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Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine


What Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine history?

Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine

In the early 1900s, Russian researcher V.N. Kravkov observed the machinery of humans and animate and inanimate distant objects Interactions between. Under the supervision of Prof. V. Togatova studied the effects of various semiconductor structures on biological operators (psychological ones). With these experiments it was proved that the human brain may be affected in the sensory areas without the help of wires.

As a result of these experiments, the study of energy fields around plants and animals by Russian and American scientists concluded that biological systems Extremely weak, frequency-specific vortex magnetic fields are present in the surroundings. These fields are observed differently in diseased populations compared to healthy subjects.

A database containing these observations has been developed over a 35-year period using tens of billions of dollars in national research funding. The collection of sex, age, race, disease, and clinical data helped to build the database. Over time, the database was modified and a new software system (Diacom software) was developed in Czechoslovakia. The software system is based on this database and is compared when testing clients using the NLS system. The participation hardware led to the development of the Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine system.

Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine

How does Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine work with the body’s energy?

The Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine system is designed to read, communicate and stimulate changes in the body’s energy. It performs this in a number of ways, but first we use a headset (left) to communicate with the vagus nerve of the body in which it is placed, and The software sends a weak electrical signal and then “listens” to the body’s response. Once the communication scan is complete, the software returns a graphical display. Any form of distortion of human information, and recommendations for nutrition, homeopathy, etc. -including the identified META Therpay areas, which are recommended for rebalancing. These will then stimulate the body’s healing response and correct the noted distortions.
Body information is like computer software that tells the body’s biochemistry how to organize and structure itself. If you have software that works well, your body knows exactly what to do and can repair itself. In essence, the body is able to follow a blueprint or set of information codes to achieve optimal health and balance. By putting energy back into specific problem areas, Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine can increase the electrical potential of these cells and restore vitality! Over time, they will return to normal, optimal behavior. Meta-therapy also stimulates the vagus nervous system, sending signals to the brain to direct resources to specific parts of the body, a natural healing response The part.

Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine

What accessories are available for the Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine?

1. Mainframe (Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine analyzer)* 1

2. Aluminium suitcase* 1

3. Headset sensor* 1

4. Software CD * 1

5. Energy cup* 1

6. USB cable* 1

7. User manuals* 1

8. Wireless mouse and keyboard* 1 set

Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine

What are the considerations for using Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine?

1. Follow the correct steps to turn the machine on/off.

2. Do not eat, drink alcohol or coffee, smoke, take supplements or medication two to three hours before the test.

2. Before the test, remove metal objects and communication devices from your body; or cover the metal objects with thin paper so that your skin is not exposed to the test. Do not touch metal objects during the test.

3. Relax, don’t talk, and keep breathing steadily during the test without sitting cross-legged.

4.The test is not recommended for menstruating or pregnant women and children under 10 years old.

5.The headphone cord should be placed on the left side and the headphones should be placed tightly.

6. testers should be informed first if organs are removed or if metal is placed in the body.

7. Avoid direct light during testing.

Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine

Why do we need Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine?

1). Human detection function: can detect the body 12 large systems, 256 organs, glands, cells … .

Produce predictive reports for 4,352 diseases, with 120,000 lists throughout the body to ensure accurate detection.

Users can see the current and past health and tissue cells of their organs and for the next 3 to 5 years.

Vitality trend.

2) Item (commodity) analysis function: you can analyze food, health products … Whether

Have an effect or damage to the human body organs, so as to mediate a balanced life state.

(3) Repair treatment function: with spectrum recovery and repair function, up to early

The disease or unformed stage of the disease is particularly useful in assisting in the repair of pain points



1) Green check on the human body without any harm. Painless, non-invasive, radiation-free, simple

Operational, comprehensive testing, easy to understand, faster and predictable.

2) Not only can you see the health of internal organs, but you can easily understand health trends

3-5 years later.

3) Rapidly detecting changes in the body’s 12 system tissues allows you to compare relevant ranges

Up to 300 scans were completed with 100,000 scan points at the speed of light to ensure that


4) Quickly help the user to understand the action of specific organs in advance.

5) Test data on the efficacy of everyday foods or health foods.

6) Provide a professional image of the educational material to train practitioners’ expertise.

7) Provide a basis for tracking the efficacy of health food products sold.

8) Can provide consumers with a personalized health professional data recovery plan.

9) Can provide consumers with guidance on daily healthy eating.

Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine

Where do you need Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine?

Anyone interested in quickly and efficiently examining the health of a patient, client, friend, family member or employee can use MK 3D. NLS. accurate analysis is the driving factor in our company, no matter who you are or what you do, from MK Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine. You will be fully informed by the information gathered in the device and everyone working with you will be well informed as well.

Keep in mind that the information is gathered at the cellular level and the advantage of this diagnostic method is that it is found before anything is proven.

People who fall into any of the following categories will be welcomed, advised and will get the benefit of using the MK Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine biofeedback device.

Family Doctor.

The device can detect and monitor the expression of genetic diseases in all family members

Clinical and medical units

Significantly improved efficiency of clinical examination and initial consultation. Significant reduction in financial costs and time. Physicians are freed from routine and frequent formal work. No need to refer your clients to other specialists, you can treat and rehabilitate them by examining all their concerns and providing treatment and rehabilitation. Providing Help.

Educational facilities and schools

Enables true continuous monitoring of the health of all children and staff at intervals of no less than once a month, thus enabling assessment of the health of the students.

Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine


Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine Oberon Metatron Diagnosis Machine




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