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3 Reasons why you need leisure time leisure mind with dicom 3d nls


Dicom 3d nls

dicom 3d nls

3 Reasons why you need leisure time leisure mind

Overworking and lack of rest causes health issues.

Why do you need rest and leisure time, physically and mentally? Let me remind you! Sometimes we are running to fast to remember ourselves, Acupuncture and dicom 3d nls Chinese herbal medicine deal with external factors that affect our health. Be more aware and you can improve how you feel. Awareness brings more control over you your behavior.

#1. Stress is a precursor for all types of physical and emotional health problems. It leads to chronic pain, anxiety and depression. dicom 3d nls Have any of these? Then slow down. Breathe. If you are driving try to be in the Breathe deeper and relax your stomach muscles, chest and diaphragm. Feel that breathe down to your toes that aha moment. You are in the now, do it again so look around and dicom 3d nls enjoy what you see and feel. Is it different for you?

#2. Lack of rest prevents the body

dicom 3d nls

from healing and rejuvenating. It dicom 3d nls ages you! It prevents you from being all that you can be. Adequate rest gives you more mental and physical control and energy. So go to bed earlier. (Thank God for TiVo and DVR recording!)

Rest powers and oxygenates your mind, dicom 3d nls your metabolism, and will power!

#3. Poor nutrition and poor diet choices usually accompany overworking and overstressing. have no time to prepare healthy foods, so I dicom 3d nls just grab something along the way. Not! Fast food is full of fat, sodium and chemicals that worsen how you already feel. Make time for meal planning. You are that important! Please don give upon good nutrition over the holidays but don disregard all the work you have put into it so far. (you will be grateful in January)!

Call for an acupuncture appointment to help you through these busy days or

request an herbal dicom 3d nls consult (coast to coast via phone or SKYPE).

Many patients do have more time off from work so the have time to be busy with their families but make a call and take care of yourself so you can better take

dicom 3d nls

care of others! Remember, you deserve it dicom 3d nls.


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