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It’s the latest analyzer that can test 12 Energy system systems including 256 organs. You can see 3D images on screen. And the machine can not only test the disease, but also the source of the dis-ease and the effect on the Energy system.

Three Main Functions of 3D-NLS Machine:
1 Detection of the human Energy system, can easily and effectively detect human energyl condition, dis-ease trends, and direction to take. More
2 It can confirm whether food and healthcare products are helpful or harmful to Energy system Energy.
3 Two aspects of the repair function of Energy system Energu—energy repair and frequency spectrum repair.

How Frequency-Therapy works:

3D-NLS instrument is based on huge cases and physiological database which is built by former Soviet Union scientists and American scientists. They spent 35 years to research according to clinical manifestations. Meanwhile, it cost billions of research funds. It’s the latest health analyzer that can test 12 Energy system systems including 256 organs.You can see 3D images on screen. And the machine can not only test the dis-ease, but also the source of the dis-ease and the effect on the Energy system.

Repair function of Energy system Energy

3D NLS FREQUENCY ANALYSIS and STRESS REBALANCING DEVICE was designed to assist people in controlling their health. Mothers, students, doctors, teachers, nurses, etc., can use the equipment in full assurance of its dedication to balancing stress.


Latest 3D-Cell 6.0 English Version

3D-nls Non-linear Analysis intelligent health management system-NLS Analysis, testing and evaluation with non-linear systems of the physical and psycho-emotional state – a relatively new approach to the biofeedback world of humans in alternative medicine. This area is relatively young, but already has gained the respect of many professionals and actively used in the detection of abnormalities or misbalances in the physical and psycho-emotional state.
With it you can not only analyze, but also to obtain good results without the tedious, painful and lengthy analysis and tests. This system allows a good specialist to identify lesions and dysfunctions of the Energy system in minutes and make the right decision regarding the use of impact technology on the target of excitation to neutralize the negative factors and dysfunction not only in its midst, but the organism as a whole.
Program «3D-nls Non-linear Analysis intelligent health management system-NLS» was written using the interface most familiar to the interface of similar programs. It absorbed the familiar to users of such systems, the method of analysis and evaluation. The program applies the principle of evaluation of pictograms, graphs and comparisons with standards.


We Have included these Videos because we are informed its the Same Software Under licence to the China company

3D – NLS» refers to an entirely new class of devices, which are called “brain machines”.
What are they? At present, science and society in general, is faced with information overload. Every day, there are large and small discoveries, every year there are dozens of new machines and devices developed. This is certainly good. However, a person begins to drown in this sea of information, losing the big picture. A century ago a doctor for correct diagnosis required the experience of thousands of years of medical observation. Today this requires numerous and costly research and analysis.
This program uses the short resonant synchronization regime (similar to Oberon, Orion, Scio and Metatron), with the errors characteristic of this technique. It uses for its operation a limited set of characteristics that determines the unstable state of the generator field. We will not give you here a complete description of the program, as this description is quite extensive, as well as available in the literature that you can obtain from a representative of our company.

What helped the doctor to set the correct diagnosis? The answer is basically an inexplicable feeling called intuition. However, modern science has come very close to unraveling the phenomenon of intuition, and even more mysterious phenomenon of clairvoyance. The point here is that this is not a miracle or divine grace, but electromagnetic vibrations of very low frequency, which can transmit information in the human brain, bypassing the usual senses. Of the 10 million
units of information only one is recognized, the others are fixed in the subconscious. Information from the sphere of the subconscious is extracted either spontaneously, or at the level of unusual, altered states of consciousness: hypnosis, dreaming, meditation, or while receiving psychotropic drugs.


The whole world, including the human race, is deeply interconnected through a variety of informational signals. That’s why techniques to obtain information from the sphere of the subconscious, are recognized, while modestly, as priorities in the development of science and society in the next century.
Select the database: commonly used software default database is as follows
H08# FOOD2
?Other also contains F # symptomatic therapy (western medicine) analysis ? LLOPATHY, G # HOMEOPATHY (natural) analysis HOMEOPATHY… A total of 36, such as a default database, provide comparison analysis.More
Numerous studies in the field of Energy-Informatics led to the creation of fundamentally new equipment capable of destroying the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious. This process (controlled research) is able to give an enormous amount of new information about the the surrounding world.
Drugs and health food comparison
1.”items cup” link to the host
2.put drugs or health food into “item cup“ (try to reduce the packaging of the drugs and health food)
3. Click the organs that you want to test
4. The testee put on the headset
5. Click “vegetotest” key, enter the name of the drug or health food, begin to carry out the “drug or health food” impact testing.
6. After finishing the detection, will show in the in organ diagnosis list
7. press” analysis “key, begin to carry out the” drug or health food “analysis comparison.
8.On the analysis of the comparison window, choose the organs that have detected just now
9. click “auto search ”
10. The comparison window will search the organs to compare and analyzer automatically at this moment More

A special sphere of interest – medicine. These are new opportunities for diagnosis, different from conventional ultrasound and computer tomography. An indispensable instrument for mass prophylactic examinations of the population. Theoretical and experimental work, which made possible the development of 3D-nls Non-linear Analysis intelligent health management system products, was initiated in the late I century by electronics genius Nikola Tesla. This was then continued by George Lakhovsky, a scientist who studied the effects of radio waves on animal health and condition of plants; American researcher R. Rife, who investigated the effects on the human Energy system not only radio, but electro-frequencies.
In 1950, R. Voll in Germany, discovered and developed a system of electrically testing the acupuncture points of human Energy system. Voll’s method was the first hardware method of research of the energy-state of an organism. It is done by testing the rates of electromagnetic conductivity at the end points of acupuncture meridians in a person using a special probe. The results of the study (in the form of digital or graphic indicators) may give an idea of the presence of inflammatory, dystrophic or atrophic pathology in the studied meridian and the corresponding organs. Another well-known method for diagnosing the state of energy in a person – is Kirlian’s aura-diagnostics . It is used to determine the state of the electromagnetic field of a human in general.


Status of individual organs is determined by the configuration of their biofield. NLS-diagnostic method allows the evaluation of the state of bio-energy of each organ individually. The results can be obtained in the form of visual ima-ges with the topography of the affected area, as well as a graphical features which allow us to analyze damage to Energy system tissue, allowing more accurately to determine not only the type of injury (inflammation or destruction), but also to clarify the diagnosis.Research is conducted by resonance amplification of radiation to the studied organ and then recovery of evidence via a non-contact method by using trigger sensors.
1.Spectrum conditioning
• Pathological signal energy wave, can use the physical way to the corresponding energy wave interaction, the use of signal instead of the magnetic field wave shock, make not harmonious field wave oscillation of the total sum Numbers is equal to zero, so as to adjust the original pathological problems.
a.Choose the organ parts that you want to regulate
b.Press “Spectrum conditioning” key, appear the Spectrum conditioning window.
c.Put on the headset
d.Click on the spectrum adjustment starting point, press the “start” button, start doing spectrum adjustment.
e.After the adjustment, you can click on the “analysis and comparison,” key to test the detection state before and after the adjustment .More

How Frequency-Therapy works:

The first version of a nonlinear analysis device had only a manual input of information, that is a doctor was actively involved in the diagnosis of a patient, through the use of low-frequency vibrations that are close to the theta rhythm of the brain becomes more sensitive to radiation in the Energy system of the patient. The results were recorded using the deviation of an L-shaped frame held by the physician-operator on Flanders’s special scale (this scale is presented in the diagnostic module of the program).


However, this method of research is too subjective and not safe for the health of the physician operator. This led to the development and creation of so-called trigger sensor, providing automatic input of information about the health of
the patient in the computer. On what is the effect of trigger sensors?
2.Energy replication
• put specific energy message, memory in water, to correct the magnetic field wave disorder of the Energy system
a.Prepare a glass cup (flat thin bottom)
b.Put 100 ~ 200 c.c. pure water into the glass cup
c.Confirm “items cup” link to the host
d.The testee put on headset
e.Click on the ” energy copy ” button , appear energy water copy window f. choose water
g. press the“ turn over” key, copy the wave oscillation spectrum that backward with the disease
h.Press START button, and began to copy
i.The program will write message in water, the water must drink over in the 30 – minutes . Because after the period of time, water crystal shape will be restored to the original state, write message also disappeared, suggest don’t drink more than 5 cups a day.
j.If you would like to achieve the best effect, need daily implementation. More

For the first time a distant effect of interaction with objects of animate and inanimate nature, that is the transfer of data pulses from a man to machine was registered in the experiments of V.N. Kravkov in the 20-ies of our century. Under the guidance of prof. V. Togatova, reactions of various semiconductor structures on the impact of bio-operators (psychic), were studied. It has been experimentally proved that the human brain without the aid of wires can have an affect the sensitive sensor device.


Software developers, in a dialogue mode between the telemetry complex and the physician operator with remote biofeedback, designed for the perception of the brain activity of the operator or patient but depending on the objectives of the study and configuration of the complex and convert this information into a sequence of pulses with a special trigger sensor. This is reflected in the fact that the human brain receives a signal about the need to verify (test) this or that organ. The signal is fed to the monitor screen, as well as the head headphones in a series of electromagnetic waves peculiar to the healthy human Energy system. This is possible because every organ and every cell in the human Energy system has its own spectrum of electromagnetic waves.

Advantages of 3D NLS Analyzer

With 3D NLS Analyzer the user has the whole knowledge in one system
As a user you will be part of the most innovative and modern therapists
A copy of the results can be delivered to the patient.
All data is stored in the system
Finds the hidden causes behind the symptoms
Makes disorders qualitatively and quantitatively visible
A comparative analysis between before and after therapy in percentage is shown
Ideal as prevention as it recognises the disorder in its early form
Tests optimally pollutants and burdens
Finds allergies and food intolerances and treats them with bio-resonance
Calculates in advance the efficiency of a remedy
Determines bio-energetically laboratory values in the desired organ
Calculates the best therapy and the most suitable remedy
Sends out harmonizing frequencies with the META Therapy
Opens new future research opportunities


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