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what is nls?


what is nls

What is NLS History?

Energy Life Limited is a trading company. It has been selling bioresonance equipment based on NLS since 2014. Energy Life Ltd. has established contact with the manufacturer of the Oberon Quantum system in the Czech Republic and is now promoting these devices worldwide. The equipment has been continuously developed and improved. Over 130 improvements have been made in the last three years. The research team was co-founded by Dr. Miroslav Nosek, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alex Waldemar Laufersweiler, a scientist at MAE Consulting, and software expert Thomas Mariančík. The last model has been run automatically and has surpassed others in many ways. Our cost effectiveness and affordability has increased by a factor of 2-4. The Oberon system with the device Quantum Allergy Special AWL is used mainly by nutrition specialists, doctors who are reluctant to use complementary and alternative medicines, homeopathy (which identifies and produces homeopathy), and especially therapists. Our training takes place regularly in Prague. Remote assistance from the TeamViewer application is available all over the world, with the possibility of other features. Nonlinear diagnostic systems (NLS) have recently become widely used and increasingly popular. Even in the few cases where clinical symptoms seem very typical, the NLS diagnostic approach can provide more information about emotional expansion and can judge prognosis. In most cases, it is critical to the diagnosis and therefore the correct choice of treatment.

Since 2000, Theodore Van Hoven has been developing the theory of quantum entropy logic as the basis for this approach for 20 years. Thus, nonlinear diagnostics appears to be the newest of all device diagnostic methods. In any case, his discovery became an important milestone in diagnostic medicine. Nonlinear analysis was originally used in organic chemistry to determine the composition of complex compounds. The originator of the NLS diagnostic device (meta-deflation) is believed to be Sviatoslav Pavlovich Nesterov, who introduced the trigger sensor in 1988 and thus constructed the concept of the device. Begin active work immediately to develop and improve the NLS diagnostic system. Clinical testing of early devices marked the years 1990 to 1995. In the late 1990s, the production of commercial equipment increased rapidly, resulting in a sudden surge in quality. Nonlinear diagnostic methods are still in the development stage. The improvement in diagnostic technology is so rapid that the system version must be updated every six months. With the introduction of some new devices equipped with digital trigger sensors, NLS diagnostics are not only more efficient, but also very different in terms of quality.

Clearly, some dynamic techniques, such as 3D visualization of survey results, will soon be introduced into everyday practice. Nutrition testing is just one example of immediate adoption. The method is so widely used that it implies a certain range of use indications, not just its promotion. The research center explored some new survey methods based on nonlinear analysis systems with the guests. The results seem promising. Unlike NMR and computed tomography, NLS analysis does not require high intensity fields. The method seems to hold good promise for metabolic studies, especially at the cellular level. The development of the NLS approach follows not only the path of technological innovation, but also the path of new applications. Some smaller surgical procedures (biopsies once) have long been monitored by ultrasound, fluoroscopy or computed tomography. Today, there is an opportunity to have a biopsy through the NLS. However, many surgeons focus their attention on performing major surgery using this method. Equipment costs for NLS diagnostics are still very low compared to some other device methods. It is thought that this will promote wider use of the method in countries with lower living standards. In all device diagnostic methods, the NLS provides a representation that approximates the pathological anatomy of the image. This condition and its harmlessness have contributed to the rapid development of NLS diagnosis.

what is nls

what is nls

How does the OBERON NLS work?

The device works by amplifying the introduced signal in case of sub-stable structure disintegration. By affecting external electromagnetic fields, the magnetic moments of molecular currents in the centers of nerve cells in the cerebral cortex lose their true orientation. This causes misalignment of the out-of-domain electron vortex structure, which leads to the formation of unstable sub-stable states. The disintegration of this state plays a role in triggering the signal. The physical representation of the device is a system of electronic oscillators that oscillate at the appropriate wavelength of electromagnetic radiation. Its energy corresponds to the energy of degrading the dominant bonds of a living object structure that can maintain a good state. The device induces bioelectrical activity in brain cells and therefore selectively amplifies the signal in the background compared to a static current. It is difficult to detect. Based on non-contact sensors developed using modern information technology and infrasound circuits, information is collected about the time-specific conditions of organs and tissues. The sensor reveals virtually undetectable signal fluctuations that are filtered from the sound field and converted to digital sequences that are then processed by a microprocessor and transmitted to a computer using interface cables. The development of a new generation of nonlinear computers, despite the competitiveness of MRT, has enabled scanners (supernatants) that use multidimensional virtual imaging of the object under investigation to greatly improve the effectiveness of the NLS method and even expand its scope of application. A significant feature of multidimensional NLS imaging is the initial volumetric nature of the scan.

The data thus received is a complete array, which helps to reconstruct a multidimensional virtual image of the anatomical structure of the object under study. In this regard, virtual NLS is widely used, especially for angiographic examination of vascular morphology for 3D reconstruction. Another anticipated area of application for 3D image reconstruction based on data received from multidimensional NLS is the study of hollow organs involving virtual NLS-scopyФ. This system was developed by Medintech for its high-speed multidimensional nonlinear scanner Z series, called Hunter. maintaining the Hughes resolution during spiral scanning and using the LAPP system (System Parallel Processor with ultra-high computing power and running speed) allows the virtual NLS-scopyФ principle on the Voxel Z multimodal DICOM compatible workstation to be implemented in the project. is the primary system for imaging and subsequent data processing using Medintech scanners. NLS images are ready for visual analysis using the company’s own original 4-d Tissue method, which not only acquires virtual multidimensional icons of anatomical structures, but also picks out specific biological tissues of interest – an additional dimension – and images bone, soft tissue and blood vessels at once. Specific features of the virtual data represented by the Hunter system are the simultaneous presence of luminal surfaces and extra-wall tissues located outside the lumen (lymph nodes, vessels) examined. The received images form a natural sequence of virtual NLS images.

Therefore, some special navigation programs automatically define the motion path of the virtual scanner Ф according to the center of the examined lumen. The operator can select the path of motion through a number of other adjustments so that the NLS picture can be specified in detail by changing the view. In cases involving certain shaded areas, the surface of the cavity may also be raised to reveal the cavity. With the help of the epi-Clien program, the generated NLS image sequences can be easily converted to the standard VHS video format so that they can be used in common video systems, especially in radiology. The Hunter system was first designed to reveal patients with obstruction in the upper respiratory tract, mass formation in the esophagus, stomach or colon, atherosclerotic lesions of large blood vessels and diseases affecting the paranasal sinuses, bladder or spinal canal. Data collected through a virtual NLS microscope allows for the timely identification of the optimal biopsy site and the scope of surgical intervention required.

what is nls

what is nls

What can the NLS do?

1. Green check does not do any harm to the body.
2. Not only can you see the health of your internal organs, but you can also easily understand the health trends after 3-5 years.
3. Rapidly detects changes in 12 systems and tissues of the human body, can compare the relevant range of scans, up to 300 light speed of 100,000 scanning points to ensure the accuracy of detection.
4. Quickly help users understand the role of specific organs in advance.
5. Test data on the efficacy of daily food or health food.
6, to provide a professional image of the material in order to train the expertise of practitioners.
7. To provide a basis for tracking the sale of health products.
8. Personalized health professional data recovery plans can be provided to consumers.
9, can provide consumers with daily guidance on healthy eating.

what is nls what is nls

Who needs NLS?

NLS for all.

Anyone interested in quickly and efficiently examining the health of patients, clients, friends, family or employees can use NLS.Accurate analysis is a driving factor in our company, and no matter who you are or what you do, the information gathered from the NLS equipment will fully inform you and everyone you work with will be well informed.

Keep in mind that this information is collected in the biological realm and the advantage of this method of analysis is that it is discovered before anything is physically shown.

People who fall into any of the following categories will be welcomed, advised and used, and will benefit from using and owning NLS biofield equipment.
Overall practitioner

what is nls?

Why We Use nls diagnostics?

For naturopathic physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nurses, nurse practitioners, Homepaths and Medical Doctors, NLS can detect and monitor all levels of the human biofield, including the circulatory system, nervous system and more. A rapid method of investigating patient energetic status. After scanning, NLS can provide homeopathy, meta therapy, PEMF therapy, infrared therapy and bioresonance therapy.
Clinical and medical units

The NLS has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of initial consultations. Clinics can add this new state-of-the-art technology to their practices. NLS will create a new revenue stream for overall patients. The clinic can help patients by investigating all their concerns at the biological domain level as well as providing energy balance methods.
Educational facilities and schools

Preventive biotope monitoring programmes can be implemented to ensure the health of children and staff. Students or faculty returning from illness can also be scanned and balanced.
nursing home

NLS can prevent and delay more invasive treatments by balancing energy before disease occurs. This will improve the quality of life for most individual patients.
Sports and leisure facilities, also fitness centres

Objective monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, nutritional levels and blood chemistry is important as long as strenuous exercise is performed. NLS is a great health information technology to add to existing surveillance methods. It enhances the ability to create individual health plans.
Spa Salon

Focusing on the health of your salon clients is a strong competitive trump card. NLS can assess a client’s energetic health and help design a personalized spa program to maximize revitalization and improve their health.
friends and relatives

NLS is a great tool for monitoring the health of family and friends’ biofield. It provides a way to examine, heal and balance energy, thus minimizing the need to spend a lot of visits and finances on healthcare services.

what is nls


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