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Comprar 3d nls Here’s a Quick Way to know all info


Comprar 3d nls Here’s a Quick Way to know all info

Comprar 3d nls

Comprar 3d nls

3d nls health analyzer software 3 3d nls plus software

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What is 3d nls plus?

3d nls plus to light waves,sonar,through the eardrum into the human brain,use of quantum resonance techniques to probe the specific organs of the body tissue of the hydrogen atomic energy ,the resonance of electromagnetic waves and then feedback to the computer,Compared with fine huge database,thus find the detection organs present,past,and the next 3 ~5 years,the health status database was established by famous scientist of the former Soviet Union and the United States which spent 35 years,spending tens of billions of national research funds,a collection of different sex,different ages,different races,different diseases,different clinical data.

How 3D NLS Works

The 3D NLS health analyzer uses headphones to transmit sonar light waves through the eardrum into the human brain. The technique is totally non-invasive, safe and pain free. The patient simply puts on a set of specially made headphones with the sensor and transmitter, and lies back to relax while the tests are performed.

The method is based on an analysis of the brain stem’s electromagnetic waves (similar to Oberon and Metatron) which contain complete informational picture of the entire patient. The analyzer uses a special emitter to modulate the carrier frequency for the cell communication, and uses special sensor trigger readers built into headphones to read the cell’s own signals.

Over 100,000 pulses representing areas on over 500 listed anatomical body parts are presented in a single 30 minute session through the sonic headphones.

The sonar frequencies are outside of the human hearing spectrum so the patient hears and feels nothing. The resonance of electromagnetic waves is then returned to the computer and compared with an extensive database. The result is a presentation showing the condition of organs in the present as well as the past. There is also a report predicting organ state over the next 3-5 years.

3d nls plus software 20 3d nls plus software 10 3d nls plus software 9 3d nls plus software 8

How to Operate 3D NLS

One finger can complete all operations !
We choose industrial touch-screen computers !
(Which use for Outdoor Payment Kiosk, POS machines, Transportation, Industrial Automation, Medical Treatment etc. Capacitive screen, strong sensitivity, solid state drives )
32G / 64G / 128G hard drive optional
Optional wireless keyboard and mouse
Multi-angle adjustment
One machine,can use software directly,do not need you install by yourself !
HDMI,VGA … Multiple Interfaces
Then you can see it improve or wosen.

How to analysis 3d nls the test reports by the 6 colors?

1 – Normal State
2 – Standard Condition
3 – Restricted State
4 – Serious Disorders State
5 – Weak State
6 – Abnormal Condition
(Sub-health status)

3d nls plus software 1 3d nls plus software 2 3d nls plus software 3 3d nls plus software 4

Where to use the METATRON NLS

Doctors and medical practitioners
Diagnostic Rooms
Sports Medicine Specialists
Fitness Centers and Spas
Oriental Medicine Centers
Distributors of Homeopathic
Medicines and Dietary Supplements
Medical Clinics
Scientific Research Centers
Sanatorium Resorts

Comprar 3d nls

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