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3d nls analizador mercadolibre

Why 3d nls analizador mercadolibre?

Why 3d nls analizador mercadolibre?

1.3d nls analizador mercadolibre is not invasive detection. The test will not have any discomfort. Non-voltage electrical stimulation, do not touch the skin, Not play reagent.No any hazardous radiation damage ,Not to take off a sweater, Not need wait-Not fasting, Not any side effects.

2.Only takes 30 minutes to complete the body of 16 kinds of 3D simulation CT scans detect for quick analysis and evaluation of health status.

3.Can be detected with 12 systems of the human body tissue changes then comparison the scanning range up to 300 si more.

4.Clear know human next 3 ~ 5 years of health risk assessment, reduce his an attack of opportunity to achieve the effect of prevention is better than cure.

5.The world’s unique fusion of spectral resonance quantum resonance analysis. Acoustic resonance analysis.

6.Test different food / health care products affect the circumstances of the body.

3d nls analizador mercadolibre

How to Operating 3d nls?

How to Operating 3d nls analizador mercadolibre?

3d nls analizador mercadolibre machine hardware install direction:

1,Open the laptop/computer,and enter the 3d nls analizador mercadolibre

2,Connect Item cup and data line with the 3d nls analizador mercadolibre, and then take the Data line

other side insert into the Laptop/computer

3,Open the 3d nls analizador mercadolibre

4,After driver program installed, insert the headset into the 3d nls analizador mercadolibre then out on

the headset , pls avoid the high light.

5,Run the 3D software desktop shortcut

6,After enter the software and find the software isn’t the English language, kindly

click the No.3 press-button of the 3D software homepage , and then choose the English

3d nls analizador mercadolibre

What Accessory for 3d nls analizador mercadolibre?

What Accessory for 3d nls analizador mercadolibre?




3D NLS Quantum Body Analyzer main body

1 pc


Headset typesensor

1 pc


USB line

1 pc


Card reader

1 pc


IC card

1 pc


Physical measure cup

1 pc



1 pc


Keys to the suitcase

2 pc



1 pc


Soft CD

1 pc

Packing for 3d nls analizador mercadolibre

Product Size:41*30.5*14cm NW:2.5kg

Packing Size:42.5*35*15cm Weight:5.5kg

3d nls analizador mercadolibre

How 3d nls analizador mercadolibre works?

How 3d nls analizador mercadolibre works?

It works by sending an infra-red triggering signal of extremely low intensity to the Bio-field around the brain via specially designed headphones. The principle is based on the fact the every cell tissue and organ has its own unique frequency pattern that varies as it experiences a load or stress. The healthier the area being investigated the more stable its frequency pattern is. We can direct the 3d nls analizador mercadolibre to investigate the unique frequency of say the tissue of the right lung, given that the Bio-fields of both brain and lung tissue, (as with all parts of the body) are in constant communication with each other.

With an acute problem one single therapy session is often all that is needed. With a chronic condition it may require several sessions over a period of time.

The device scans each organ or tissue on a cellular level.There are no other methods today that can find illnesses at the same early stage that the 3d nls analizador mercadolibre does.

3d nls analizador mercadolibre

What is 3d nls analizador mercadolibre?

What is 3d nls analizador mercadolibre?

1. Detectable systemic 12 big system ,256 items of zang-fu organs,glands and cell…4352 kinds of disease make predictive report,the whole body 120000 list ensure accurate detection .Users can saw their organs current and past, and future 3 to 5 years of health and organization cell vitality trend.

2. It’s based on huge cases and physiological database which is built by formeer Soviet Union scientists and American scientists.They spent 35 years to research according to clinical manifastations.Meanwhile ,it costs millions of research funds.

3. With energy spectrum restoration and repair function,to the early stages of the disease or has not been formed stage,especially for pain spot repair has the very good auxiliary curative effect.

4. Tens of billions of capital investment ,

5. 35 years of scientific research

6. Just 10 minutes to check your whole body CELL System

7. Life is made up of cells,cells are made up of the molecules,molecular is consisted of atoms molecule is consisted of electronic form.Electronic goes into the particular organ cells through light and sound waves,thus know the waveiength .Then

3d nls analizador mercadolibre


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