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Commonly Misused Words


3d nls sub health analyzer

3d nls sub health analyzer

3 Commonly Misused Words

I grimace and think, that not

3d nls sub health analyzer

right. I recalled a conversation from a couple of years ago. I emailed my client a draft of the direct mail promotion I written for him. After he looked it over we talked on the phone. He questioned me about the following sentence: collaborate with Alan and others in the room to home in on the answers. in, Alan asked, that correct? I sure you concluded by now, the first of my 3 Commonly Misused Words is –

1. Hone According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word hone, meaning 3d nls sub health analyzer sharpen, has been around since 1828. You can hone a knife and you can hone your writing, public speaking and marketing skills. But you can hone in on anything. The correct word, the correct phrase, is home in. In the 19th century the metaphor referred to what homing pigeons 3d nls sub health analyzer do. By the early 20th century, the 3d nls sub health analyzer phrase came to refer also to what aircraft and missiles do. Search the phrase hone in though and you see that its usage is widespread. It appeared in the pages of the New York Times, the Boston Herald and many other well-regarded publications. At least one online dictionary lists move or advance toward a target or goal as a definition for hone in. Still, any communicator who serious about communicating will avoid hone in. Sure, most people will understand what you mean by it. But some of them will the messenger for using this phrase. Why take that hit to your credibility? If home in on doesn sound right to you go with in on which, on second thought, might 3d nls sub health analyzer have been a better choice of words for that promo I wrote for Alan.

2. Comprise If there were a comprising exhibits related to misused words, the space devoted to comprise would surely be one of its largest. The comprise exhibit would be filled with such examples as the following: they saying is far from riveting, but together these images comprise [make up] a small-town symphony of pig racing and wedding planning, young love and old misdemeanors. New York Times when configuring an action dialog, you want to be able to view the values that comprise [constitute] a 3d nls sub health analyzer CVL, run Designer. The whole comprises the parts. As with hone-in, you can find a dictionary entry to sanction using comprise

3d nls sub health analyzer

to convey a different meaning. In this case, form, to make up. My paperback Oxford American Dictionary 3d nls sub health analyzer includes form, to make up as the 3d nls sub health analyzer third definition for comprise. But it also adds the following usage note: words constitute and compose are preferable in this sense. It is incorrect to say or write apartment is comprised of three rooms. (They clearly state that the usage is incorrect. And yet they include it as a definition anyway. AMTECH Power Software website, product description page Business Park is an exciting new development and will comprise high specification office, industrial and warehouse buildings along with bespoke design and build opportunities. One of his most stunning works, a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree panoramic view of the Milky Way, comprises more than a thousand photographs taken over the course of a year. Pick: Starry Night New Yorker (blog), May 20, 2010

3. Podium In August 2009 President Barack Obama delivered a eulogy at Sen. Ted Kennedy’s funeral mass. It a moving and (as you would expect at this level) well-written speech. This otherwise note-perfect piece of prose, however, is marred by the President misusage of the word podium. Obama text, referring to Sen. Kennedy, reads as follows: “We can still hear his voice bellowing through the Senate chamber, face reddened, fist pounding the podium, a veritable force of nature, in support of health care or workers’ rights or civil rights. Problem is, in the most widely accepted definition of podium, Sen. Kennedy would have to have fallen flat on his face to be the podium. That because, according to Bryson Dictionary of Troublesome Words, lectern is the stand 3d nls sub health analyzer on 3d nls sub health analyzer which a speaker places his or her notes. A podium is the raised platform on which the speaker and lectern stand. For the final word on podium I turn to Garner Modern American Usage. Another thing altogether if you content on the company website or blog

writing a white paper, case study or newsletter

giving a presentation at an industry conference

making the pitch to the buying committee when your pitch is one of three competing pitches.

In the above instances and in all our business communications we want to put our best foot forward, and that calls for careful writing. Because careful writing preserves and enhances our credibility. Bryan Garner, writing in the preface to the third edition of his Garner Modern American Usage and alluding to those who urge wider acceptance of such disputed usages as presented in this article, has this to say:

aren 3d nls sub health analyzer just a few dozen trouble spots in the language, or even a few hundred. There are several thousand of them. Vague intelligibility isn the touchstone; precision is. in? Comprised of? Using podium for lectern? If your objective is not only to communicate, but to communicate with a precision that preserves and enhances your credibility, you forgo (not forego) these words and phrases and make every effort to it right when you write (or speak) 3d nls sub health analyzer.


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