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by the system.
Each material system has selective interaction with electromagnetic radi?
ation of certain wave?length, which energy of quanta is adequate to energy of
destruction of the connection (entropic potential) of main components of
the system.
During interaction of components of the system with quanta of electro?
magnetic field a value of density of entropy field of the system changes and
this leads to gravitation?statistical disbalance in external environment. In its
turn alternation of gravitation field gradient causes alternation of space cur?
vature (dimensation) that leads to change of value of entropy of the system,
which every component is characterized by strictly established (quantum)
states of magnitude of entropic field. Entropic heterogeneity of the medium
Svyatoslav Nesterov
Nowadays international science has reached the new level of its develop?
ment characterized by creation of integral knowledge obtained at the expense
of development and active work of special complex scientific trends, synthe?
sizing knowledge, principles and methods of several scientific disciplines as
key problems of modern natural science can be solved on such basis only.
The theory of quantum entropic logic of Professor Theodore van Hoven,
the quantum physician and specialist in electronics, has become this very
synthesis science.
The theory of entropic logic is built on the basis of unlike knowledge,
principles axioms and postulates of modern science: from information theo?
ry, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, relativity theory to philosophy,
psychology, sociology, ecology, catastrophe theory and other disciplines.
Theoretical foundations of data exchange were laid by C. Shannon, who
had offered statistical value of quality of information. Information theory of
Shannon has limited area of application as information function is considered
by Shannon as some mathematical abstraction without interrelation with other
fundamental functions of substance and does not allow to describe principles
of obtaining initial information in the process of scientific cognition.
In his theory van Hoven considers information function as material cate?
gory reflecting level of internal structural organization of the object and inter?
relating with such basic characteristics as energy and mass of the object.
Whether to consider electron?positron vacuum model offered by Paul
Dirack in the form of spatial structure consisting of a set of electrons and
positrons, then appearance of the source mass perturbation declares itself as
lack of inertial compensation of these particles, taken as gravitational field.
But at the same time lack of spin compensation that declares itself as some
physical field and therefore is a component of gravitational field possessing
identical orientation (convergence) in space?time continuum appears as well.
Professor H.Tokugawa (Tokyo University) was the first one to suppose
that spin of particle characterizing rotation on its axis is corresponded by a
specific physical field further known as “quantum field of entropy” or “tor?
sional field”.
S.Torn and E.Walton tried to detect the field conditioned by spin interac?
tion empirically. Availability of such field would be a “guarantor” of preserva?
tion of moment of motion quantity just as gravitational field existing in the
31 30
ent inevitable uncertainty of phase states in the theory of entropic logic. The
theorem proves impossibility to characterize a moment of breach of internal
connections upon excess of critical value by the stimulus by unified time scale.
At the moment of breach all phase states come to a single center existing
beyond the time. Such state of the system corresponding to the phase of termi?
nal breach can be naturally called a “time focus”. In the time focus all phase
states merge and entropy density of the system tends to infinity. Thus, the sys?
tem being at the terminal stage can be concurrently registered in any other
phase of its existence. Reliability of the forecast of the system’s state will be pro?
portional to its entropic potential in the given time phase.
Registration of extreme values of entropic potential on the time scale
allows determining conditions of stable existence of any material system
The theorem of uncertainty of phase states allows predicting with some
likelihood appearance of unsteady metastable states, in which probability of
destruction of the system increases significantly.
Experimental confirmation of the principle of uncertainty of phase states
had been being provided by G. Sheppard (Stanford University) in controlled
laboratory environment during tests on prediction of future events formed by
random number generator.
High level of correlation between parameters characterizing speed of den?
sifying entropic field of metastable system and forecast reliability is discov?
Metatable system can be imagined as a family of elements, in each of
which gradual increase of density of entropy that leads the system to unsteady
critical state (nonlinearity, plurality of states, chain and avalanche processes
appear) takes place. Metastable systems show high sensitivity to extremely
weak external influences upon sufficiently great number of active elements
(N). The larger N value, the weaker influence, which can lead the system to
the terminal state. Fluctuation of density of entropy of metastable system is
accompanied by generation of flicker effect that is characterized by increase
of signal power in unit frequency interval upon underfrequency. The simplest
physical elements generating flicker effect will be corresponded by defects of
internal structure, namely: tectonic fractures in geological structures, defects
of crystal lattice of semi?conducting elements or impurity centers in biologi?
cal substrates.
By invitation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
(NASA) and the Pentagon Theodore van Hoven headed the program on cre?
ation of electronic devices for purposeful alternation of the state of con?
sciousness and obtaining reproducible psychophysical effects of contactless
of the material system conditioned by electromagnetic and gravitational
fields serves as the source of internal energy of the system that declares itself
in the form of generation of a terminal field for electrically charged particles.
Thus, information exchange of elementary components of the system is
executed distantly, associatively and selectively at the expense of quanta of
electromagnetic radiation having energy adequate to energy of destruction of
the connection (entropic potential) of elementary structure of the system.
Static gravitational and electromagnetic fields lead the system to mechanical
shift and polarization; dynamic gravitational and electromagnetic fields
induce its entropic potential.
Any material system (mechanical, physicochemical, biological or social)
can only be in such stationary states, in which energy of internal connection
of components exceeds energetic background of entropic fields of the ambi?
ent environment.
According to postulates of quantum?entropic logic, any event even in the
smallest scale of time, with seeming continuity happens discretely by means
of changing phase state of the system. Whether value of the stimulus, i.e. any
external influence, exceeds critical threshold, then the value of entropy of the
system increases in spurts.
Thus, some “terminal” state of the system, where upon transfer the stim?
ulus of critical threshold makes a break of internal dominant connections so
terminating existence of the given system as united functional whole, shall
exist. From the positions of quantum mechanics, true break — a final result
of infinitely small change — is unobservable in principle: one can never say
with confidence that the reason, indeed, was larger than any finite quantity
established in advance.
Validity of law on conservation of general level of structural organization
of system allowed van Hoven to explain existence of so called “paranormal
events” from materialistic and natural scientific positions without using mys?
terious or religious conceptions. Thus, various paranormal phenomena (with
the attraction of basic principles of the theory of quantum entropic logic) can
be successfully brought to a narrow circle of physical events available for nat?
ural scientific studying. With the help of the theory of entropic logic such
paranormal events as clairvoyance, telepathy and adjacent thereto practical?
ly important trend of rod detection (radiesthesia) can be easily explained.
Theory of quantum entropic logic admits principal probability of prediction
of forthcoming events under absence of any initial information (nonlinear fore?
casting). From the point of view of ordinary trivial logic the future does not
exist, and predictions of forthcoming events are similar to invasion of absurd to
sacred bounds of common sense. There is an Abrahamson theorem on inher?
33 32
other biological structures. A lot of minor troubles that start chasing us and,
as a rule, no more than annoy us (mudded dress, broken heel, breakages of
household equipment or car, petty losses or even theft) can be evidences of
entering into the preterminal phase and serve as indicator of more stern
Thus, there is no evil will of the fate in occurrence of a tragic situation;
just periods of high tension of entropic fields caused by objective physical
processes in the external environment take place.
The theory of entropic logic by Prof. Theodore van Hoven points to the
true reason of any events hidden from us. A person armed with knowledge of
basic provisions of this discipline and having necessary equipment that allows
him to know a program of interlacing of high and low potentials of terminal
fields (run of good and bad luck) of any person, social or other material struc?
tures with the regard for their mutual influence, is able to control and man?
age any events in his own interests.
obtaining information from distant (hidden) objects. The most of experi?
ments was performed within the precincts of International Stanford Research
Institute (SRI) ? the major laboratory studying paranormal effects.
Experiments resulted in creation of equipment functioning on the basis of the
principle of multiplication of initiating signal upon decomposition of
metastable states. Later on this equipment, as well as analogous designs, was
called as “brain machines” (metatrons). From the physical point of view,
“brain machines” are a system of electronic oscillators resonating at the wave?
length of electromagnetic radiation, which energy is adequate to destruction
energy (entropic potential) of dominant connections maintaining structural
organization of the system researched.
The theory of quantum entropic logic of Theodore van Hoven allows to
answer primeval philosophic question — why is the world around us so
imperfect, why do accidents, disasters, catastrophes and wars occur, what is
good and evil — from the physical positions.
In spite of variety of accidents, catastrophes and disasters they have single
general mechanics — autooscillation processes of density of fields of entropy
of vacuum related to alternation of gradient of gravitational and electromag?
netic fields. At the certain moment corresponding to the terminal phase crit?
ical level of stable existence of the system in the given stationary state is being
exceeded and this fact leads to increase of destructive processes, decrease of
organizational level, and as a result — to full destruction of the system.
Formation and evolution of substance is an organic consequence of for?
mation of quantum fields of entropy that regulate all physical processes.
Processes of vital functions, including higher nervous activity of the human,
are no exception.
Periods of high tension of terminal fields in respect of biological and
social objects can appear in the form of weakening of adaptation systems of
living organisms, asthenization, delinquent behavior and inadequate sexual
reactions, growth of sickness and death rate, epidemics, mass psychoses,
increase in crime, economic and social crises, armed conflicts and wars.
But these are periods of high “information induction”, the time, when
genii are born and epochal discoveries in science and technology are made as
As any material object interchanging information with ambient environ?
ment the human generates an entropic field in wide range of frequencies and
energies. A biological system with high field tension is able to destabilize
ambient physical bodies by its radiation. Thus, the organism with huge
entropic potential literally decreases durability of all ambient items (archi?
tectural constructions and mechanisms) and oppresses vital functions of
35 34
it is possible to extract more data on the Age of Pharaohs from “a single pea?
size splinter from Egypt” rather than from all researchers of antiquity taken
together. After Buchanan other French researchers, first of all, Riche and
Austin were engaged in psychometry phenomenon very intensively. Time and
again it had being discovered that a simple body contact with any item was
enough to call the most tremendous backstage data on events related thereto.
And there is no difference, whether events of the present, the past or the
future in question.
At all times priests and sages, witch doctors and oracles, astrologers and
foretellers used plummets and willow rods for obtaining data from the past or
the future as well as for search of treasures.
In ancient China using of the plummet was a privilege of lords and aristo?
crats. Emperors always took a silver or golden plummet along and used it
upon making important decisions. In India a rod had been used as early as in
year 3000 B.C., and the history tells that ancient sages used the rod for
searching groundwater. From China and India this craft came to Egypt, then
to Greece and later to the Rome.
The oldest tradition of rod detection or radiesthesia (radius — beam
(Latin) and aesthesia — sensitivity (Greek)) is an ability of unintentional
reception of information from distant (hidden) objects and its transmission
by means of plummet oscillation or deviation of a rod in hands.
This event presumes influence of some physical field on biological system,
which response manifests in the form of alternation of position of an indica?
tor (rod, plummet) being in hands of an investigator.
Moses is considered as the first rod detector in Europe. He hit the rock
with a stick and water appeared out of the rock in response thereto. Plinius
Senior (I century A.D.), Paracels (1493?1541), Mesmer (1734?1815) and
some other authors had mentioned this effect in their works. In the Middle
Ages this effect was successfully used for searching portable water and ore
deposits in countries of the Western Europe.
In 1556 Georgius Agricola described the fact when medieval German
miners searched mineral and ore deposits with the help of a “magic rod”.
According to European archives, about 70% of mineral deposits were discov?
ered by the very method.
The founder of the British Royal Scientific Society Robert Boyle, English
mineralogist William Price, founder of electrochemistry Richter and famous
chemist Glauber were engaged in studying this effect and they estimated its
abilities very highly.
In 1911 in Hanover the first congress on rod detection was held.
International Union of rod detectors was established at this congress. In 1913
Edward Kriсk
Edward Krick was born in 1945 in India. In 1968 he graduated from Puna
University. He worked on probation in Cambridge (England) by invitation of the
Nobel Prize winner P.Krick, in the University of the Sussex shire (England) by
invitation of B. Goodwin, in Nagasaki University and many other places. In
1978 he was awarded in Stanford University (USA) with PhD degree. He is a
member of the American Physical Society.
Nowadays Edward Krick is the head of department of psychophysical
researches in International Stanford Research Institute.
His scientific researches are focused on a frontier subject between psy?
chophysics and sociology — study of anticorrelation behavior of thermal fields
during social crises and military conflicts.
Edward Krick is a live person keen on different exotics: he likes rafting and
has got a pilot license. He scientific works have been published in the most pres?
tigious magazines of the world (Nature, Scientific American, Physics today etc.),
he has three scientific monographs published.
His youthful wife Simla Jarmapuri introduces a spirit of Oriental wisdom in
his books.
Svyatoslav Nesterov
New York, December, 1995
Many spiritualists, shamans, clairvoyants and parapsychologists had
astonishing paranormal ability to “scan” information from different items —
stones, clothes, photographs and curls — on destiny of their owners.
This ability was called Psychometry (psyche — spitit, soul and metron —
measure (from Greek)) by its pioneer and first researcher New York anthro?
pologist and physiologist professor J. Buchanan. After multiple experiments
with petrifactions, minerals and relics prof. Buchanan discovered that each
inanimate item had a property to “memorize its destiny”. Silent items act as
a certain gramophone record filled by feelings of their former holders.
As long ago as in ancient Egypt people were convinced that everything
called by a person as his own inconceivably was a part of him. Not only cut
nails and hair remain connected with him further, but all items which he had
ever touched remain “impregnated” with his personality. Geologist professor
Denton of Nantes (France), one of disciples of Buchanan, even claimed that
37 36
accomplishing different tasks in geology, archaeology, paleontology, medical
diagnostics and other areas of human activity.
Thus, “a magic stick in skillful hand” (Goethe) has remained its signifi?
cance till our days.
Researches of supersensitive (perceptive) channel allowing some persons
to perceive distant or hidden items not affecting any of known sense bodies
are of a certain interest.
This problem is currently being under consideration in the best university
laboratories of the world: USA, Germany, England, Netherlands, Austria,
France and Italy. Work on studying parameters of a field causing biolocation
effect are being carried out; different theories on mechanism of reception of
information from different objects of animate and inanimate nature by the
human are being developed; electrophysiological processes at a moment of
reception and decoding of information in cerebral structures are being inves?
tigated; attempts to use supersensitivity features of living?beings are being
Psychometry and radiesthesia are two main forms of supersensitive per?
ception (clairvoyance or cognition (cognitio — cognition (Latin)). The only
difference between radiesthesia and psychometry is a method of indication of
things being perceived, as these are two forms of the same function, but not
two different functions. Psychometry and radiesthesia differ from each other
only by the following: in first case extrasensory information is being cognized
directly in the frontal cortex in picturesque or quasi?sensory form, mean?
while upon radiesthesia information is being perceived unconsciously and
gives out its content only through ideomotorally driven indicator.
Radiesthesia can be determined as a method of presentation of informa?
tion received by contactless way from distant hidden objects as the expense of
ideomotor motions realizable upon deviation of a rod (frames) and plum?
mets. An indicator in hands of an operator (as if independently from the
operator’s will) objectivizing intuition moves due to tremor and micro
motions of hands, arising as a result of tonic muscle activity. Rod detection
process is human motoric reactions perfect only after long?term and exhaust?
ing training. Fair results can be reached by a few especially gifted people.
Their small number impeded broad application of this method for accom?
plishing everyday tasks and did not allow making craft of rod detectors a mass
In spite of the fact that physical laws in classical science until recent times
had not been related to the clairvoyance phenomenon, exact description of
these processes and evidences of this rear unusual human talent have been
existing for many thousand years. Clairvoyance ability can be also reached
the second international congress of experimental psychology was held in
Paris. At this congress a commission consisting of scientists of different spe?
cialties examined more than one hundred people claiming their abilities to
search ore, water and cavities in the interior of the Earth. Conclusions of the
commission emphasized doubtless existence of rod detection phenomenon
(in scientific circles called as biophysical or biolocation effect) and necessity
of its further development. In 1973 the International Society on Research of
Psychotronics (psyche — spirit, soul and tron — measurement device
(Greek)) ? instrument study of possibility of supersensitive perception — was
established. Problems of rod detection are being handled at the congresses of
this society.
Upon results of complex researches UNESCO and UN expert on geolo?
gy prof. S. Tromp published his work in which he proved objective character
of existence of biolocation effect on the basis of large statistical material.
Sensors of a cardiograph and a device for measurement of skin potential were
fixed on blindfold students going with a metal frame instead of a rod by long
profiles. All students reacted by the frame to the same zones being marked by
the cardiograph and the potentiometer.
Professors Chadwick and Jensen (USA) performed analogous researches
on 150 employees and students of Utah University. Statistical magnitude of
results of application of a metal frame was checked with the help of the “Chi?
square” test, and the level of fortuitousness was in the rage of 6.0? 0.05% of
Thus water, mineral oil, ore, coal as well as missing people, animals and
inanimate items had been being searched for many centuries. And even
nowadays one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world Swiss
concern “Hoffmann la Roche” gives orders to its permanent rod detectors to
search water required for production before construction work at locations of
new branches is started.
Famous rod detector Gottfried Mayer of Allensbach (Germany) had
determined location of a thermal spring in Constantsa that was discovered
afterwards during well?boring at a depth of 400 meters. The fact made a prof?
it of DM600 000. The boring company “Vik Drilling” headed by V. Tompson
gets very high percentage of productive wells upon using biolocation for
searching underground water?bearing zones; this fact allows the company to
increase volume of drilling from year to year.
The US union of rod detectors includes more than 25 thousand people.
In Vietnam specially trained GIs had been successfully searching unexplod?
ed bombs, grenades and high?explosive shells with the help of rods.
Nowadays there are very successful attempts to use rods and plummets for
39 38
tive perception from the positions of “animal electricity” discovered as far
back as during test performed by L. Galvani and А. Volt. In 1902 a theory of
biopotentials was created; in 1925 G. Fricke offered to consider cell mem?
brane as an oscillation circuit. Events of generation of wave oscillating
processes by human body, animals and plants were discovered. At the level of
brain nerve cells they are being registered in the form of
ElectroEncephaloGrams (EEGs). It is proved that a nerve cell of living
organism is a generator of electromagnetic radiation in ultrahigh range of fre?
quencies with the wave length comparable with linear dimensions of the cell
W. Aidee supposed that weak magnetic fields of brain neurons played sub?
stantial role in the process of data perception and processing creating the sec?
ond signaling system in addition to the synaptic one. H.Puthoff and R.Targ
had established influence of weak magnetic fields on the cerebrum leaving
aside sense bodies. In their experiments they proved that upon transmission
of information under absolute absence of sensory contact the role of inter?
mediary was played by electromagnetic oscillation of very low frequency. It
should be noted that experiments of Puthoff and Targ were successfully
reproduced in many laboratories of the world. In the G.Schnoll’s opinion,
interaction of radiations of different cells under absence of an external signal
takes place at the expense of resonance events (interference) between waves
of different length provided that both ultrahigh harmonic (sinusoidal) and
low frequency nonlinear (stochastic) oscillations are available. Their syn?
chronization is provided by nervous system, and their coherence — by tissue
specialization of cell structures. Upon weakening control of nervous system,
for example, as a result of a mental disease or impact of neurotropic toxins
these processes can be put in order by external stimuli, namely: visual,
acoustic and chemical ones or electromagnetic radiation. Interaction of radi?
ations is executed at molecular level as a result of alternation of relative posi?
tion of molecules creating the cell in space (conformational transfers). At
that an effect of resonance intensification of cumulative signal is achieved.
The given event was called as biological feedback and currently is broad?
ly used for rapid achievement of the state of deep relaxation (meditation).
In excited cell structures electric tensions (so called “membrane poten?
tial”) within the range of from 8 mV (rest potential) through 60 mV (action
potential) are caused by nerve impulses. We can consider nerve cell as rhyth?
mogenic center with exogenic modulated frequency.
Whether we are in a normal (and even excited, nervous or scared) wake?
ful state, then EEG will display mainly beta waves. Their frequency mostly
does not exceed 20?25 Hz, and their amplitude lies in the range of 2?20
with the help of narcotics. Clairvoyance ability can appear in one’s sleep, dur?
ing hypnosis or with the help of conscious suggestion or as congenital gift
(very often it takes place in Ireland, Scotland, as well as in some eastern
countries of Europe and Asia).
Clairvoyance promotes perception of events in the present (cognition), in
the past (retrocognition) and in the future (precognition). Up to now classic
science has been denying the very process of clairvoyance. However, serious
researches performed in many universities and institutes of many American
states allowed admitting existence of this absolutely unique natural phenom?
Professor Joseph Benk Rayan, an American psychologist in Duke
University in Darham (North Carolina) proved objective existence of the
clairvoyance phenomenon by scientific and statistical methods. He used so
called Zener cards (a test used for quantitative studying of parapsychological
On the basis of experiments performed in laboratory of Stanford
University a fundamental conclusion was made as follows: each person has a
potential ability to perceive spatially distant topographic and engineering
objects (buildings, roads, technical equipment) as well as biological struc?
tures (animals, plants and other people). In this case the given phenomenon
does not depend on the distance. According to researches, substantial
increase in test effectiveness happens upon using statokinetic indicators (rod,
metal frame or plummet).
Results of tests performed in laboratories around the world allowed to fin?
ish off with unsubstantiated denial of this event by scientific orthodoxies.
Thanks to positive experiments scientific community managed to finally
make sure of existence of the effect of supersensitive perception and the fact
that all people can possess such abilities and that they can be strengthen as a
result of training or, quite significantly, application of the latest special equip?
Explanation of phenomenon of supersensitive perception is possible bas?
ing on materialistic conceptions without exceeding the frameworks of scien?
tific paradigms.
For own explanation ability to perceive distant (hidden) stimuli irrespec?
tive of ordinary sensory processes has required certain researches in the
frameworks of such disciplines as neurophysiology, information theory and
quantum theory.
Not long before discovery of electromagnetic waves by physician Kruks
and chemist Ostvald set up a hypothesis on radiations lately called as a “radio
of cerebrum”. A group of researchers tried to explain the effect of supersensi?
41 40
whole picture. In his opinion, whether human brain and physical Universe
are under holographic principle, then the consciousness shall represent
whole visual environment.
The beginning of changing of thinking towards cognition of supersensitive
perception is sooner being happened with physicians since models with the
help of which they are trying to explain behavior of elementary particles have
specific properties and depend on the state of an observer in respect to the test
In the late 70?es physicians Helmut Schmidt and Evans Harris Worker
published their theory of paranormal function relying on concepts of quan?
tum theory. It stated that such paranormal events as clairvoyance refer to
areas of quantum physics, in essence. Thanks to Schmidt?Worker theory an
elegant mathematical model of supersensitive perception containing physical
prerequisites and including physiology of spiritualist was formulated.
Further, Evans H. Worker started working with these two areas and offered a
new perception of the “hidden variety” based, in his opinion, on quantum
reactions. Worker had researched the role played by consciousness in obser?
vation of physical processes. The scientist thought that nerves subduing to
consciousness are connected with each other at the level of interaction of ele?
mentary particles rather than through ordinary reaction of chemical conduc?
tivity. Thus, entire unity of connected particles, which is, in the Worker’s
opinion, of extremely complex state, is being created. Worker thought that
human consciousness is equivalent to variety of states of elementary particles.
Thus, a portion of power of this cerebral system processing information is
always ready to stop “collapse” of uncertain states of elementary particles out?
side the system. Such a process was called by Worker as “regulating function
of consciousness”. With the help of consciousness it is possible to psychoki?
netically influence on our world and this will a source of all paranormal
effects. As consciousness is able to influence on nonlinear variety of the sys?
tem the system’s activity is limited neither by space nor time.
Concurrently, but independently, with H.Worker, O. Kosta de Borgar
offered an analogous idea. In his opinion, conscious brain activity is corre?
sponded by ordinary (trivial) logic, whereas subconscious activity is the basis
of intuitive discernments and is performed pursuant to quantum (entropic)
logic. Upon connection of subconsciousness stochasticity of conclusion and
decisions equivalent to stochasticity upon quantum?mechanical measure?
ments appears.
State of any quantum system is being determined by probability laws of
distribution of proper physical values being determined through wave func?
tions. Two quantum systems are called as quantum?correlated ones, if prob?
microvolt. Upon visual or acoustical stimulation wave pattern of this so called
“background activity” of brain is being changed radically. Some higher points
reach amplitude of up to 200 microvolt. Whether activation impulses from
reticular system weakens, then “background activity” decreases significantly
and gives way to a type of waves known as alpha waves with the frequency of
8?12 Hz and amplitude of 5?100 microvolt.
Almost all authors of books and tutorials on methods of relaxation, auto?
genic training, transcendental meditation or yoga call production of alpha
waves a prerequisite for reaching self?hypnotic state. However, relaxation
reached in such a way has nothing common with self?hypnotic state as the
frontal cortex still exercises its typical beta activity.
Self?hypnotic state and access to subconscious areas of central nervous
system appear only when the brain produces theta?waves with the frequency
of 4?7 Hz and amplitude of 5?150 mV. Now consciousness and subcon?
sciousness “speak” the same language, and unhindered information exchange
is possible between them.
The brain uses an opportunity of “interbrain communication” mostly for
its own programming: genetic information and content of subconsciousness
(archetypes) come into communication with and are processed along with
individual empirical data accumulated in memory. These programs are
required for unhindered performance of vegetative functions, development
and maintenance of genetically fixed behavior, as well as for execution of
“human — environment” connection.
It should be noted that problem of interaction of consciousness and sub?
consciousness is one of the most complex and the least developed problems
of modern science. Only one of 10 million bits of information is cognized.
The rest mass of perceived information is not cognized and is fixed in the area
of subconsciousness. Some authors refer events of foresight and creative intu?
ition expressed in generation of new scientific hypotheses to this very area.
J. Sarfatti and G. Barra suppose that the area of subconsciousness is con?
nected not only with separate individuals, but is common for all human pop?
ulation. They think that ” functionally large and thin systems thanks to inter?
action of subsystems?individuals being parts thereof can possess
consciousness immanently inherent to them or its analogues as an integral
functional mean of displaying reality and antientropic influence on the outer
world and themselves”. By content this theory is close to the theory of “coop?
erative subconsciousness” by C. Yung. According to M. Talbot’s ideas, func?
tion of consciousness is a field, resonance of continuum of fields that control
the substance structure. C.Pribram offered holographic model of conscious?
ness, according to which each particle of the hologram characterizes the
43 42
motionlessly lay at the bottom, because it will contradict to the uncertainty
principle stating that it is impossible to unambiguously determine exact value
of coordinate and impulse of a quantum object (and the coordinate of the ball
laying at the bottom is determined exactly, as well as impulse that is equal to
zero — entropy of the system takes on a maximum value).
Thus, even vacuum possesses some organization at the expense of oscilla?
tion of different fields.
Basing on the principle of convergence of gravity forces and entropy pro?
fessor Т. van Hoven developed a mathematical model of “entropy fields ”
(black belts) being quasi?fields generated by caused space?time deformation.
It is easy to find explanation of delicate mechanism of interaction of
quantum?correlated systems in the theory of entropy logic. Transmission
(reduction) of wave function to the system (information induction) causes
alternation of curvature of four?dimensional space?time analogous to influ?
ence of a massive body, appearance of “gravity temporal crater” or “entropic
depression “, if to speak in figurative terms of van Hoven.
Thus, mechanism of information induction is being realized upon
increase of quantum values of entropy of correlated systems.
In order to explain existence of many paranormal human properties and
a range of phenomena of supersensitive perception, which realization is hard
to explain from the view of orthodox scientific paradigm (for example, for
cooperative subconsciousness claimed by C.Yung or clairvoyance in the past,
present or the future) it is necessary to deepen into a thrilling area of ele?
mentary?particle physics for detailed researching of properties of electrons
and other particles.
Atomic electrons move by quantum passages around their nucleuses,
simultaneously rotating around their own axes. This own rotational impulse,
or spin, characterizes all other elementary particles as well. Thus, all elec?
trons, protons and neutrons rotate with the value of spin (S) in 1/2 (s=1/2),
and all bosons, gluons and photons with the spin of 1 (s=1).
But how can rotational motion contain information at all? In this case it
is possible to produce not one, but even two fundamental possibilities. First,
information might be presented by a value of rotational impulse that depends
on speed of rotation, mass and form of a particle. Second, this information
might be encoded along the lines of rotation of the particle.
The first supposition is unfortunately pulled down due to inconsistency
with laws of nature. While particles can take absolutely any impulse along the
lines of distribution, it is impossible for them due to presence of an universal
natural constant (Planck constant) unlike, for example, planets, stars or a
whipping top to rotate with any speed. They shall adhere to one rotational
ability characteristics of one of them depend on proper characteristics of the
other. It happens when systems has been contacting with each other at some
moment in quantum sense, i.e. they wave functions have been crossed.
Possibility of quantum correlations follows from the main postulates of quan?
tum mechanics being observed experimentally. Thus, there is a transfer of
alternations (reduction) of wave function between quantum?correlated sys?
tems. According to quantum?mechanical description, influence of one of the
systems on the other is being transmitted instantly and does not depend on
distance and availability of electromagnetic or other screens. These proper?
ties of quantum?correlated systems with account of their initial “contact”
coincide with features of interaction of an operator with distant (hidden)
material objects. Influence of the operator on physical system is being exer?
cised through his “influence” on wave functions of quantum objects, and this
influence is being exercised in the same way as in quantum?correlated sys?
tems, i.e. has a character of magnetic, electrical or acoustical influence.
Professor of physics Dr. D. Bom as a hidden parameter offered to intro?
duce some mathematical field, transmitting alternations (reduction) of wave
functions (called in quantum mechanics as “informational function of sys?
tem” or ? \|/?field.
According to concepts of quantum entropy logic (an adjacent discipline
at the borders of quantum mechanics and information theory), information?
al function of the system is divergent to the system’s energy and has orthogo?
nal projection of impulse in space?time continuum in respect to the later and
is convergent to the mass of physical objects comprising the system being
Dependence between a state of informational function (channel width
and density of signal transmission) and a mass of the physical body can be
described by the formula of finite increments of Lagrange.
General theory of relativity of Albert Einstein connected gravitational
fields with distortion of four?dimensional space — the time. In order to vivid?
ly imagine this connection the space often is sketched out as a stretched film
or trampoline in which pits are being punched by massive bodies (“gravita?
tional craters”). A particle passing by the massive body slides down to such a
crater and we interpret it as gravitation. Within the frameworks of such anal?
ogy the work of Svyatoslav Nesterov and Yakov Zeldovich on “zero
Lagrangian” can be considered as explanation of some “resilience” of the
space. By conception of quantum mechanics an oscillation system (for
example, a ball in a hollow) can possess only strictly established energy —
roughly speaking, the ball can rise up to some strictly established points only
without experiencing intermediate states at that. Besides, the ball can not
45 44
or to the theory of quantum field as a result of exchange of the third virtual
With due account thereof we can gain vivid (but extremely simplified)
insight of quantum mechanical processes inside material objects.
Separate quantum particles constantly emit field quanta. Whether the
later come across with a particle able to interact with them, then they are
being absorbed by it and hand it over their energy and rotational impulse
By means of medium — carrier — virtual particle — material objects are
able to receive information from the environment and radiate actual infor?
mation on the state of objects.
The way, by which electron “processes” information contained in the spin
of absorbed virtual particles and accumulates it in the form of discrete quan?
tities, can be explained by the theory of quantum entropy logic proposed by
Prof. Theodore van Hoven.
In his theory T. van Hoven develops success of works by E. Vitchincsky
and L. Beadley, in which in a single theory weak and strong interactions of
elementary particles, electromagnetism and gravitation (nowadays known as
absolute unity theory (AUT)) were united.
Van Hoven pins the AUT theory with baryon asymmetry of the Universe.
This work made large impression and caused a great deal of new researches,
in which, in particular, a role of x?particles and other bosons was described in
By now conception of structure of baryons as component particles con?
sisting of three “more elementary” particles — quarks (antibaryon consists of
antiparticles — antiquarks, accordingy) become firmly established. In Van
Hoven’s theory quarks and leptons (collective name of electron and neutrino)
are considered on equal terms and can transform into each other. As a con?
sequence, reaction with alternation of rotational impulse (spin) can be per?
Decay process takes place with formation of so called x?boson as well as
other similar by properties vector (terminal) particles at the intermediate
stage. For shot we will talk on x?bosons only; let me remind you that vector
fields are the ones able to exist in any states of polarization. The simplest
example is an electromagnetic field.
Probability of this decay reaction is extremely doubtful. The point is that
mass of quark is certainly less than the one of x?boson. Thus, this reaction
does not take place in common (classical) sense of the word. Just some slight
“swinging” of such level of vacuum liberty (resiliency) that corresponds to x?
boson takes place. X?boson can decay by two ways — into antiquark and
speed strictly established for each type of particles, and value of this speed
shall be half?integer of integer multiple value of h/2, where h — is a quantum
of Planck’s action.
This value equals to 1.0546 * 10?2 erg?secs and is the most little action
ever detectable.
From electronic data processing we know that for producing and trans?
mitting information we shall have at least two different levels of semantic
expression (bit) that are usually denoted by 1 and 0 symbols. United into
groups (bytes) 1 and 0 levels of semantic expression allow to represent any
large quantities of numbers on the basis of binary system of numeration. For
example,  all  numbers  between  equals  sign  and  255
(1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128=255) in 8 bites in 1 byte as used in computer
engineering. Whether letters or signs go with certain numbers as, for exam?
ple, in American АSСII code, then it is possible to depict all letters from А
through Z and all punctuation marks as well as wildcard characters.
In data processing systems 1 and 0 levels of semantic expression can be
depicted with positive or negative tension or with that current propagates or
nor; whereas in data storages they temporarily exist as the expense of pres?
ence or absence of magnetic field (hard?disk drives) or electrical tension, or
at the expense of transparency of crystals of metal oxides (optical plates).
Similarly to that fact elementary particles can also have two opposite lev?
els of semantic expression: rotational impulse of a particle is orientated in
space in parallel (directed “upwards”) or in antiparallel (directed “down?
wards”) with direction of its movement.
Whether we proceed from the assumption that parallel (marked with “+”)
spins correspond to 1 in binary system and antiparallel (with the sign of “?”)
to 0 in the same system, then it is especially obvious that elementary particles
are able to communicate the spin, i.e. modulated semantic information.
Four main forces determining physical structure of the world and respon?
sible for all interactions between particles and thereby for all physical events
act between structural elements of substance (elementary particles). They are
weak and strong interaction, gravitation and electromagnetism. Two of them
— weak and strong interaction — are not able to be directly perceived in
macroscopic sphere: they have just narrow ranges that are less than radius of
atomic nucleus (10?8 cm).
By contrast with this gravitation and electromagnetism due to endless
range refer to our everyday empirical world.
As all elementary particles possess both properties of particles and waves,
we can consider interaction between particles either according to the theory
of standard field as a consequence of interpenetration of their relevant fields
47 46
tic) language with the help of mechanism of wave encoding (modulation).
In electrons of cortical nerve cells supersensitive information encoded in
the spin in the form of discrete magnitudes transforms into analogous neuron
impulses and is being processed into quasi?sensitive impressions like other
information of sensory impressions. O. Reiser supposed that quantum spin
states acting as information carrier are being realized at the atomic level in
hydrogen bonds of protein.
It was shown in works of Prof. Arthur T. Winfrey of Arizona University
devoted to study of three?dimensional modes of distribution of electrochem?
ical waves and executive centers in excitable mediums, that magnetohydro?
dynamic waves (Alphen waves) spreading at that in tissues cause rearrange?
ment of nuclear configuration of macromolecules and influence on energy of
nerve cells. In the opinion of G.Lashaet and A. Morrow the following prin?
ciple lies in the heart of supersensitive perception: decomposition of spec?
trum lines of magnetic field conditioned by presence of nucleuses having
their own magnetic moment.
Seko Idzava of Nuclear Research laboratory of Nagasaki University
(Japan) established that upon influence of weak electrical fields a whirl mag?
netic field appears inside the volume of nerve cells, their structures of differ?
ent geometrical dimensions, not excluding dimensions of molecules.
Upon certain alternation of wave functions of magnetic electrons of sub?
stances being in labile state (a state of instability both to strong and weak dis?
turbances) a phase change of spins of magnetic electrons (spin re?orientation
transfer) can occur in them. As a result of spin?spin interaction of nucleuses
a hyperfine structure in spectra of magnetic field appears.
As energy jumps in atoms are proportional to their ionization energy, then
a role of receptors perceiving field changes can be successfully played by
impurity atoms. Their distinctive feature is extremely low energy of ioniza?
tion and long life?time.
Scientists of California Institute of Technology (USA) have detected
impurity atoms in nerve cell of the human brain in the form of inclusions
mostly consisting of magnetite (FeО o Fe2O3) with the size of up to 100,000
In the temperature range of 301.5?321.3 K magnetite is in labile state, and
upon disturbing influence on its crystal lattice, a spin re?orientation transfer
accompanied by alternation of values of magnetic resistance and magnetic
susceptibility takes place in it. At that the value of hyperfine decomposition
of spectra is not much dependant on values of external magnetic field. In this
case obtaining of zoned structure of energy spectra at the expense of the sys?
tem of delocalized р?electrons of 57 Fe isotope of impurity centers of nerve
positron or into two quarks; anti?x can decay into quark and electron or two
antiquarks, accordingly. Integrated probability of decay of x equals to inte?
grated probability of decay of anti?x. But upon decay of x?boson more pairs
of quarks than upon decay of the same quantity of anti?x pairs of antiquarks
are being formed and less antiquarks and positrons than quarks and electrons
upon decay of anti?x. It is essentially that x?decay takes place without balance
and with some “procrastination”. Otherwise baryon asymmetry won’t be able
to be formed by general theorems.
Formation of baryon asymmetry implies global spontaneous symmetry
breakdown for many properties of the space.
Thus, there are huge areas (billions of light years) with space division of
substance with positive and negative polarization and proper physical fields
thereof conditioned by transfer of moment of rotational impulse (terminal
fields) in the Universe.
At the further stages of cosmological expansion of the Universe annihila?
tion of antiquarks with quarks, then — merging of excess quarks into baryons
takes place, and then excess electrons come into atom structures. This is the
way of origin of the substance.
Further development only proved van Hoven’s theory that includes so
called quantum chromokinetics, i.e. dynamical theory of electromagnetic
gravitational (entropic) interactions.
According to this theory, upon decay reaction quarks are given additional
level of liberty, conjugated with electromagnetic radiation of light spectrum,
thus called as color. Quantum chromokinetics (abbreviation — QCD) is very
successful in description of quantum?correlated interactions of hadrons. Its
character is ability to retain quarks! They can not be extracted from baryons
or mesons in the same way as electrons are being extracted from atoms. The
reason is creation of some “chord” retaining quark with the force not
reducible depending on distance.
Some successes obtained upon researches of supersensitive channel of
information transfer, were conditioned by scientific strategy based on con?
ceptions of physical mechanisms of initial interaction of a field with some
elementary structures acting as biological receptors being a part of nerve cells.
In the opinion of O. Reiser, mechanism of signal detection can be conceived
as a result of resonance interaction between fields generated by nerve cells of
the cerebrum and hydrogen?helium plasma of the ambient space. In the sci?
entist’s opinion, nerve cells of the cerebral cortex can be considered relative?
ly to a stable aggregation of colloid structures of quantum?mechanical nature
able to extract proper information using “Fourier transformation” and put it
in good order and sufficiently represent it though a communicative (linguis?
49 48
penalty by electric chair are of a special interest. Prof. Abarbanel marks
anomalously high results of parapsychological tests (guessing of Zener cards)
among prison officers participating in the death penalty. And these results
lasted for the next two days. Thus, an officer who turned on knife?switch
feeding the electric chair has correctly guessed the most (64?72 cards) of one
hundred Zener cards containing five different geometrical figures (square,
triangle, circle, cross and two parallel lines) in all tests. And before the death
penalty, this number was about 22?26 cards.
Physics professor John B. Hayed of London has been studying psychom?
etry during his researches of breaking of a metal bar. Thanks to that fact rely?
ing on large statistical material he discovered an increment of supersensitive
perception effect among probationers upon destruction of metal.
These and other experiments in the area of psychophysics allowed devel?
oping devices switching human normal perception by sensory interpersonal
psychological reactions. With the help of these devices an intentional expan?
sion of perceptual sphere (subconsciousness) controlled by researchers can
be executed; a barrier between layer of consciousness and the area of subcon?
sciousness carrying infinite quantity of information on visual environment is
being destructed.
In 1988 the US Congress assigned USD 145 million for research work on
development of psychotron systems that allows determining location of pits
of underground nuclear launchers and submarines with nuclear weapon
aboard from stationary objects at the territory of the USA.
Tests confirmed by space photographs have shown effectiveness of the
detection system developed.
CIA’s claim that the USSR performs large?scale researches on develop?
ment of psychotron arms systems and more than 30 laboratories in Moscow,
Leningrad, Obninsk, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Omsk and Novosibirsk take
part in so called “supersensitive arms race” made American Congress worry
and allowed to provide new investments into research work. In the further
budget projects a share for this purpose was increased up to USD 450 million
per annum.
Doubtless success of developers of psychotron location systems is detec?
tion with the help of “Titania” equipment of collapse point of the top secret
Stealth fighter “Lockheed F?117AE” with two nuclear bombs B?61 aboard
crashed in winter of 1991 during the “Desert Storm” operation at the territo?
ry of Iraq.
Similar new generation equipment is used by NASA (the US National
Aeronautics and Space Administration) in distant space communication sys?
tems. During space flight on the “Discovery” space shuttle American astro?
cells of the brain becomes available. Thus, mechanism of quantum?correlat?
ed interactions of biological system can be realized at the expense of energy
increment by electron upon inducing and alternation of diamagnetic
moment of impurity atoms contained in nerve cells of cerebral tissues.
Low reproducibility is the main difficulty of using parapsychological phe?
nomena in general practice. In order to increase reproducibility different
methods of forming specified bioelectrical activity of the brain, upon which
human paranormal abilities can be successfully realized are used.
Required organization of cerebral activity can appear either as a result of
organic changes or by the way of purposeful training resulting in functional
In the first case these are brain injuries (including birth traumas),
ischemic disease, atherosclerosis, congenital features of brain composition, a
number of psychical (epilepsy, schizophrenia) and neurological diseases.
In the second case these are different methods from the practice of yoga,
rebirthing, hypnosis, eidetics, medication methods and methods of active
forming of established cerebral activity by direct influence on the cortical
part of the brain and peripheral sensory systems.


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