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Metatron 4017 NutriSoft Emerald


Metatron 4017 NutriSoft Emerald

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics has developed new and relatively cheap hardware-software system “Metatron”-4017 with “NutriSoft-Emerald” software which has many of “Metapathia GR Hunter” software functions. As in “Metatron”-4025 model, continuous spiral scanning block is also used in this system which increases 3 times more patient investigation speed and accuracy of diagnostics.

  • “NutriSoft-Emerald” program has mineral and gems spectrums which allows individual and biological compatible selection of gems for constant bearing and also allows litotherapy, which means therapeutic action by spectrum mineral emanation.
  • “NutriSoft-Emerald” program has widened vegetative medication spectrums and also there are some images of various plants are shown and a possibility of phytotherapy, which means therapeutic action by plant spectrum.
  • “NutriSoft-Emerald” program has an increased number of anatomical, histological and cytological organs images, including dental module.
  • “NutriSoft-Emerald” software just like “Metapathia GR Hunter” software has the possibility of “virtual multidimensional scanning” which allows localizing of pathology nidus automatically, in following order: anatomical – histological – cytological stages.
  • One of the most doubtless advantages of new “Metatron” -4017 hardware-software complex with “NutriSoft-Emerald” program is the combination of low price and product high quality.


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