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Physical basics of informational interaction
The work you are holding in your hands now is
somehow epochal. It is itching to seal the cover with the
stamp of «XXI century». Of course, main facts set forth
therein were known much earlier. But they were scattered
in hundreds and thousands of inaccessible publications,
but above all their combinatorics, interpretation
and understanding looked differently and added up to a
tough as Procrustean bed alternative of “either – or”, of
course, in favor of scientific approach and to the prejudice
of naïve and old-fashioned popular illusions.
Nowadays, when mankind has stepped with one leg
into the information age, its previous views on the world
and itself therein are undergoing serious correction exceeding
all previous intellectual revolutions in the scopes
and consequences.
A phantom longing for recent perception of the customary
and comfortable as worn-in shoes visual environment,
genome decoding unwittingly reminding atomism
of Democritus can not hide the fact that psychology
of virtual realities, logic of nonlinear processes, philosophy
of unstable states, hybrid structures and composite
scientific disciplines are currently getting out to the field
of knowledge. Active formation of natural and related
thereto abstract sciences is taking place as a new philosophy
of invisible.
The things that seemed to dissipate upon approaching
to the “scalpel” of impartial scientific arguments unexpectedly
start merging therewith creating a detonating
mixture of new consciousness and information civilization.

We have to do V. Nesterov’s creative impudence
due honors as his uncommon work is in the course of
growing tendencies.
The author of this fascinating work can be reasonably
referred to representatives of so called deviant science
– deviating from conventional orthodox criteria and
views. Seemingly conflicting with established conceptions
this area of science in general plays quite positive role.
It not only reveals shortages of existing theoretical models
but offers its own conceptions and cognitive strategies.
The «Russian school» is always notable for such a scientific
dissidence. The gone XX century was no exception.
Just let me mention names of such thinkers as K.E. Tsyolkovsky
(“Space philosophy”) A.L. Tchizhevsky (heliobiology
and influence of the Sun on historical processes),
D.L. Andreev (metahistory), L.N.Gumilev (theory of
passionarity) to make it sure…
It can be said for sure that as many modern Russian
scientists studying connections between natural and human
things Vladimir Nesterov keeps on this tradition…
Practically all work is devoted to phenomena not
being explained yet by the classic science. Having wide
mental set and desirable erudition the author tries to fill
such a gap. Upon offering a hypothesis the scientist fearlessly
and, to my mind, quite correctly uses knowledge
from different areas: cosmology and philosophy, psychology
and crystallography, cybernetics and genetics.
In order to corroborate his positions the author quite
often applies to the latest scientific theories and hypotheses
being outside of established scientific paradigm and not
as new priority in modern
V. Nesterov-12-
universally recognized. Nevertheless, such an approach
seems to be quite reasonable even by availability of serious
theoretical substantiations and experimental confirmations.
Vladimir Nesterov is one of the scientists for whom
the world is not limited by visual reality. But at the same
time regardless to numerous temptations the author takes
sufficiently weighted stand. A «razor blade» he is neatly
balancing on lies between two everlasting extremes –
ancient empirical experience quite often bungled in psychological
clothes of mysticism and esoterics, from the
one hand, and the science as specialized kind of human
activity, from the other hand.
The history of scientific cognition is a field of daring
suggestions and their permanent retractions. Opening
new horizons of science before readers the author
insensibly involves them into co-work and co-cognition
as well as induces them to revision of established views
not only on the problem of the human but his place in
the universe as well. Psychological effect of this work is
intensified by the fact that during narration the author
continually touches serious problems of world view nature.
This is very actually nowadays when mankind is
challenged by the problem of survival in many respects
related to the insistent need of urgent development of a
new paradigm of existence, consciousness and activity.
Nesterov successfully combines carefulness of a scientist
with respect to readers and understanding of their
interests. This fact does not scare readers away by scientific
and especially pseudo-scientific terminology. The
present work is not bureaucratic philosophizing but vivid
and distinct statement of own sometimes unexpected
views. Precise putting questions and originality of consciousness
perfectly combines with the author’s ability to
narrate about complex things intelligibly and clearly.
Academician A.N. Berestov
More and more scientists are inclined to the thought
that our world is not only material objects and that there
is another layer of reality – a certain global information
field of the Universe, i.e. something like space library
in which enormous volumes of information are stored.
Ancient Hindus called these areas of delicate world as
Akashi chronicles and modern scientists as energoinformation
field or semantic field of the Universe…And an
area in which human thoughts, ideas, historical and personal
events are stored is called noosphere, i.e. the earth
part of the universe knowledge bank.
The cosmic archive contains information on everything:
the past and the present, possible variants of the
future, ideas and creative intentions… As far back as
in April of 1982 academician M.A. Markov told at the
meeting of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR the following:
“information field of the Universe by layers and
structure reminds a matreshka where each layer is hierarchically
connected with much higher layers up to the
absolute and except of information bank is a regulator of
onset of destinies of people and mankind”.
“Nowadays we can speak that so called Semantic
Universe or semantic space co-existing with our temporary
space and, moreover, revealing in it is appearing
before our eyes”.
Professor V.V. Nalimov
“Where from does the consciousness extract huge
volumes of information? It is typical that almost all knowledge
of exact sciences was obtained by intuition rather
than by logical and formal way. This connection was
able to be explained by existence of a certain information
bank which the consciousness is interacting with…The
information bank itself pretends to be a set of independent
stable objects of phantom type that nevertheless are
not created by individual consciousness but is reflection
of universal ideas existing as if outside of time and space.
And the brain pretends to be peculiar biocomputer…There
is every reason to believe that new knowledge appears as
a product of interaction of consciousness with the environment,
a certain information field. And such interaction is
psychophysical one by its nature”.
Academician А.Е. Akimov
Scientists believe that there are certain channels and
passages between our physical world and the world of
ideas allowing moving both ways. So, we can get in
that world and pick up some information.
Thus, a famous physician David Bome that
had been cooperating with Einstein for many years
thinks that our world (the one we know) is merely an
aspect of reality, its evident or comprehensive order.
And its generating matrix is the hidden order, i.e. the
sphere concealed from us, in which time and order
are rolled up.
As we have no concept of time in “those” worlds,
so we have no speed concept there as well. Thus,
transfer of information takes place under laws other
than ones of our physical world, i.e. instantly. Probability
thereof was proved by English scientists from the Physical basics of informational interaction
Royal Research Institute “Signals and radar”. They
designed a special device that allowed them to prove
instant transfer of information.
It seems unbelievable because from the schooltime
the most comfortable concept of time sits in
our consciousness. It can be well illustrated by habitual
graphs where a direct arrow (flow) of time is
always directed rightwards, i.e. from the past to the
future and time itself is linear as a bridge or a board
thrown across the precipice: one wrong move and you
are dead. It is obvious to pupils, but not to scientists.
Nowadays they are increasingly inclined to other
There are even the most uncommon hypotheses.
Some scientists suppose that a set of worlds equal by
their history but shifted in time relative to each other
can exist simultaneously. Then it is enough to look
into the required parallel world in order to get in the
future (or the past). Others set up a hypothesis on
availability of two counter-current flows of time. The
first flow – coming from the past to the future and
more intensive – we take it as our own. Scientists explain
many chronoanomalies by interaction of these
flows. Whether counter-current flows by any reason
get balanced, then real bodies as if fall out of time
and can even disappear from our reality. Whether the
counter-current flow suddenly excess our own one,
then it is possible to find ourselves in other time…
Professor of the Pulkovo observatory N.A. Kozyrev
(1908—1983) developed its own conception of time.
Not going into details let us make a note of the most
important for us – conclusion of the scientist: «The future
already exists; therefore it is not surprising that we
can observe it right now».
This idea said by the scientist’s mouth is stunning.
But the most interesting that Kozyrev has
experimentally proved its hypothesis. By pointing
closed (!) by the cover telescope objective at one or
other star the astrophysicist learnt out to “catch”
and measure so called “flows of time” coming from
them not only from the place where the star is visible
(it is long ago in some other place because it moved
meanwhile the light came to us), but as well as from
the place of its present and even future position (!) —
from a place where it will come, for example, in
some thousand years. For purity of the experiment
the telescope was also pointed at the place where by
accounts the star shall be never. In this case there was
no flow of time. So the conclusion is single: nowadays
information comes both from the past as well as
form the future.
The same was proved by American scientists
G. Puthoff and R. Targ but in absolutely different
way. Making an experiment on telepathic transfer of
visual images for long distances they unmatched actions
of the inductor (transmitter) and the percipient
(receiver) by time without informing them. Result?
By words of the researchers, the percipient received
telepathic images with 80% coincidence… an hour
before they were oscillated by the inductor.
Research of such demonstrations of human perception
which at first sight present a sort of ability
called by us as foresight has been being performed
in the electronics and bioengineering laboratory of
Stanford Research Institute for already three last
years. The phenomenon lies in ability of some people
to receive information form the sources inaccessible
for common perception and considered as protected
from such access as well as to describe such sources
thanks to some mental processes.
More than 50 experiments were performed in
controlled laboratory environment with people whose
ability to perceive information from distant objects is
developed so that sometimes it allows to describe in
details topographic and engineering objects – buildings,
roads, laboratory equipment etc.
During laboratory experiments it was established
that the main phenomenon, obviously, embraces
a complex of subjective states that depending
on character of literature are called as “autoscopy”
(medicine literature), “exteriorization” and “disassociation”
(psychology literature), “clairvoyance”,
“movable clairvoyance” and “off-material experience”
(parapsychological literature), and finally “astral
foreknowledge” (occult literature).
(Puthoff G.E., Targ R. Perceptive channel of
distant transfer of information. History of the matter
and the latest researches // TIIER (Works of the Institute
of electronics and radioengineers).USA. 1976.
No.3.Vol. 64)
N.A. Kozyrev-14-
The work conducted by R. Targ in Stanford Research
Institute showed that it was possible to train in
foresight i.e. ability to predict the future within some
terms (seconds, minutes and so on).
(American magazine “Electronics”, 1974. No.3)
The same effect was registered by academician of
the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences V.P. Kaznacheev
in Novosibirsk during international experiments
on distant interactions. Images of the items
were received at a distance of thousands of kilometers
long before being arbitrary chosen and oscillated.
In any event thoughts and experiments lead different
scientists to the same important conclusion:
data on future events can be read long before these
Does it mean that mankind and each of us are
prevailed by inevitable fate?
No. Today the most of scientists engaging in this
problem are inclined to the idea that the future is a
serpentine road with a lot of forks rather than a direct
highway. And a lot of roads and paths come out of the
forks, i.e. the future has a lot of variants.
That is why delicate worlds of the “space library”
are seldom called by the scientists as virtual
ones. They use this word not in usual to us meaning
– “seeming, unreal, unsubstantial” (as in virtual
computer world), but in its initial sense. After
all, “virtual” in literal translation from Latin means
“possible”, i.e. able to appear under certain conditions.
This means that there is a certain project of
the future in the energoinformation field containing
different variants of developing of situations including
those ones that will never occur. In this sense our
physical world is a part of the Universe, its sphere
where realization of variants takes (or does not take)
place. Whether it is right, then it is obvious that a
person somehow is a real master of his destiny and we
are free to choose our way of life.
It can be said that a destiny of each of us is like
a branchy tree. In a sense, we are similar to ladybirds
that crawl higher and higher in order to finally fly up
to the sky from the highest point. Not returning but
only periodically looking back at the traversed path,
we move forward by tree of destiny to our last start.
But how can we choose the best way? How can we do
it, if we have not the most important thing, i.e. “map
of life”? How not to be tempted at the fork by alluring
but hopeless side branch?
We make plans and accounts, consider and think
over, seemingly, to the smallest detail… But life very
often gives us surprises shattering our plans and magnificent
projects. The mind is not able to foresee all
steep turnings and risks prepared for us by the future.
It is beyond our abilities.
Is there any opportunity to look into the future
Conventional division of the world to the material
and the inner ones is conditional. This is united
world similar to Moebius loop, which opposite sides
is united surface in fact. The world of physical objects
(«commodity world») and the perception world
(«world of ideas ») is a single whole in fact.
The human is a competent resident of both the
worlds. In principle, he shall perceive the world in its
fullness. Perhaps, it was peculiar to our ancestors. But
at a certain phase the human had to focus on physical
(material) objects of the United World. Trying
to enjoy fruits of the «tree of cognition», to cognize
these physical objects the human industriously developed
his rational mind. The logic got stronger, the
«ratio» filled increasingly large place in the human
consciousness gradually suppressing initially laid in
abilities of other (out-logic, irrational) perception
of the world. We have enjoyed fruits of the tree of
logic cognition. They turned out to be bitter. We got
stuck in the physical world and ability to sink into
the Ocean of the universe cognition had been gradually
weakening and fading… but, fortunately, did not
disappear at all. Sometimes each of us inadvertently
looks into the stock of universe depository, although
even not guessing it. Being readers of the “space library”
as usual we unknowingly use it. And then we
speak on intuition and strikening, wonder at presentiments
and prophetic dreams…
Nowadays it is established for sure that in certain
situations – as a result of meditation, extreme mental,
physical or emotional pressure – the person in fact
falls into some strange state. Immobilized he, as if, gets
away from the external world and does not perceive the
environment anymore: does not react to sounds, light,
motion and speech… but this is not a dream, faint or
loss of consciousness. The consciousness does not
leave the person this time, it continues to work actively,
but in some other than usual mode. It seems that in
these so called altered states of consciousness (ASC) the
very special type of perception comes to the person. Inconceivably
the person obtains access to information
(often absolutely reliable one) that was not able to be
perceived by sense bodies anyway.
A special international organization of psychologists
– Transpersonal Institute – is established for
studying ASC; ASC are studied in Stanford University
(USA, California), psychology department of Connecticut
University (USA); Oxford and Cambridge
Universities (Great Britain), West England University
(Bristol), Institute of the Human Brain of the Russian
Academy of Science (Saint-Petersburg), Institute of
applied psychophysics (Omsk) and many other scientific
centers.Physical basics of informational interaction
Nowadays scientists use different methods of
evoking ASC in laboratory environment, namely:
hypnosis, specially organized meditation, hyperventilation
of lungs (so called holotropic respiration),
sensorial isolation, as well as application of special
devices controlling brainwaves with the help of different
acoustic and optical signals.
Since 1988 Т. van Hoven – the scientist known
for creation of physical theory of psy-interactions –
has been headed the program on development of electronic
devices for purposeful alternation of the state
of consciousness and getting reproducible psychophysical
effects of contactless obtaining information
from distant (hidden) physical objects by invitation
of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
(NASA) and the Pentagon.
The vast majority of experiments were performed
within the precincts of Stanford International research
Institute – the main laboratory studying paranormal
effects. The experiments resulted in creation
of the equipment functioning on the basis of principle
of initiation signal multiplication upon break-up
of metastable states. Later on this equipment as well
as other similar designs was given common name for
the whole group of devices – “brain machines” (metatrons).

Virtually at the same time such equipment was
developed in the Soviet Union by academician Svyatoslav
Nesterov regardless to work of van Hoven.
In the altered state of consciousness a person
obtains unique ability to overpass conventional course
of time. He can be carried away to the distant past,
sometimes even to the time that he has never read
about, seen in the cinema or has no idea of. It is interesting
that sometimes the person gets such data
from his “traveling” that afterwards find its confirmation.

In the ASC a person is able to experience not
only the present and the past but the future as well.
And events he involved in can appear before him in
uncommon way: they can turn to reverse direction or
coexist simultaneously. Sometimes the person experiences
years of life for just some minutes in all details.
Sometimes the time stops.
Not only the time but the space as well is perceived
absolutely uncommonly. Distance ceases to be
an obstacle and a person can be carried in any part of
the Earth.
Virtually all people that have experienced such
moments unanimously claim that they had touched
the reality in comparison with which the reality of
common life is a dream or illusion. Academician of
the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences V.P. Kaznacheev
believes that “objective basis of such states
relates to dipping into the field space reality, in which
dimensions thereof lying outside the frameworks of the
common world can be slightly opened”.
But how a person can get in this multidimensional
space reality? Many scientists are trying to
solve this problem. And virtually all of them are inclined
to the idea that in altered state of consciousness
a person is dipping into the depths of his own
But this is a paradox! How can we surpass the
frameworks of the common world by dipping into
ourselves? In fact there is some clear contradiction.
But it can be easily solved, if we remember changes
of the scientists’ conception of consciousness in the
XX century.
If earlier the consciousness was considered,
roughly speaking, as logical thinking, then nowadays
this concept includes all levels of so called unconscious
mind. This is also the subconsciousness that is
in charge of protective mechanisms, biochemistry
T. Van Hoven
V.P. Kaznacheev-16-
processes in organism, reflexes, instincts… – all that
assist the human in survival as biological species.
This is also the overconsciousness providing self-actualization
of personality and development of the supreme
Ego. This is also the superconsciousness that
allows activating latent reserves of brain in order to
connect to some “transcendental truths”.
Starting from Freud there is a firm conviction
among psychologists that unconscious mind regulates
human behavior not in lesser but, perhaps, greater
extent than the intellect. Frankly speaking, in usual
state our unconscious mind insensibly functions as if
in the background, backstage.
We don’t think over how to take just another
breath, at all. Not realizing the fact we screw up our
eyes upon flash of light. Without noticing we change
our pose and facial expression. We don’t understand
why we suddenly want to eat something particular,
but bluntly refuse to eat something much tastier. At
this moment our organism is under control of our
The overconsciousness appears even less distinctly.
If we perceive its work, then in a way of vague desires
only. Sometimes they are strong but always unclear.
We don’t notice that our legs carry us by well-known
way while we think over absolutely other problems…
We don’t understand exactly why we eager to make
something but hate some other. Why we are ready to
sacrifice our lives to one goal, but will not lift a finger
for another one. Why we fall in love with somebody
at first sight, but feel instant aversion to other person
without any obvious reasons. All these stereotypes,
passions and predilections are nothing but a program
of development of our Ego in the overconsciousness.
Meanwhile we practically don’t feel action of the
superconsciousness. In usual state the receiver of our
consciousness works in rather narrow band: it “catches”»
and processes information from our physical
world only. Rational and active awake consciousness
has to constantly response to dynamic environment,
solve arising problems. Such external hindrances surpass
and deaden voice of superconsciousness low by
itself. Our mind is able to catch nothing lying outside
the frameworks of our common world. But sometimes
moments when all practical problems of our life, everyday
troubles and needs step back and leave somewhere
to the background occur. It can occur when
a person is entirely devoured by a single thing: accomplishing
a creative task, contemplation of the
beauty be it majestic view of the starry sky, marine
distance, mountain landscapes or something quite
insignificant – a flower, dew on the cobweb etc… But
more often is takes place when a person experiences
so called “psychomental crisis”, i.e. when he stands
on the verge of ruin because of serious illness, strong
stress or physical overload… At these rare moments
when all mundane things become uninteresting and
unimportant, the main hero of the play, i.e. highly
experienced and wise superconsciousness, comes to
the scene.
If to think over this word, it becomes clear that
the superconsciousness belongs not to the human
only but to something much higher else. Being a part
of individual consciousness the superconsciousness
spreads much beyond its borders to unlimited Space.
As a matter of fact, the superconsciousness is the very
“channel” connecting the human with the “space
archives”. When the channel is open, the borders of
individual consciousness in ASC diffuse. It is difficult
to say what happens in particular: whether individual
consciousness gets in the consciousness of the Universe
or otherwise the consciousness of the Universe
flows in the human consciousness. Or, perhaps, two
flows simultaneously rush towards penetrating each
other. Anyway a consciousness of the space extension
occurs to a person at this moment. It can be said that
thanks to the superconsciousness “the consciousness
of each person includes the Semantic Universe
in all its infinity” as a splinter of the hologram contains
its whole image. That’s why in the altered state
of consciousness when the superconsciousness starts
to speak at the top of its voice, deep discernment and
unusual revelations “much exceeding our educational
and intellectual grounding” occurs to us.
In common, so called weakening state of our
consciousness we perceive basing, mainly, on logic.
We observe, analyze, compare with something already
known to us, classify… Then we make up a general
conception, i.e. build some construction. Unfortunately,
the construction prepared by us may not uncover
the essence of the thing we‘d like to understand.
So not for nothing the science continually returns to
already known, refuting the previous knowledge as
false or incomplete one. Apparently, logic as by all
means a powerful tool of perception is not almighty.
In the ASC «the intellect is not being injured».
Its activity differs from the usual one simply. What
is going on with our logical mind in this uncommon
The most popular idea is that it simply disconnects
and stops working. It is difficult to agree with.
Observations and experiments with different people
obviously prove that in altered states of consciousness
a person can both observe and memorize and is able
to analyze and think over perceived things.
Undoubtedly, logic mind does not fail a person
in the special state of consciousness. His mind does
not disconnect, but transfers to another operating
mode with new abilities of perception. Whether in
common state our logic mind (intellect) is involved Physical basics of informational interaction
in processing information provided by sense bodies
from the physical world around us, then in the ASC
area of its interests is significantly widening. At these
moments «the receiver of mind» widens its band and
thanks to the effect of unity starts perceiving and decoding
data that was not able to get before. Probably,
it can be stated that exactly in the ASC our mind is
able to “get in the true essence of things”.
There is a reason why knowledge obtained by a
person is the ASC is not expressible. This reason is
symbolicalness of information pouncing upon the person.
A symbol is not monosemantic but has several
levels of meaning, and thus, has a great number of
decoding variants. It is possible to assume that these
symbolicalness and multichoice are peculiar to not
only such visions but also to the Universal Knowledge
in general. Thanks to such wonderful kind this
Knowledge can be perceived at any level of infinite
space hierarchy. But as a sense rather than a speech.
Each person is able to understand and interpret this
sense as well. But it is extremely difficult to communicate
it. One scientist, a friend of mine, told me on
this problem as follows: “I’ve got it instantly but it took
me two years to translate it into the scientific language
understandable to my colleagues”.
That’s why those, who try to transfer knowledge
obtained in the ASC, have to use diffused expressions,
metaphors and allegories that can not be interpreted
unambiguously. As a result the audience is given an
impression that the person can not understand what
he is speaking by itself. They think “talks nonsense”,
“not in his right mind”, ‘he is crazy”… while listening
to such speaker.
Just a few people have experienced such contacts
with the “other”, so people treat all kinds of contactors
distrustfully and skeptically, sometimes considering
them as mentally diseased persons. Meanwhile
modern science does not consider such transpersonal
states as something abnormal or pathological any
Thus, the famous researcher of the ASC J. Kornfield
thinks that these states being directly connected
with meditation shall not be referred to psychopathology.
He wrote: “This experience points to rather
normal alternation of perception occurring in consciousness
of mainly healthy people”.
Generally speaking, the ASC is not so rear event.
According to scientists, eight out of ten people are
open to such states. Some people automatically go to
this state routinely several times per day.
Most often such spontaneous breakthroughs of
consciousness occur to «delicate natures»: poets,
painters, musicians etc… Makers of art realize them
as an inspiration. At these «blessed moments» ideas,
images and words come without any efforts, by themselves,
as if coming from some mysterious spring.
So in one of his letters Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(1756—1791) frankly confessed that at the inspiration
moments he did not have to compose, but only
had to simply put down ready compositions.
However, such states are peculiar not to the Muses
servants only. A lot of scientific ideas were obtained
in such a way as well. Discernments of Rene Decart
and Thomas Edisson, Dmitry Mendeleev (periodic
table) and many other great people are the best confirmation
thereto. So, psychologist J. Adamar while
studying creative process of mathematicians noted
that mathematician discoveries are made in a form
of strikes where no words but mathematician symbols
only. Only then when everything is clear a scientist
translated the new knowledge into usual sign system.
It shall be admitted that the special state of consciousness,
when the symbolical Universe gets in the
brain, usually does not come suddenly. As a rule, it
is preceded by invisible but very intensive intellectual
work. At some moment the brain tired by long
search does not endure huge tension and dips in “a
rest”. Than “the ratio” is being suddenly substituted
by a strike, i.e. in essence symbolical answer received
from the universe “bank of senses”.
Perhaps, some other person having seen this
symbol would understand nothing. But trained brain
of the searcher will suddenly give an ecstatic start:
“Eureka!”. And then frantic round dance of monkeys
will transform into benzene formula as it was
in 1865 with the famous German chemist Frederic
Kekule (1829—1896), or a strange energy vortex will
transform into the quantum structure of the atom
(Niels Bohr, 1885—1962). Somebody as Mozart or
Alfred Schnitke will suddenly hear a wonderful music
that shall be skillfully translated into notation. And
somebody has no choice but to write down a poem or
sketch a scheme of an unusual device.
Nowadays psychologists agree that creative work
is not possible without such breakthroughs of consciousness
at all. Of course, nobody will deny that rational
thinking plays a great role in creative process.
But a computer «thinks» as well. Nevertheless, it is
powerless in the true creative work. Whether it creates,
then in the frameworks and under laws established
by the human only. Only the human is able to
surpass established things and only in the special state
of spirit. Not by chance there is assumption now that
“the future evolution of the human as biological species
will in many respects result in intensive development of
his altered states of consciousness, perhaps, deliberate
and planned” (Doctor of Medicine L.I. Spivak).
It is far long marked that moonlight has some
mysterious power and influences on all living beings
in a strange way. Not for nothing there is a lot of folk -18-
omens and superstitions related to the Moon, e.g. “a
person born in a new moon period will be enduring
and long-lived”, “corned beef shall be stored up until
new moon period”, “fish biting is the best in a young
moon period» etc. The moon calendar was also followed
in old times. For example, people tried to sow
closer to the new moon period, they say, that in this
case fair yield is able. Niceties were known as well:
the flax is better to sow before a new moon period,
and the spring wheat and rye – in the very new moon
period. At the same time people gathered medicinal
herbs as it was noted that they were stronger in that
period. Timber was also chopped this time because
timber chopped soon after the full moon period will
decay faster: “to cut grass, timber and brushwood in
a full moon is the same as to spoil: it will decay or
worms will gnaw it away”…
These regularities have been being observed by
people for already thousands years, and the science
knows them as well. But there is no comfortable explanation
to the fact still. Life cycles of herbs can be
somehow related to the moon gravitation (“ebbs”
and “flows” of water in stalks and leaves). But other
regularities are much harder to explain. For example,
the one that well known to experienced infectiologists:
diseases caused by bacteria become more intensive
in a full moon period, and viral infections – in a
new moon period.
Nowadays there is no doubt that activity of living
beings evidently depends on phases of the Moon. In a
full moon phase reptiles, animals and birds, especially
nocturnal ones, become more excitable. It is for
sure established that periods of intensive reproduction
of many living-beings (worms, sea-urchins etc.)
are dependent on certain phases of the Moon.
The Moon does not disregard the human as well.
Thus, many diseases, namely: rheumatism and nervous
pains, sciatica and migraine, become more intensive
in a full moon period. Infants become more
restless and loud. According to observations of specialists,
women become more sensual and they stand
a better chance to become pregnant in this phase of
Moon. The full Moon also influences on mentality.
Indeed, nowadays scientists ascertain that epileptic
seizures, schizophrenia, maniacal depression and
paranoia become more intensive with patients in a
full moon phase. Even such nervous disease as stammering
is aggravated. Healthy people suffer as well.
Their mentality become more unstable and people
become more irritable and absent-minded. According
to statistics, number of accidents and incidents
related to human mistakes and carelessness increases
in the active phases of the Moon, especially in full
moon periods.
At the same time human aggressiveness rises
sharply and number of crimes increases. According
to statistics of the police department of Philadelphia
(USA), “people whose antisocial behavior has psychical
background like incendiaries, kleptomaniacs, alcoholics
and suicides are active upon ascending Moon
and calm down upon descending one”.
Analysis of historical events since the 18th century
shows that most demonstrations of mass activity
(rebellions, strikes, murders, impingements etc.) fall
at periods of new and full moons.
It is well known that moonlight can specifically
influence on the human mentality, i.e. it assists in
dipping into the altered state of consciousness (ASC).
As far as in the 19th century scientists revealed an
interesting coincidence: it turned out that polarized
light has an effect on living-beings analogous with the
moon one. In order to make further thoughts clear
I’ll try to explain the polarized light on a simple pattern
(May technicians forgive me for so informal expounding
of this the most sophisticated subject).
As everybody knows, the light is electromagnetic
waves, i.e. it has two components: electrical (Е) and
magnetic (Н) fields. Field vectors of these fields are always
perpendicular to the light traveling direction and
to each other too. So it turns out to be such a combination
of three perpendiculars as coordinate axis.
Natural sunlight, from the point of view of its
polarization, can be compared with a kitchen wire
brush for washing of bottles: its Е vector, for example,
chaotically bristles extensively in different places.
But it is possible to make this brush flat. In order
to this we just have to make natural («brush») light
Full moon reflected from some dielectric (glass, water surface Physical basics of informational interaction
etc.). In this case the brush as if become flat from the
blow. It is possible to put a filter letting oscillations as
if through a slot in one plane only. The best of such
filters are clear crystals of, for example, transparent
quartz (rock crystal) or Iceland spar without mixture.
In any case the brush will change from the cylindrical
to the flat one: Е and Н vectors are coming right
and lining up each in its appropriate (single) plane.
In other words, the light becomes polarized. It shall
be added that not only visible light but invisible rays
from radio-waves up to gamma rays as well have a
property of polarization (perhaps, «delicate» radiations
of higher bands too).
And here we come to the main thing: laboratory
researches proved that polarized light like the moon
one influences on activity of comma and typhus bacilli,
germination of seeds and behavior of animals. It
is very interesting coincidence, but is it accidental?
Most likely it is not. After all, moonlight is the polarized
one as well! To put it more precisely, the sunlight
reflected from the moon surface becomes polarized.
One of the first, who emphasized importance of
these coincidences, was Russian scientist Alexander
Leonidovich Chizhevsky (1897—1964) who in the
thirties of the 20th century was called «Leonardo Da
Vinci of the 20th century» abroad. He believed that
moonlight even being 600 thousand times weaker
than the sunlight thanks to its polarization “has a
specific impact on organisms”.
Of course, linearly polarized light shall influence
on biological cell and physiology in whole in
other way than the usual one. After all, it is so differs
from the non-polarized one like a flat knife differs
from a round metal bar which it is made of. It is the
same metal and the same weight, but the first one
can cut and the second one cannot. The main thing
here is the form. But an impact of this “knife” on
living-beings (at the DNA level?) can be different:
sometimes positive, sometimes not. It is obvious as
the knife is a neutral weapon. It can be used for surgery
operation in order to save a person or, otherwise,
can be used for murder. The same applies to the
polarized light.
I think that the light with elliptic and circular
polarization shall have more specific influence.
After all, it is more similar to corkscrew or a drill
rather than a knife. Therefore, it can “screw into” or
“pierce” the most reliable protection. Besides, such a
“corkscrew” can be with right or left-handed thread
(right and left-polarized light), then, its influence on
physiology can be extremely different. For example,
it can activate or, otherwise, depress vital functions of
biological cells.
There are all grounds to suppose that impact of
such light “scalpel” or “drill” on biological objects
and DNA can be extremely strong – up to tissue
regeneration. Of course, it will require long experiments
and supercaution. Such a device, if its design
proves to be imperfect, can cause undesirable new
growths, after all…
It is a dead certain, readers have a question: how
does moonlight (polarized) influence on people indoors?
After all, moonlight can not get on them at all.
That’s the right question.
However, statistics is a stubborn thing. It continues
to stand its ground: there is a doubtless connection
between mental state of people and moon phases.
Then, people even isolated from direct moonlight react
on something! But what? What is this “mysterious
all-penetrating agent” connecting such distant from
each other factors: brightness of the Moon and human
mentality? If it is not the moonlight itself, then
what can it be?
We react not on the very moonlight or polarized
light, but on some component thereof depending
on brightness (i.e. quantity of polarized light) of
the Moon. The very mysterious component is able to
penetrate through barriers insuperable for the light.
Discovery of such component will explain many mysterious
events, including reaction of food and vine
being kept in full darkness of deep chilly cellars to
moon phases.
What is this all-penetration component? Perhaps,
physiological and mental effects caused by polarized
and moon light are connected with so called
torsional (spin) fields. These instantly acting and allpenetrating
fields have been being discussed for many
years already. They got their name from the Greek
word meaning rotation. According to researchers,
torsional fields are in all places, where there is such
type of motion, i.e. from an electron to the Galaxy.
Torsional charges conduct themselves unconventionA.L.
ally: regardless of electromagnetism the same charges
gravitate, and the opposite ones – repel.
Of late they start calling the energy of torsional
fields as the fifth fundamental interaction in the nature.
Moreover, the very torsional fields are featured
as universal carriers of consciousness and thinking.
According to the one of large authority in the area
academician Anatoly Evgenyevich Akimov, “Consciousness
and Thinking, as well as the Universal Mind
within the limits are presented in the Physical Vacuum
through a specific physical essence – torsional fields
as spin polarized states of the Physical Vacuum, rather
than abstractedly”.
The academician of the Russian Academy of
Natural Sciences A.E. Akimov speaks on the nature
of torsional fields as follows: “uniform medium, i.e.
the Physical Vacuum, can be in different phase states,
to put it more precisely, polarized states – so called
EGS –states. This medium in the state of charge polarization
behaves as an electromagnetic field (Е). The
same medium in the state of spin longitudinal polarization
acts as a gravitational field (G). Finally, the same
medium in the state of spin transverse polarization acts
as a spin field (S)”.
According to the academician, speed of transmission
of torsional signal significantly (perhaps, billions
times as much) exceeds light speed. “Famous
experiments of N. A. Kozyrev on instant registration
of visible and actual positions of stars in the sky testify
thereto. By the way, he covered the optics by antielectromagnetic
screen, but, nevertheless, a signal from the
star went through still. It means it was a torsional field”.
This very violation of one of fundamental postulates
of relativity theory of Einstein is an apple of
discord among supporters and opponents of reality of
torsional fields. At the same time under support of
the main department of space devices in the midst
1980-es Akimov created first patterns of torsional
equipment. In 1986 the Interindustrial scientific and
technical center of venture technologies “VENT”
lead by Akimov for the first time succeeded in transfer
of binary information with the help of torsional
According to the scientist, torsional fields “are
not shielded by common natural means”. Besides, they
have another unique property – they assist in selforganization
of substance. Experiments on radiation
treatment of slowly getting cold smelt by torsional
fields were evidence thereto. The effect was surprising.
It turned out that under the influence of even
very weak torsional fields some formations – clusters
that while expanding subdue all volume of getting
cold mass to its orientation – appear in the metal.
Suppose so, torsional irradiation is able to influence
not on metal structure only, but on biological
objects as well. Most likely, there are the same serious
changes in a living cell as in the metal upon radiation
by torsional field. Anyway, scientists are conceived
that directed torsional flow influences on a human
organism noticeably. And according to А.Е. Akimov,
“the rightward field makes people fell better and the
leftward one – worse”.
So let us get back to polarized light – we find out
its indisputable likeness with torsional fields. It can
have both right and leftward spin, after all. Basing
on this coincidence we can easily develop and verify
working hypothesis as follows: whether right and leftpolarized
light influences similarly to torsional radiation,
or not?
Evidently, there are a lot of common between
torsional fields and polarized light. Let us add another
one coincidence – the “psychotron” one.
It is well known that polarized light, as the moon
one, influences on human mentality specifically – it
promotes to its dipping into the ASC. Potent extrasensory
individuals and hypnotists have similar impart
on the human: they are able to lead other people
to the trance condition, the ASC in essence, too.
There is a single question arising: whether torsional
fields participate in this process, or not? The answer
seems to be “Yes”. There is an opinion of scientists
on the point: “When we speak that torsional fields are
involved in parapsychological events, we mean firmly
proven fact: fields generated by extrasensory individuals
are the torsional ones. There are some tens of experiments
to prove the point”.
Well-known telepathy researcher professor Sergey
Yakovlevich Turlygin of biophysics laboratory of
the Academy of Science of the USSR in 1942 wrote
in his work devoted to radiation of electromagnetic
waves by a human as follows: “Performed experiments
make us believe in existence of radiation coming out of
A.E. AkimovPhysical basics of informational interaction
human organism… We have to admit that some physical
agent establishing interaction of two organisms actually
exists… Reflections of this agent from mirrors and
diffraction events make us think that this agent is the
electromagnetic radiation, one wave of which lies in the
range of 1.8—2.1 mm”.
Seemingly, the electromagnetic hypothesis has
explained everything. But almost at once different
“but” destroying this well-shaped picture appeared.
It turned out that by some parameters the human radiation
clearly differs from the electromagnetic one.
So, it is scarcely to speak on its purely electromagnetic
nature. In this case metal screens would block
up transfer of thought information entirely, but it is
far from reality.
Existence of this feature of telepathic emissions
was proved by the famous scientist, the founder of
scientific parapsychology in the USSR Leonid Leonidovich
Vasyliev (1892—1966). Alumnus of Petersburg
University he became interested in mysterious effect
of telepathy, when in 1921 he started working in the
Institute of Brain with the famous psychiatrist and
neuropathologist Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev
(1857— 1927). After the death of his supervisor Vasyliev
became the head of the group studying telepathy
in the Institute.
In 1932—1937 researchers lead by Vasyliev designed
a special chamber made of thick tin boards effectively
blocking transmission of electromagnetic waves.
In spite of such strong screening telepathic information
from a human-“inductor” came through the metal
freely and was correctly received by addressees even at
the distance of 1700 km (Leningrad – Sevastopol). On
the basis of obtained results Vasyliev made the following
conclusion on the mysterious factor providing such
telepathic communication: “As common radio-waves, it
acts at long distances but in contrast to radio-waves is not
shielded by metal obstacles”.
In 1958 during experiments with atomic submarine
“Nautilus” American scientists obtained the
same convincing evidences. An operator (percipient)
isolated from the crew was aboard. At a given time he
had to tune mentally on the inductor – a person trying
to transfer him information. There were approximately
two thousand kilometers, water column and
metal case between them. In spite of huge distance
and strong screening the percipient precisely determined
more than 70 percents of images transmitted.
Leading Russian researchers of torsional fields
А.Е. Akimov and G.I. Shipov (International Institute
of theoretical and applied physics) hold the opinion
that main role in data transmission is played by absolutely
independent type of radiation – torsional
(spin) fields accompanying, in particular, electromagnetic
The built model allowed academician Akimov
to set up a hypothesis that for each act of consciousness
there is a distinctive torsional radiation of brain:
“an opportunity to correlate the Consciousness and the
Thinking with their material carrier in the form of torsional
fields has appeared… Available theoretical and
experimental base of torsional fields’ paradigm allows
considering them as the same reality as electromagnetism
and gravitation… The important fundamental fact
is that electromagnetic fields always contain a torsional
component. A torsional field will be observed both in
electrostatic field and electromagnetic radiation… Misunderstanding
of this circumstance often resulted in
unsuccessful efforts to explain events caused by electromagnetic
sources by electromagnetic events”.
Researches, at first glance, seemingly far from
the subject of this story, can shed light on many phenomena
related to the altered states of consciousness.
The topic in question is sensational results obtained
by Moscow scientists Peter Goryachev and
Georgy Tertyshny during their longstanding researches.
It was revealed that DNA molecules, chromosomes
and proteins are able to generate so called
coherent radiation like lasers. By other words, they are
peculiar transmitting biolasers, moreover, with retuning
wave-length. At the same time they act as receiving
antennas. These very amazing DNA features
provide wave interchange with body genetic information,
which substantial part, according to scientists,
is kept in chromosome apparatus in the form of holograms.
This allows each biological cell to find out instantly
what is going on in each part of the organism.
Moreover, it turns out that DNAs are in charge
of receiving external information as well. Thanks
thereto a human organism constantly interacts with
fields of other living-beings, items, and the Earth in
general. Moreover, with the help of these DNA-anUSS
Nautilus tennas it can receive data from the information field. -22-
I think that the main peculiarity is that coherence
of biological cell’s radiation, hence coordination
of their work, rises sharply in the ASC. Scientific
researches prove this hypothesis. It was revealed
that cerebral waves of people being in special states
of consciousness are of increased energy coherence.
Moreover, at these moments synchronization of cerebral
hemispheres, i.e. coordination of their work increases.
Most likely, it is necessary condition for stable
reception of information. Those who wield methods
of entering to the ASC – different extrasensory
individuals and those who can skillfully concentrate
attention for a long time – are the best at this point. I
suppose that an external stimulation can play an important
role in coordination of radiations of all body
cells. For example, it can be external polarized radiations,
in particular, from the Moon. Perhaps, the very
increasing coherence of DNA’s work causes specific
reaction of all living-beings to the moon or polarized
light: it can be hyperactivity of biological cells or exacerbation
of nervous diseases or dipping into special
states of consciousness, in which the human gets information
“from above”.
In ordinary state each biological cell tuned to
a “virtual” wave part of its DNA receives individual
tasks therefrom and following them executes its main
activity: produces certain substances, interchanges
information with “neighbors” etc. In general, lives
its ordinary life. But in spite of the fact that our organism
is an ideal coherent system, as a rule, there is
no ideal coordination (supercoherence) of work of its
cells. (Hence, indispositions, diseases, frustrations
etc….). But let’s consider a person concentrated on
some problem. At once subduing to a higher command
his biological cells transfer to a special working
mode (the stronger and more purposeful the human
will, the more powerful such a command). Though,
some people with phenomenal abilities told me that
concentration and volitional efforts are not the best
methods as they require huge energy consumption.
This is like door breaking with crow-bar instead of
easy rotation of the key. They think that simply “directed
attention”, i.e. ability to temporarily take
away everything unnecessary and minor preventing
our consciousness from goal achievement, is more
effective than volitional concentration. In this case
DNA molecules not being distracted by side effects
automatically retune their antennas to a required
area of information field, receive necessary information
therefrom and memorize it. But in what form?
Most likely, in the same form as genetic information
was received and is being kept, i.e. in the form
of holograms. Thanks to well coordinated set of billions
of DNA molecules “miniholograms” received
by them— extremely weak and hardly perceptible in
the hindrances – are intensified repeatedly and join
to create single superhologram, which can become
completely perceptible. It should be said that the
hologram is not a picture, but is only its cipher image
required to be decoded. This very thing is going on
in our brain. And internal pictures appear after this
decoding only.
I think that images received from the Space information
field become available to our “internal vision”
in this of like way. That is where from there are
human notions on events distant in space and time.
It is supposed that torsional fields causing certain
neurochemical and hormonal processes in the human
organism take an important role therein. From
the one hand, these processes block up some centers
and channels distracting from the main task. From
the other hand, they provide opening of new neuronal
“paths”, “networks” and “reflexes” in the cerebrum,
thus allowing to increase volume and speed of data
processing sharply. In particular, this explains different
breakthroughs of consciousness – instant “strikening”,
“revelations”, “connections to the Universal
By now it is well-known that crystals are able to
accumulate huge energy stores and give it to the external
world. Frankly speaking, it will be some other
energy transformed by selfhood of the crystal rather
than the energy accumulated from the space.
Hence are therapeutic properties of minerals: if
to choose them skillfully and individually by quality
of radiation, then they will supply a person with the
very energy he is short of. However, upon ignorant
application of crystals it is possible to get harm. Thus,
decorations made of precious and semiprecious
stones curative for one people can be harmful or even
dangerous for others.
But meanwhile they both create an invisible force
field around themselves. Austrian chemist Carl von
Reichenbach was the first person who paid attention
to that fact in 1844—1867. During experiments that
he always tried to make more objective the scientist
made sure that many most sensitive people (extrasensory
individuals) quite good felt and sometimes even
saw this force field of crystals.
Nowadays it is obvious that this luminescence
can be observed by ordinary people. Frankly speaking,
in this case they have to stay in full darkness for
pretty long time: only some time after their eyes start
perceiving faint colored aura around crystals. The
quite astonishing thing was revealed during such experiments.
It turns out that some people are able to
come into a mental contact with crystals and even alternate
intensity and color of their aura!
Nowadays is firmly proved that physical devices
made with the application of crystals response to Physical basics of informational interaction
psychophysical influence of a person quite sharply
even in spite of distance. For example, upon mental
impact of a person quartz crystals change their frequency
behavior almost as upon radiation thereof by
a laser beam. And, the most important for our further
talk, it happens “upon initial “coming into contact”
(device adaptation to the operator) in immediate
proximity thereto. Their so called mutual ”adaptation”
within some period of time takes place”.
Another very old “superstition” – crystals don’t
simply react to a human’s thoughts, but come into a
bilateral contact with him – was proved as well. By
other words, a feedback is possible in the “person—
crystal” system as well. In particular, this conclusion
was made by the director of the American Institute
of crystal studying Dale Walker basing on his experiments
performed in 1970—80-es. In his book “About
origin of crystals” he wrote directly that “crystals react
to a human’s thoughts and emotions interacting with
his mind and increase energy of thought and power of
his feelings”.
Of course, an important condition of mental
contact with a crystal is possibility of mutual resonance
of their radiations. It seems, it mainly depends
on both radiation pattern of a person and a type of
crystal lattice, i.e. the type of mineral. A form of the
crystal lattice is of certain importance as well. By all
appearances, this very form mainly determines vibration
rhythm and resonance frequency of the crystal.
Depending on the form of crystal the same mineral
will have different not only physical but “psi-properties”
as well.
Let’s take a diamond, for example, the hardest of
known minerals. Carbon atoms in the diamond are
located in units of a very rigid undistortable construction
– tetrahedron (a pyramid, which all four faces
are equilateral triangles). Perhaps, thanks to these
very short and rigid atom connections the diamond
is the best substance to react to psychological influence
of a person. Coming into a resonance with him
the diamond intensifies them and emits information
by much more powerful stream than the received one
owing to the huge internal energy.
Thanks to this specific radiation some energoinformation
frame is formed around the crystal. And
this frame is of our interest. The point is that the
frame performs several functions, including the one
of transmit-receive antenna. It will be logically to
suppose that such a complex “antenna” allows crystals
not only to emit their own electromagnetic oscillations
(this is broadly used in radio engineering),
but to perceive and retransmit foreign information,
including the one that is emitted by the human both
being close and at far distances from the crystal.
Getting inside the crystal external energy quanta
(for example, of light or visible cosmic rays) transfer
its particles to excited or even hyperexcited state for
a short time. It causes so violent “internal processes”
in the crystal that it starts active sharply directed
emitting of energy at strictly established frequency.
Owing to this effect even a small crystal can give radiation
comparable by intensity with radiation of a
large X-ray tube.
A ruby can be used as a pattern of such laser effect.
All we know that crystals are broadly applied in
modern lasers. But it turns out that the ruby is able
to form laser radiation without any complex processing
equipment. For example, «having charged” from
bright sunlight it starts radiating laser rays thin as
needles in the same way as an artificial device.
But all these are ordinary properties of crystals
well-known and skillfully used in radio engineering.
But what if this effect of intensification and “laser
shooting” is right not only for electromagnetic band,
but for torsional fields as well? For example, for radiations
of the person being close to a crystal. In this
case the crystal is really obliged to become a psi-laser!
Generally speaking, there is nothing extraordinary
in this assumption. We can even imagine a probable
action of psi-intensification. It is not improbable
that the main role in conversion of a crystal in a psilaser
is played by its crystal lattice. This very lattice
forms numerous energy frames-matrixes and creates
some mirror walls and corridors for mental energy
tossing inside the crystal. As a result each cell of the
lattice transforms into a microscopic psi-laser, and the
crystal, as a whole, summing up all their efforts – into
a short-distance psi-laser. Having received mental radiations
coming out of a person and having become
excited thereby the crystal intensifies and “shoots
them back” but being much stronger. After that a
mere trifle remains: to perceive all this and make it
visible for consciousness. And, as we have already
understood, it is necessary to come into the altered
state of consciousness previously. Another important
property of crystal radiation will help us in this matter.
It turns out that it can be not only sharply directed,
but polarized as well. And whether our hypothesis on
influence of polarized radiation on human mentality
and physiology is correct, it is easy to imagine the effect
able to be created by crystals emitting such polarized
flows. For example, under their influence human
consciousness can transfer to another working mode,
i.e. retune its band and start receiving information
from the information field. And, as we have already
repeatedly told, it is possible to receive knowledge on
the past and the future, the distant present, as well as
works of art and scientific data.
Not long ago researches of atomic nucleus and
cosmic space seemed to be the most important and -24-
intriguing. Nowadays our attention is paid to riddles
and ability of human mentality. Scientists fixed their
eyes on the matter discovered that the “internal Universe”
of an individual is not less complex and mysterious
as the world around us. Professors V.N.Pushkin
and A.P. Dubrov claim that “in none of material bodies
properties and traits of micro- and macrocosmos are interlaced
in such amazing way than in a living organism,
and they expressed so clearly in nothing but in psychical
activity of the human”.
It is not surprising that representatives of various
areas of knowledge are trying to solve a mystery of
human consciousness. Those who have been plunged
into this problem quite deeply are not doubtful that
consciousness not simply reflects, but in much degree
forms the world not only in the sense that ideas
generated by a person are being realized in technologies,
works of art, conflicts or friendship… All these
were known before. Now the point is that thoughts
or feelings seemingly not shown neither in action nor
a word are able to directly influence on the environment
and the person itself. Scientists mean this idea
when they say that “the consciousness is a physical reality”.
This dare conclusion of scientists radically altering
our views on the world is a result of doubtless
facts, long-term observations, scientific experiments
as well… They directly say that each organ, each cell
of organism directly responses to human thoughts
and emotions. Astonishing events traditionally called
as paranormal also testify to the fact that our consciousness
is able to influence on objects of animate
and inanimate nature.
“We made sure that there are unknown areas in
the human. Parapsychology offers us a method of their
research… This research has been just started, and we
think it will be one of the greatest tasks of the nascent
civilization” (L. Pauwles, J. Bergier).
The time when denial of these phenomena was
a sign of good form among scientists and necessary
condition of scientific respectability becomes a thing
of the past. Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences
G.I.Shipov speaks that “nowadays there is no doubt in
existence of telepathy and clairvoyance or that consciousness
energy plays a certain role in physical processes”.
The most astonishing thing is inconceivable
power displayed by the human in all that. How amazing
are the effects caused by single effort of thought
as reduction of weight of items, alternation of internal
structure of substances equivalent to heating up
to 500°С, conversion of one chemical elements into
other, etc. These things are real ones in spite of the
fact that they are beyond our comprehension.
Of cause, only a few people are able to comprehend
it. However, this is enough to make sure of the
richest abilities and reserves of human mentality. Most
likely, these abilities are inherent to many (if not to all)
of us in a latent form. By the way, the latest researches
prove it. For example, doctor of biological sciences
S.V.Speransky claims on the basis of long-term experiments
as follows: “Telepathic abilities are inherent to
a great deal of people”. Moreover, it has been already
proved that these abilities could be activated by using
special electronics – “brain machines”.
Nature of these events is not clear still, but we
ought not to ignore it without a risk to destroy the science
(academician V. А. Trapeznikov).
The fact that paranormal events are rear and
hardly explainable by already known conceptions
confuses researchers progressively less. They are
convinced that events of human mentality “have certain
material basis that not only is able to, but should
be discovered”. Current efforts of many scientists
around the world are focused on this problem. They
develop new research methods, set up new hypotheses;
formulate new conceptions and physical ideas.
A.D. Sakharov N. BohrPhysical basics of informational interaction
In essence, formation of a new science – physics of
psychical events (psychophysics) – is going on.
Solution of mystery of mental energy will be not
simply a next step towards world cognition. The true
revolution in life of mankind will occur. “Psyche as real
manifestation of substance, energy and information, can
be a powerful tool in hands of its holder”. Let’s talk about
the simplest and obvious: a person is able to control
processes in his own body. This means a transfer to
higher physical and psychical health. There is nothing
to speak about other nascent prospects… They simply
take our breath away!
Each motion, including the one of thought, echoes
in the entire Universe. These conclusions were
made before the others by the greatest scientists of
the gone century. The eminent physician Niels Bohr
(1885 – 1962) told frankly that “future physics shall
include the consciousness”.
All Cosmos is rational and full of rational forces.
Eminent scientists have been talking on that for a
long time. For example, academician А.D. Sakharov
(1921 – 1989) told: “I can not imagine the Universe
and Human life without some intelligent basis or source
of mental “warmth” lying outside the substance and its
laws”. Hierarchy of rational forces is endless. The human
is a level of consciousness only, and the Earth is
one of its islets that was, is and always will be connected
with these forces. And we have to make these connections
more conscious and harmonious.
Of cause, such ideas are not common property
of the broad masses yet. This is the way of thinking of
the social elite still. But the process is going on. And
any day now these new world view positions will become
generally accepted. From the phase of “it is impossible”
we, as it often used to be, will imperceptibly
come to another one of “everybody knows it”. When
it will happen we will not only stop rushing aside of
“non-traditional” methods of receipt of knowledge
(including from «non-traditional» sources), but will
add them to our arsenal as well.


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