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The Institute of Practical Psychophysics introduces new version of HSS “Metatron” with “Red Dragon” software adapted for Eastern Asia markets.

While having all principal functions of “Metapathia GR Clinical” software “Red Dragon” software includes some additional features:

– In addition to Russian, English and German languages the new software supports Chinese and Japanese languages.

– New section – “Traditional Chinese Medicine preparations” containing more than 600 etalons was added to “Red Dragon” software.

Chinese medicine is technology for health resumption which contributed greatly into development of world medicine. The main distinctive feature of these traditional preparations which are used and perfected for thousand years is that they are made of natural components only. From the point of view of physiology Traditional Chinese Medicine preparations are more natural and thus safer and more helpful for human health than chemically synthesized drugs of the Western medicine.

– For the first time the new software displays 14 Chinese meridians.

Altogether there are 12 pairs of main organ channels corresponding to 12 main organs of Traditional Chinese Medicine and 2 non-pair meridians on human body. All main channels are linked into one system. One transforms into another in strict succession with Chi flow. This live energy is distributed to the whole organism through the channels and unites all functional blocks of an organism.

Jing-luo is a teaching of 14 meridians; it is one of the main teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Jing-luo explains physiological functions and pathological changes of human organism and is used for diagnostics and treatment. It is also a basis for acupuncture. It is considered that function of a meridian is to ensure flow of Chi, support functional activity of organs and harmonize Yin and Yang in an organism.

In case of pathology changing of one organ’s function inevitably changes functioning of other organs, i.e. whole organism becomes involved into unhealthy process.


– Etalons database of “Red Dragon” software is extended by food products and dishes of Traditional Chinese cooking which are recommended for clinical nutrition.

– Lithotherapy. The new software has spectrums of minerals and jewels. It allows to select a jewel for a person strictly individually in compliance with biological compatibility and carry out lythotherapy – treatment of an organism by mineral’s spectrum.

Special molecular composition of crystal structures provides energy impact to cellular and biomolecular systems of an organism. Some jewels may enter into specific harmonic resonance with certain parts of our organism. Vibrational energy is transferred to a certain molecular system and it harmonizes Yin and Yang, stabilizes biochemical processes, improves level of cellular structure, restores unhealthy organ and increases tendencies for recovery.

– “Red Dragon” software has feature of three-dimensional reconstruction of pictures on the basis of data acquired during multidimensional examination – study of hollow organs according to principle of “virtual NLS-scopy” by using of LAPP system (system of parallel processors of ultrahigh computing power and performance). Preparation of NLS pictures for visual analysis is fulfilled with help of 4-D Tissue original method invented by the Institute, that allows not only getting of virtual multidimensional pictures of anatomic structures, but also choose interesting biologic tissue – “additional dimension” and visualize bones, soft tissues and vessels simultaneously.

New software product of the IPP – 3D software “NutriSoft Diamond”

Demo of original program NutriSoft Diamond 

We plan to introduce new 3D software “NutriSoft Diamond” created on the basis of HSS “Metatron”-4025 on 1st of May, 2012.

This software combines main functions of “Metapathia GR Clinical” software and moderate price; the software is designed for all categories of users.

New development of the IPP – «Metapathia GR Clinical» software.

I. This software has all features from previous versions of diagnostic software developed by the IPP and also it introduces innovative developments in non-linear diagnostics systems (NLS).

II. Database of etalons is extended significantly.

1) Biochemical indices: new enzymes, hormones, oncological markers (cancer of pancreas, stomach, lungs, prostate, mammary gland and ovaries, etc.) are introduced.

2) Immunoglobulin of I order, which allow to reveal immunodeficiency states.

3) New section – Microelements (introduced all chemical elements contained in human organism, dependence of chemical elements wave spectrums character on their location in periodic table is revealed) which give us a possibility to evaluate quantitatively indices of human organism homeostasis and diagnose its disorders on early stages. Using NLS analysis function it became possible to reveal and control content of various microelements in an organism.

Using NLS-systems one may find out that microscopic amount of some chemical elements, such as gold, for example, is also important for preserving of good health condition. Many others microelements participate in functioning of vibratory and bio-electronic systems of human organism and his CNS.

4) Homeopathic preparations: introduced new modern medications, revealed strict dependence of wave spectrum analysis among humoral-constitutional peculiarities of an organism, blood group, Rhesus factor, some biochemical indices and spectrum of a homeopathic preparation.

5) Nutriceuticals: database of food supplements is extended, in particular with NSP company products.

6) Allopathy. Database of modern allopathic preparations is significantly extended: new antibiotics, immunomodulators, probiotics and other medications are introduced.


7) In this software we introduced new feature Psychoemotional state which allows us to evaluate in real-time mode emotional background of a patient and detect interrelation between development of mental and somatic pathology and emotional state of a patient.

We added etalons of 73 emotional conditions, such as hope, faith, sorrow, anger, etc. to a section of psychoemotional condition screening.

Our thoughts and feelings form strictly individual spatial-frequency torsion field. That is why before we achieve true progress in medicine and psychology we have to learn to interpret our emotional disorders as disharmonic fluctuations affecting normal functional condition of an organism.

There is so close connection between emotions and development of a disease that sometimes it is possible to foresee course of person’s disease by evaluation of his emotional stress. The main thing is to see how a person deals with his stress, to identify his emotions, his personal tolerance – all these things may be evaluated by software’s psychoemotional screening function.

8) Database of allergens is extended – introduced spectrums of heavy metals: strontium, cadmium, caesium, polonium and other radioactive nuclides.

9) For the first time we introduced Bach flower remedies into “Metapathia GR Clinical” software.

We created and added to our software etalons of 38 flower preparations for seven main states of mind and for treatment of psychosomatic diseases.

Bach flower remedies are vibratory remedies with specific frequency characteristics inherent to particular plants.

Main purpose of these remedies is to harmonize mental and emotional spheres of a man. Negative emotions promote development of a disease.

The software chooses spectrums of various essences for treatment of specific diseases and energy disorders.

10) 80 new etalons of organopreparations – peptide bioregulators were introduced into database of “Metapathia GR Clinical” software.

Bioregulators, obtained from organs and tissues of specially bred healthy animals, are called organopreparations. German company “Vit Organ” has a technology of organopreparations obtaining, based on cellular method of researcher-immunologist K.E.Theurer, according to which extraction of specific for each organ and tissue organopreparation is carried out from cytoplasm of all cell types and their histogenetic ranges, therefore high organ and tissue specificity of obtained cellular bioregulators is achieved.

Thanks to organotropism feature, the preparations optimize processes of physiologic regeneration, restore genetic control over proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis in homologous organs, which promotes rejuvenation and renewal of tissues, development of anti-age effects, slowing down of ageing processes, restoration of young and functionally active tissue, elimination of inflammations, lysis of pathological proliferation foci, development of anti-degenerative effects, tumor growth inhibition.
As a result all abovementioned leads to restoration of organ or tissue normal functioning, in children – to restoration of postnatal ontogenesis, elimination of abnormalities and defects of development.

III. For the first time in “Metapathia GR Clinical” software we introduced application of three-dimensional reconstruction of pictures on basis of data read with multidimensional research – a study of hollow organs according to principles of “virtual NLS-scopy” with use of LAPP system (ultrahigh performance parallel processors system). Preparation of pictures for visual analysis is fulfilled with help of 4-D Tissue original method invented by the Institute, that allows not only getting of virtual multidimensional pictures of anatomic structures, but also choose interesting biologic tissue – “additional dimension” and visualize bones, soft tissues and vessels simultaneously.

IV. “Metapathia GR Clinical” software has a significantly increased accuracy of acquired diagnostic results by establishing of feedback system between a patient and HSS. This objective is reached by introducing of possibility to enter into software results of patients’ biochemical analyses (blood/urine) acquired by laboratory method.

V. All software databases of new software are translated into few foreign languages. Thus new “Metapathia GR Clinical” software will support not only Russian, English and German languages, but Italian, French and Japanese languages also, which significantly extends geography of application of this innovative technology!

Nowadays software is being translated into Chinese and Spanish languages.

 “Metapathia GR Hunter” software

Together with improvement of “METATRON” hardware, the software is being improved also. “Metapathia GR Hunter” is a new, revolutionary step in software creation. Hundreds of virtual models, starting with chromosomes, DNA and cells and up to models of organs and joints, were added to  “Metapathia GR Hunter”.

Also the algorithm of the software was renewed, thus the effectiveness and reliability of researches was increased.

The most significant addition to  “Metapathia GR Hunter”– is a module called HUNTER, which allows revealing of oncological on early stages. New user interface of the software is intuitively obvious; all symbols are visual and easy to remember.

 “Metapathia GR Hunter” together with new models of “METATRON” are considered to be a leader in non-linear diagnostics sphere, and medical certificate allows using of the system everywhere.

The main feature of Metapathia GR Hunter software is function called “Three-dimensional Scanning” which allows to localize automatically a nidus where tumor appeared, heritable diseases, etc. and to find the reason of appearance at genome level, passing one after another histological cuts, cytological cuts, chromosome sets, separate chromosomes, and go deeper to fragments of DNA helix.

During a research the gross changes in tissues shown on macro cuts are revealed, and then a research of the histological cuts of the chosen tissues is carried out in a place of major pathological changes. Then, after histological cut research is done, the search of significantly changed cells is carried out in order to find changes in cell structures. This algorithm then goes to the level of chromosome set, looks for the changes in separate chromosomes, after that starts a research of DNA helix. Also user may carry out the research of multivariate topological picture and metastatic disease.  It allows additional searching for metastasis in other organs. The researches are held in automatic mode and user can interrupt it in any moment.

The advantages of our new system “Metatron”-4025 with “Metapathia GR Hunter” software are:

– adaptation of a brand new system of continuous scanning developed together with our USA partner Clinic Tech Inc. for high-performance multidimensional non-linear scanners (metatrons) of Z series, thus reliability of researches is increased greatly.

– Research speed is increased more than 5 times.

– The main peculiarity of HSS “Metatron”-4025 with “Metapathia GR Hunter” software is “multidimensional virtual scanning” that allows automatically localize a nidus of tumor, hereditary diseases and reveal a reason of its appearance at genome level, by sequential passing through histological and cytological sections, chromosomes and going deeper to fragments of DNA molecule.

– Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: all peculiar to Homo Sapiens species anatomical, histological, cytological structures including ultramicroscopic ones.

– Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: spectrums of minerals and gems, it allows to select according to individual biocompatibility a gem for permanent carrying or apply lithotherapy – healing treatment of organism by mineral radiated spectrum.

– Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: a possibility to evaluate not only tissues of human organism, but also an ultra structure of microbial agents, viruses, helminthes, rickettsia, toxoplasms and trace on which parts of bacterial cell various antimicrobial medications influence.

– Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: “iridodiagnostics” and “auricolodiagnostics” modes.

– Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: selection of homeopathic medications with potency taken into consideration.

– Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: introduced “Smart-filter” function for handy and quick automatic selection of spectral processes and medications with process topology taken into account.

– Database of medical products, food supplements and homeopathic remedies significantly extended.

“NutriSoft-Emerald” software

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics has developed new and relatively cheap hardware-software system “Metatron”-4017 with “NutriSoft-Emerald” softwarewhich has many of “Metapathia GR Hunter” software functions. As in “Metatron”-4025 model, continuous spiral scanning block is also used in this system which increases 3 times more patient investigation speed and accuracy of diagnostics.

– “NutriSoft-Emerald” program has mineral and gems spectrums which allows individual and biological compatible selection of gems for constant bearing and also allows litotherapy, which means therapeutic action by spectrum mineral emanation.

 “NutriSoft-Emerald” program has widened vegetative medication spectrums and also there are some images of various plants are shown and a possibility of phytotherapy, which means therapeutic action by plant spectrum.

– “NutriSoft-Emerald” program has an increased number of anatomical, histological and cytological organs images, including dental module.

– “NutriSoft-Emerald” software just like “Metapathia GR Hunter” software has the possibility of “virtual multidimensional scanning” which allows localizing of pathology nidus automatically, in following order: anatomical – histological – cytological stages.

– One of the most doubtless advantages of new “Metatron” -4017 hardware-software complex with “NutriSoft-Emerald” program is the combination of low price and product high quality.



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