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3D DIACOM NLS Spectronosodes


3D DIACOM NLS Spectronosodes

The device uses an original technique of automated production of energy and information preparations – “spectronosodes” (spectronosode is a spectral frequency, characterizing any process or preparation). “Spectronosodes” are used for getting the special energy and information preparations, similar to homeopathic ones having a precise aimed action.

The effect of spectronosodes comes to awaking of hidden reserves of the organism. That explains the wide range of influence of the preparations and absence of side effects and contraindications when application of traditional medicinal means takes place at the same time.

The energy and information preparations – “spectronosodes” are produced with the help of the option “INF transfer” using the bioresonance chamber (a bioresonance can, a little glass) circuited with the hardware-software complex “Sensitiv Imago”.

Thus the information and wave influence of the equipment (combined influence of light, coherent laser beam and of acoustic electrical signal) is directed to a medium placed in the resonance chamber (put into a resonance can); as media can be used: water solution, water- alcohol solution, sugar or paraffin globules. In our case are used: distillation water, 50% alcohol, homeopathic sugar globules. The bioresonance preparation made in this way will be given to the tested patient to be taken according to the principles of taking the homeopathic preparations and the Bioresonance impact – preparations.

The standards for “spectronosode” preparations can be:

Pathological processes, viruses (in the inverted form);
Normal processes and standards of any preparations (in their usual form).

The procedure is based on the principles of homeopathy and Foll’s method.

The own frequencies of the center of pathology are read by the device, converted into frequencies with inverted polarity and identical shape, and recorded to the matrix (water, alcohol, ethyl alcohol, sugar, paraffin etc.) as an intensified information . Water is recommended as a carrier in case of acute processes therapy. The efficiency of preparations recorded to water matrix does not exceed 2-3 weeks; then preparation loses its efficiency.

The alcohol serves for therapy of sub-acute and chronic processes. For treatment of chronic processes, herbal spirit-based tinctures (motherwort, hawthorn, chaga mushroom, siberian ginseng, Russian leuzea etc.) are also recommended that prolongs effect of medicinal preparations. The efficiency of alcohol-and alcohol tincture-based preparations lasts 2-3 weeks. For treatment of chronic processes it is possible to record preparations on dairy sugar; in this case the preparation can be effective during 2 months.

Note that the sugar should be slightly moistened with alcohol or water when manufacturing the preparation.

When treating acute processes, preparations are taken 3 times a day by 4-8 drops (grains). Children under 14 years old take by 2-3 drop less.

At treatment of sub-acute and chronic diseases the preparations are administered 1-3 times a day by 2-4 drops (grains). Children under 14 take 1-2 drops less.

Paraffin’s are used for treatment of skin pathology and in case of peripheral nervous system disorders (radiculitis, neuralgia, lumbalgia) by application onto the skin surface. It is advisable to write on one matrix not more than 1 preparation. The bioresonance preparations are recommended to be taken with successive courses: 1 preparation for a course.


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