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4 Ridiculous Sex Machines on Amazon With Hilarious Reviews 3d nls yikang


3d nls yikang

3d nls yikang

4 Ridiculous Sex Machines on Amazon With Hilarious Reviews

More importantly, Amazon offers customer reviews for 3d nls yikang each one of those sex machines, because even though it may not always feel like it, the Internet runs on altruism. For every Nigerian Prince, every subscription wall, every online convenience fee, there are 10 more people who aren’t asking for any money at all and who just want to help you find the best electrical appliance to hump. I was amazed to see that even in a massive online store, where real names and purchases and recommended products are attached to every profile right out in the light where everyone can see, not even the risk of utter humiliation outweighs the human desire to lend a hand.

But don’t actually touch it. You 3d nls yikang don’t know where it’s been.

As a pretend journalist, I sensed some greater cultural significance hidden in the cracks of all those sex machine reviews, and after reading every single one that Amazon has to offer, I can now say with total confidence that, no, there is not. But I did find some bizarre trends among the people who like to fuck stuff with an engine, and I at least want to share those with you.

#4. They Are All MacGyvers of Engineering

If 3d nls yikang Amazon reviews are indicative of the sex machine community 3d nls yikang at large, those are exactly the type of people you want around if you ever need to escape a hostage situation with only two paperclips and 3d nls yikang an apple corer. Maybe it seems intuitive that the same people who have sex with machines would be gear heads, but this extends beyond a casual 3d nls yikang enthusiasm. Most of these people

3d nls yikang

sound like 3d nls yikang they could put a car engine together blindfolded.

And it’s not just their knowledge of mechanics that’s impressive. The creativity they display when fixing or adapting one of the machines 3d nls yikang so it pounds genitals better is 3d nls yikang downright inspiring. They customize their rides with such regularity that I’m curious why our country keeps complaining about a shortage of female engineers.

Oh, did you think the apple corer was an exaggeration? Bless your heart.

Not a single one of them is an off-the-shelf masturbator. They all put a lot of man hours into tricking out a machine they can never, ever show off. But easily the most surprising takeaway from these reviews is the staggering amount of care owners put into their sex toy before each individual use. Their patience threshold is enviable. I don’t want to speak for everyone reading this, but spending an hour greasing pistons and tightening bolts when you’re ready to have sex right now sounds infinitely more

3d nls yikang

frustrating than just finding a willing human to slap against.

I have never planned anything as far in advance as these people have planned to hump an electric dildo saw. It seems like there should be some sort of rule that masturbation aids never require you to pour 3d nls yikang in more maintenance than an actual relationship.

#3. There’s a Weird, Sexy Standoff Between Tool Purists and the People Who Repurpose Them for Sex

The tool pictured above is called a reciprocating saw adapter. It allows wood workers, carpenters, and home improvement specialists to attach different blades, sanders, files, and brushes to a reciprocating saw, essentially turning one tool into about six. Now look at the related items section:

Naturally, the limitless power of the human imagination has ensured that for everything in the world that rumbles, thrusts, or 3d nls yikang spins, someone has figured out how to fuck it. Each earnest review on 3d nls yikang the adapter’s product page about how great it was at removing kitchen grout is buried under five more reviews of how hard it made someone cum. The poor tool 3d nls yikang purists try their hardest to ignore the sex toy reviews, like they’re hoping that if no one says anything, the perverts might all just dissolve into the ether like a fart. The only hint that the carpenters know their favorite tool has been sexually usurped is in the emphatic way they mention the home improvement project they are working on, lest someone mistake them for the kind of person who would wrap their genitals around a reciprocating saw.

It’s so important to that guy that you know he used this tool for cleaning grout that he says it four times in one paragraph. But the sex toy enthusiasts hate being ignored. They’ve started penning subtly erotic reviews in the hopes of tricking some simple handyman into agreeing that it was helpful 3d nls yikang.


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