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3d nls body health analyzer is what and how work


What is 3d nls body health analyzer?

3d nls body health analyzer

3d nls body health analyzer

The system 3d nls body health analyzer, allows to identify the pathological location of any disease in a pre-clinical phase, since it tests and captures the electric frequency in the person, determining imbalances in the body system, all anomalies in the health status of a person can be tracked by changes in the characteristics of waves of tissues and cells. The bio scanner shows dynamic virtual models of the organs on a computer monitor. These realistic images of living organs of a person gives an opportunity not only to carry out a very early diagnosis but also to manage homeostasis.bioesc1This method allows the pathological location, which is determined without inserting any instrument, without collecting blood samples and without no type of additional method; Likewise, it allows obtaining the most complete information about the state of health in the early stages of the disease. This equipment reads the wave frequencies of the organism, which allows a non-invasive diagnosis or expose it to other techniques such as ultrasound, rays X, magnetic resonance, computed tomography, or any diagnostic equipment that can detect a pathological process only after it has been fully developed. The Bio Molecular 3d nls body health analyzer system determines and performs the corresponding analysis of the data received through special algorithms. Patient information is accumulated in a database for future care or sessions.

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Why Choose our 3d nls body health analyzer?

highly-informative method of organism examination

safety, i.e. maximal non-intervention into internal environment of an organism;
quickness of a research – average time for a patient research is 15-20 minutes;
mobility and portability;
affordable price of device and therefore the research itself;
high informativeness of the NLS-method, which is especially important for accurate diagnosing;
high objectivity at information reading;
diagnosing and monitoring of pathological conditions at early stages of a disease in the absence of significant organic changes of tissues;
a possibility of active homeostasis control, which is impossible for any modern
diagnostic system!

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How to analysis 3d nls body health analyzer results of NLS – analysis, scale score
1.     01      The level of the lateral functional activity
2.     02      The level of the optimal control
3.     03      Changing the characteristics in the direction of a higher level, the load status of the regulatory system
4.     04      Asthenia of regulatory mechanisms
5.     05     Compensating disorders of adaptation mechanism
6.     06     Decompensation of adaptation mechanism, extensive pathological phenomena

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