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3D NLS analyzer Software Installation Instructions


3D Software Installation Instructions

1.Install the main program  “program”;

Install device driver .Firstly, to open the “driver”, If the computer system is XP , window 7 32 bit or window 8 32 bit, please  install ; if the system is window 7 64 bit or window 64 bit, please install 。

Tips: If install the software in the 64 bit system computer, recommended computer /laptop storage should bigger than 4G. Slow running speed of 2G.


Installing device driver software successfully as like the Window displays on the lower right corner of the computer.



Note: In case of some computers can not install the software successfully,Please install the “driver patch”;

The following picture shows the driver installation is unsuccessful


3.Run a “Repair base” for data initialization; click “start”,the right way when the window show like

then Click “exit” to exit.


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