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Additional hardware About The 3D DIACOM NLS


If you would like to purchase laptop or personal computer by yourself, below you can see minimal technical requirements for correct and comfort work with our software:

Processor: frequency from 2 GHz.
RAM: from 2 GB.
Screen: recommended diagonal from 15’4″.
Number of USB ports: 3 ports. Desirable number: 4 ports. Two of them must be version 2.0.
Screen resolution: not less than 1024 on 768 pixels, minimal colour quality – 16 bit.
Amount of free space on hard drive, needed by software: not less than 2 GB.
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7 x86/x64/ Windows 8

Most laptops of medium and economy class correspond to requirements, listed above, that’s why you won’t have huge extra expenses buying the laptop.

On request of our client, in complex with device we can also provide a new laptop, with installed and configured Windows 7.
This service is optional and depends on the buyer’s country. Refine during correspondence.

If you will entrust the choice of a laptop to us, we’ll find optimal price/quality solution for you. Also you’ll get the laptop with already installed and tuned LifeStream diagnostic software.

Generally your expenses of additional hardware will consist of:

Windows 7 operating system (if not pre-installed, but bought separately).
Cost of services on installation and configuration of operating system and software.

We provide this type of service not in order to get additional income, but to make your start of work with Sensitiv Imago complex as simple and comfortable as it’s possible.


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