measures.

meta-therapy (alternative medicine)



ready for production

Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS

Who needs Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS where?

family doctor

Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS Health Analyzer Detects and Monitors the Expression of Genetic Diseases in All Family Members

Clinical and medical units

Significantly improved efficiency of clinical examination and initial consultation. Significant reduction in financial costs and time. Physicians are freed from routine and frequent formal work. No need to refer your clients to other specialists, you can treat and rehabilitate them by examining all their concerns and providing treatment and rehabilitation. Providing Help.

Educational facilities and schools

Ability to assess the health of students by allowing for true continuous monitoring of the health of all children and staff at intervals of no less than monthly.

Sports, recreation center and fitness facilities

When performing strenuous exercise, objective medical monitoring is required. The device allows us to create individual procedures considering the characteristics of the organism.

family and friends

The  Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS Advanced NLS is a great tool for monitoring the health of your family and friends. Provides a way to check, treat and recover without spending a fortune on healthcare services.

Metatro Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS

Cosmetic and spa salons

Focus on the customer’s health – a very strong competitive ace. Objective assessment of the client allows the selection of a personalized cosmetic plan with measurable results.

Biorezonans Diacom 3D NLS


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