Metatron 4025 Hunter,3d nls sub health analyzer factory

Hallmarks over other devices


Hallmarks over other devices

Hallmarks over other devices
Sensitiv Imago Other bio-resonance devices
Devices equipped with floating loaded generators, change the rate depending on the test body. High-frequency generators with a constant strain on the patient.
Search for causes of the disease for 12 frequency selector. The accuracy of search causes increased by 30%. Total 9 frequency selectors. The accuracy of finding the causes of reduced.
Magneto chamber for testing drugs. Reliability is increased by 47%. Testing of drugs can produce not unpacking them. The resonance chamber for testing drugs. Test preparation is required without packaging.
Sensors – electrodes made of titanium and surgical steel. A more expensive material that gives a decrease of the error. Information is removed immediately by three different methods: SBA – sensors and modulator. Sensors – electrodes of brass, but in most cases non-existent.
Sensors in the headphones. A new generation of patented SBA – sensors in the amount of 60 to 500. Only with the help of trigger sensor. Trigger sensor requires manual adjustment or one trigger sensor reacts to any interference.
Triple automatic and manual calibration under varying magnetic field. Calibration of the sensor by manufacturer, increases the error in exit diagnostics.
Recognition mode operator The device does not see the difference between the operator and patient
Direct biofeedback Direct biofeedback missing
The device is certified in Europe as medical equipment. Certificate counting device such as a calculator, or absent.
Minimized defects and errors of the device through a 10-day test under load on the stand. Perhaps the appearance of defects and errors during operation by the consumer.
Factory assembled by the standards of ISO. Hand assembled in small workshops.
The operator is protected by function of auto neutralization of negative information. This function is missing.


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