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3D-NLS analyzer


3D-NLS analyzer

3D-NLS health analyzer principle3D-NLS health analyzer, is established with introduced advanced science and technology of exclusively NASA astronauts-3 Russia forecast within five years of health by China’s Yi Yikang group in 2009, and improved the source code  localization and into research and development.The technology is based on the former Soviet space agency with the Nobel Prize the( nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging ) theory , takes 35 years, using billions national research funds , collecting millions of different gender, different age groups and different ethnic, different diseases of the clinical data, a fine huge database, and based on chaotic mathematics , with the  the aid of computer of high speed computing ,will data the fluctuations of the cells and material in the body, it’s designed for early detection and health conditions astronauts body organs 5300 kind of material physiology reaction and help predict future NASA astronauts 3-5 years body organs cells and the trend of dynamic health.

3D-NLS functions

1.body test function

Can detect the whole body 12 major system, 256 of inner organs, glands, cells and so on. Also can predict report of 4352 kinds diseases, ensuring detection accuracy of whole body 120000 collecting points . Users themselves have seen their organs in the past, present, and future and 3-5 years of health status and trend of cells vigor .

2.goods analysis function

Can analyze food, health care products such items to know whether they have the effect to human body organs or damage, so that adjust the life condition balance.

3.Repair treatment function

On the early stages of the disease or not forming stage, has the energy spectrum repair and repair function,especially has a very good assisted effect on the repair of pain spots.


The body test function,goods analysis function and repair treatment function are applied to many industries.

Main function:

1.Green examination on the body without any harm.

2.Able to see the health status of the the viscera,and to know health trends after 3-5 years.

3.Can quickly detect cell tissue changes of the 12 systems of the body, able to compare with scanning range up to 300 and complete the speed of light 100,000 scan points to ensure the

accuracy of detection.

4.Quickly to help the users to advance understanding of the role of specific organ.

5.Able to make the detection data for the efficacy of daily food or health food.

6.To provide teaching material of professional image for the training of employing professional knowledge

7.Track to provide the basis for the sale of health products efficacy.

8.Can provide the consumers with personality health professional data recovery plan9.Able to provide the customers with daily health diet guidance.

3D-NLS analyzer features

1.Overall, one-time can do whole detection of human body , including human 12 big systems, 256 inner organs, glands, cell health status,can also detect over 12000 indicators of human body , including 257 allergy sources and 96 the necessary trace elements and minerals of human body .

2.Non-intrusive, green, non-invasive, without voltage and current stimulation, not contacting skin, avoid playing developers, without any radiation damage, free to take off the garment pants,don’t do intestines and stomach lens, no blood, it’s the world’s top green medical.

3.Fast, each test takes less than a minute, 10 minutes can finish the scanning detection of whole body main parts , quickly analyze and evaluate health status.

4.high accuracy: the highest accuracy of testing results can achieve 95% above

5.Early find that it can predict the health and disease development trend within future 3-5 years through the cell energy change , achieving the effect on which prevention is better than cure.

6.Visual image, tested person can see his health status via 3 D image






3D-NLS health analyzer accessories




(1) 3D NLS Analyzer main machine X 1

(2) Headset type sensorX1

(3) USB lineX1


(4) Warranty card X1

(5) Operating manual X1(electronic edition)

(6) Germany aluminum gold suitcase X 1

(7) Items contrast cup X1

(8) USB disk X 1(save software)


Applicable industries


For beauty. Health care products such as industry, easy to operate, portable, intuitive, can be detected nearly 300 items; nearly 10 standard database; about 90% accuracy.


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