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What different the quantum analyzer and the 7D NLS analyzer?


I got 7d nls  and even installed like yr instructions  the program is not working well, some functions did not appear on the monitor, what about the reports?  I cannot print it clearly.  Did  the program make a report like quantum analyser?? Pls send  me details
7d nls reports not like quantum analyser
ok  but to push down the images on  what shoul I do?? I cannot see the icons to do that?
if you online
i can help you by team viewer
hello Maria
are you online?
yes in a few minutes I’ll give you time viewer code acess
available now
are you online???
i am here
are you here?
are hou wearing the handset >
are hou wearing the handset?
connect the usb key
green one
usb  key connected already. Sorry I was out to lunch
when you wil online
i online you not
I’m online now .. good morning
i here now
are you here?
team viewer is ready?
hello do you want to fix the image of software pls
what trouble you have?
about the 7d report
try again pls  , so the ecran was complete yesterday, today isb cutting the image   and I cannot see all buttons
if it running OK
I do not need to connect your pc
it running OK or Not?
I did not tryed yet, but can you pls fix my monitor  image is cutted
is connect the usb key, handset is ok?
password : 7wr2t2 not right
I m fixing it now
it is ready now
please set your pc to 1024*768
i do not know spanish
But the problem is that I cannot  see the complete screen , maybe some button functios are not  on the monitor ???
are you sure your pc have be set 1024*768
Yes I am
Because quantum analyzer is the same  thing it did not show the complete screen  , but yesterday you did that, just we had an update of windows 10 today
It appears with  a black margin from each side
it can support win 10
i just running it
i running OK
Ok but why screen image is reduced ??
Designer design is such that we can not change
QRA not same as 7d
show it show is Different
Yes but the quantum analyzer before install  NLs was ok  complete screeen, and now it appears cutted .. Shoul I change resolution each time that I enter on NLS
I got it  I have to fix high resolution to quantum and before enter NLS reduce it. Ok Im going  to test NLS  Any problem I’ll let you know  thanks a lot
QRA Not need set 1024*768


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