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The 3D DIACOM NLS history of creating Sensitiv Imago equipment


The 3D DIACOM NLS history of creating Sensitiv Imago equipment

In the year 2000 is has passed 20 years from the day of creating by Theodore van Hoven the logic of quantum entropy, that is underlying of method. Thus, the nonlinear diagnostics – the youngest of the methods of hardware diagnostics. However, it’s discovery was a very important step in diagnostic medicine.

The method of nonlinear analysis first to all was used in organic chemistry to determine the composition of complex compounds.
The important step in the history of NLS-diagnostic method is considered with the invention of trigger sensor, that was founded in 80’s years of the last century. After it’s invention appeared the possibility of diagnostic equipment development. Immediately active work on creation and improvement of bio-resonance diagnostic systems started. In the period from 1990 till 1995 large clinical researches of the first diagnostic devices took place. In the late 90’s started the fast grows of commercial production of bio-resonance equipment and sharp increase in the accuracy of the results.

After the initial success the group of the founders has broke up, each went on it’s own way. One of them organized the business entity that produced already obsolete devices named Oberon, another organized scientific academy, the third one emigrated abroad . Each went by it’s own way. The journey was long and not always successful. Reducing from outdated equipment of the 2nd generation, was prepared for releasing of 3rd generation of NLS equipment.

One of the developers of diagnostic systems the group of companies – “Alpha-Med” holding has decided to recruit new scientist and scientific research organizations from all around the world. By joint forces appeared new brand – “Sensitiv Imago”. The computer diagnostics devices “Sensitiv Imago” belongs to the fifth, the latest generation of bio-resonance devices.

“Alpha -Med” holding has the production plants in Ukraine, Russia, Europe. The holding is the owner of the biggest part of inventions and know-how in the sphere of computer diagnostics and is the official developer of the equipment “Sensitiv Imago”.


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