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5 Bizarre Workers’ Comp Claims That Were Actually Successful 3d nls health analyzer price in india


3d nls health analyzer price in india

3d nls health analyzer price in india

5 Bizarre Workers’ Comp Claims That Were Actually Successful

Workers’ 3d nls health analyzer price in india compensation exists to cover people’s medical

3d nls health analyzer price in india

expenses should they be injured during the reasonable performance of the specific duties of their job, like a sushi chef chopping his fingers off or Bret Michaels getting a new strain of herpes. However, some claims are so insane that we’re amazed anyone could’ve filed them with a straight face, yet they are all things that totally happened.

#5. A Woman Breaks a Lamp With Her Face Mid-Coitus

In 2007, an Australian woman filed for workers’ compensation benefits after being hit in the face by a lamp that she ripped from the wall while having violent sex in a hotel room on a business 3d nls health analyzer price in india trip (this is the only kind of sex that is ever had in hotel rooms).


“You see lamps, I see potential butt plugs,

Her employers initially rejected the claim, as well they should have, on the grounds that sex was “not an ordinary incident of an overnight stay, However, a federal judge overturned the decision, arguing that “no approval, express or implied, of the respondent’s conduct was required, By that logic, she could’ve climbed into the bathtub with a lid of heroin and blasted herself into a coma and her employers would’ve had to pay for her recovery simply because they’d rented the room.

#4. A Man Breaks His Hip on a Vending Machine

Circuit City employee Clinton Dwyer filed a workers’ comp claim after fracturing his hip while trying to shake loose a bag of chips from the break room vending machine, because apparently the vending machine was the Last Son of Krypton and Dwyer was 90 years old.


“We meet again, my old foe,

An arbitrator ruled in Dwyer’s favor because he was “injured while coming to the aid of a co-worker seeking personal comfort, Specifically, a female co-worker Dwyer was trying to impress. Catastrophic outcome notwithstanding, we feel that if your big romantic play was a bag of Fritos, the relationship was probably doomed to begin with.

#3. A Woman Trips Over Her Dog at Home

Mary Sandberg was walking to her garage when she tripped over her goddamn dog and broke her wrist. Penney’s corporate headquarters.

#2. A Woman Accidentally Drinks Lye

Laura 3d nls health analyzer price in india McRae was in the break room at 3d nls health analyzer price in india Arby’s when she mistakenly drank from the wrong cup. This normally results in an unpleasant swig of grape soda when you were expecting a refreshing splash of lukewarm whiskey, but for reasons that can never possibly be explained the cup contained lye, a substance that is also known as liquid superdeath.

“But it says soda right on the bottle,

McRae “suffered third-degree burns to her esophagus, although we imagine

3d nls health analyzer price in india

it must have taken emergency responders several minutes to discover the source, seeing as how every item on the Arby’s menu will cause the human body to dissolve itself from the inside out.

#1. A Man Feeds Bears While High

Brock Hopkins worked as a bear feeder at Great Bear Adventures, which is the single greatest sentence that has ever been written. One morning, he decided to smoke all of the weed in his sock 3d nls health analyzer price in india drawer before showing up for his job (which, as we may have mentioned, was to feed bears). Predictable hijinks ensued, ultimately resulting in a bear biting half of Hopkins’ ass off before he was able to scramble to safety.

“Oh God, how could this have 3d nls health analyzer price in india backfired,

Despite the fact that the written decision of the court referred to Hopkins’ choice to mix weed and grizzly bears as “mind-bogglingly stupid, he was awarded $65,000 to cover his medical expenses (and several pounds of salmon-scented weed) 3d nls health analyzer price in india.


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