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Nowadays international science has reached the
new level of its development characterized by creation
of integral knowledge obtained at the expense
of development and active work of special complex
scientific trends, synthesizing knowledge, principles
and methods of several scientific disciplines as key
problems of modern natural science can be solved on
such basis only.
The theory of quantum entropic logic of Professor
Theodore van Hoven, the quantum physician and specialist
in electronics, has become this very synthesis
The theory of entropic logic is built on the basis
of unlike knowledge, principles axioms and postulates
of modern science: from information theory,
quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, relativity
theory to philosophy, psychology, sociology, ecology,
catastrophe theory and other disciplines.
Theoretical foundations of data exchange were
laid by C. Shannon, who had offered statistical value
of quality of information. Information theory of
Shannon has limited area of application as information
function is considered by Shannon as some
mathematical abstraction without interrelation with
other fundamental functions of substance and does
not allow to describe principles of obtaining initial information
in the process of scientific cognition.
In his theory van Hoven considers information
function as material category reflecting level of internal
structural organization of the object and interrelating
with such basic characteristics as energy and
mass of the object.
Whether to consider electron-positron vacuum
model offered by Paul Dirack in the form of spatial
structure consisting of a set of electrons and positrons,
then appearance of the source mass perturbation
declares itself as lack of inertial compensation
of these particles, taken as gravitational field. But
Theory of quantum
entropy logic – triumphof
modern natural science
Svyatoslav Nesterov
S.P. NesterovPhysical basics of informational interaction
at the same time lack of spin compensation that declares
itself as some physical field and therefore is a
component of gravitational field possessing identical
orientation (convergence) in space-time continuum
appears as well.
Professor H. Tokugawa (Tokyo University) was
the first one to suppose that spin of particle characterizing
rotation on its axis is corresponded by a specific
physical field further known as “quantum field
of entropy” or “torsional field”.
S. Torn and E. Walton tried to detect the field
conditioned by spin interaction empirically. Availability
of such field would be a “guarantor” of preservation
of moment of motion quantity just as gravitational
field existing in the outskirts of any system
of bodies is unambiguously connected with preserved
mass of the system.
According to Geizenberg principle of uncertainty
it is impossible to determine exact values of
coordinate and impulse of a quantum object. Zero
value of negative entropy of vacuum is “prohibited”
by the principle of uncertainty, as in this case coordinate
and momentum vector of the object are known
simultaneously. Number of freedom degrees in vacuum
is infinite; therefore a value of fluctuation of
density of vacuum entropy can be infinite as well. So,
states, in which vacuum has extremely high level of
organization, determined by van Hoven as “an analogue
of superconsciousness or similar states” can
take place.
General theory of relativity of Albert Einstein
connected gravitational fields with distortion of
four-dimensional space-time. Basing on principle
of convergence of gravitation and entropy Professor
van Hoven created a mathematical model of quantum
field of entropy representing a quasi-field generated
by caused deformation of space-time.
Van Hoven managed to surpass interdisciplinary
barrier and to connect mechanics of Newton, Einstein
and Plank, electrodynamics of Maxwell and
thermodynamics with fundamental quantum-entropic
characteristics of vacuum.
Theodore van Hoven set up a hypothesis initiating
the true revolution in natural science. The sense
of the hypothesis lies in the following. A magnitude of
loss of system organization of a material system interrelated
with electromagnetic radiation can not take
on arbitrary or zero values. Density of entropy field of
elementary systems must be equal to an integer divisible
by certain quantity of energy of the system.
Thus, van Hoven determined interaction between
degree of system destruction and maximum
quantity of energy able to be radiated or absorbed by
the system.
Each material system has selective interaction
with electromagnetic radiation of certain wavelength,
which energy of quanta is adequate to energy
of destruction of the connection (entropic potential)
of main components of the system.
During interaction of components of the system
with quanta of electromagnetic field a value of density
of entropy field of the system changes and this
leads to gravitation-statistical disbalance in external
environment. In its turn alternation of gravitation
field gradient causes alternation of space curvature
(dimensation) that leads to change of value of entropy
of the system, which every component is characterized
by strictly established (quantum) states of
magnitude of entropic field.
Entropic heterogeneity of the medium of the
material system conditioned by electromagnetic and
gravitational fields serves as the source of internal energy
of the system that declares itself in the form of
generation of a terminal field for electrically charged
Thus, information exchange of elementary components
of the system is executed distantly, assoP.
C. Shannon-28-
ciatively and selectively at the expense of quanta of
electromagnetic radiation having energy adequate to
energy of destruction of the connection (entropic potential)
of elementary structure of the system. Static
gravitational and electromagnetic fields lead the system
to mechanical shift and polarization; dynamic
gravitational and electromagnetic fields induce its
entropic potential.
Any material system (mechanical, physicochemical,
biological or social) can only be in such
stationary states, in which energy of internal connection
of components exceeds energetic background of
entropic fields of the ambient environment.
According to postulates of quantum-entropic
logic, any event even in the smallest scale of time,
with seeming continuity happens discretely by means
of changing phase state of the system. Whether value
of the stimulus, i.e. any external influence, exceeds
critical threshold, then the value of entropy of the
system increases in spurts.
Thus, some “terminal” state of the system,
where upon transfer the stimulus of critical threshold
makes a break of internal dominant connections so
terminating existence of the given system as united
functional whole, shall exist. From the positions of
quantum mechanics, true break – a final result of infinitely
small change – is unobservable in principle:
one can never say with confidence that the reason,
indeed, was larger than any finite quantity established
in advance.
Validity of law on conservation of general level of
structural organization of system allowed van Hoven
to explain existence of so called “paranormal events”
from materialistic and natural scientific positions
without using mysterious or religious conceptions.
Thus, various paranormal phenomena (with the attraction
of basic principles of the theory of quantum
entropic logic) can be successfully brought to a narrow
circle of physical events available for natural scientific
studying. With the help of the theory of entropic
logic such paranormal events as clairvoyance,
telepathy and adjacent thereto practically important
trend of rod detection (radiesthesia) can be easily explained.
Theory of quantum entropic logic admits principal
probability of prediction of forthcoming events
under absence of any initial information (nonlinear
forecasting). From the point of view of ordinary trivial
logic the future does not exist, and predictions of
forthcoming events are similar to invasion of absurd
to sacred bounds of common sense.
There is an Abrahamson theorem on inherent
inevitable uncertainty of phase states in the theory
of entropic logic. The theorem proves impossibility
to characterize a moment of breach of internal connections
upon excess of critical value by the stimulus
by unified time scale. At the moment of breach all
phase states come to a single center existing beyond
the time. Such state of the system corresponding to
the phase of terminal breach can be naturally called a
“time focus”. In the time focus all phase states merge
and entropy density of the system tends to infinity.
Thus, the system being at the terminal stage can be
concurrently registered in any other phase of its existence.
Reliability of the forecast of the system’s
state will be proportional to its entropic potential in
the given time phase.
Registration of extreme values of entropic potential
on the time scale allows determining conditions
of stable existence of any material system (object).
The theorem of uncertainty of phase states allows
predicting with some likelihood appearance of
unsteady metastable states, in which probability of
destruction of the system increases significantly.
Experimental confirmation of the principle of
uncertainty of phase states had been being provided
by G. Sheppard (Stanford University) in controlled
laboratory environment during tests on prediction of
future events formed by random number generator.
High level of correlation between parameters
characterizing speed of densifying entropic field of
metastable system and forecast reliability is discovered.
Metatable system can be imagined as a family of
elements, in each of which gradual increase of density
of entropy that leads the system to unsteady critical
state (nonlinearity, plurality of states, chain and
avalanche processes appear) takes place. Metastable
systems show high sensitivity to extremely weak external
influences upon sufficiently great number of
active elements (N). The larger N value, the weaker
influence, which can lead the system to the terminal
state. Fluctuation of density of entropy of metastable
system is accompanied by generation of flicker effect
that is characterized by increase of signal power in
unit frequency interval upon underfrequency. The
simplest physical elements generating flicker effect
will be corresponded by defects of internal structure,
namely: tectonic fractures in geological structures,
defects of crystal lattice of semi-conducting elements
or impurity centers in biological substrates.
By invitation of the National Aeronautics and
Space Administration (NASA) and the Pentagon
Theodore van Hoven headed the program on creation
of electronic devices for purposeful alternation
of the state of consciousness and obtaining reproducible
psychophysical effects of contactless obtaining
information from distant (hidden) objects.
The most of experiments was performed within
the precincts of International Stanford Research In-Physical basics of informational interaction
stitute (SRI) – the major laboratory studying paranormal
effects. Experiments resulted in creation of
equipment functioning on the basis of the principle
of multiplication of initiating signal upon decomposition
of metastable states. Later on this equipment,
as well as analogous designs, was called as “brain
machines” (metatrons). From the physical point of
view, “brain machines” are a system of electronic
oscillators resonating at the wave-length of electromagnetic
radiation, which energy is adequate to
destruction energy (entropic potential) of dominant
connections maintaining structural organization of
the system researched.
The theory of quantum entropic logic of Theodore
van Hoven allows to answer primeval philosophic
question – why is the world around us so imperfect,
why do accidents, disasters, catastrophes and
wars occur, what is good and evil – from the physical
In spite of variety of accidents, catastrophes and
disasters they have single general mechanics – autooscillation
processes of density of fields of entropy
of vacuum related to alternation of gradient of gravitational
and electromagnetic fields. At the certain
moment corresponding to the terminal phase critical
level of stable existence of the system in the given stationary
state is being exceeded and this fact leads to
increase of destructive processes, decrease of organizational
level, and as a result – to full destruction of
the system.
Formation and evolution of substance is an organic
consequence of formation of quantum fields of
entropy that regulate all physical processes. Processes
of vital functions, including higher nervous activity
of the human, are no exception.
Periods of high tension of terminal fields in respect
of biological and social objects can appear in
the form of weakening of adaptation systems of living
organisms, asthenization, delinquent behavior
and inadequate sexual reactions, growth of sickness
and death rate, epidemics, mass psychoses, increase
in crime, economic and social crises, armed conflicts
and wars.
But these are periods of high “information induction”,
the time, when genii are born and epochal discoveries
in science and technology are made as well.
A natural disaster (“The Last Day of Pompeii” by Karl Briullov)-30-
As any material object interchanging information
with ambient environment the human generates an
entropic field in wide range of frequencies and energies.
A biological system with high field tension is able
to destabilize ambient physical bodies by its radiation.
Thus, the organism with huge entropic potential literally
decreases durability of all ambient items (architectural
constructions and mechanisms) and oppresses
vital functions of other biological structures.
A lot of minor troubles that start chasing us and,
as a rule, no more than annoy us (mudded dress, broken
heel, breakages of household equipment or car,
petty losses or even theft) can be evidences of entering
into the preterminal phase and serve as indicator of
more stern events.
Thus, there is no evil will of the fate in occurrence
of a tragic situation; just periods of high tension
of entropic fields caused by objective physical processes
in the external environment take place.
The theory of entropic logic by Prof. Theodore
van Hoven points to the true reason of any events
hidden from us. A person armed with knowledge of
basic provisions of this discipline and having necessary
equipment that allows him to know a program
of interlacing of high and low potentials of terminal
fields (run of good and bad luck) of any person, social
or other material structures with the regard for their
mutual influence, is able to control and manage any
events in his own interests.


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