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2D-NLS, 8d-lris and Cholesterol Stone


2D-NLS, 8d-lris and Cholesterol Stone

Due to approximate density values of cholesterol stone and bile surrounding it the use of X-ray  computed tomography does not allow concrements visualizing of the common bile duct especially in  case of their small sizes and the lack of bile or pancreatic ducts ectasia. Also because of this  the concrements cannot be differentiated with major duodenal papilla cancer. In this case the  use of 8d-lris research with spectral-entropic analysis is mostly reasonable in diagnostics of  complicated cases of choledocholithiasis in case of accompanying chronic indurative pancreatitis  and also for differential diagnostics of choledocholithiasis with pancreatic gland and bile  ducts tumors. X-ray computed tomography is less sensitive to the detection of  choledocholithiasis but it identifies more accurate the side and the cause of extrahepatic  biliary obstruction in comparison with 2D NLS-diagnostics.

NLS-diagnostics of choledocholithiasis complications as a method of primary screening has  undeniable advantages in comparison with other hardware diagnostic techniques. Though the  detection of choledocholithiasis is difficult and in some cases impossible without spectral- entropic analysis. In case of common 2D NLS-graphy the mistakes occur most often when dealing  with stones of smaller diameter (up to 5 mm.). 2D NLS-diagnostics of choledocholithiasis is only  61-71%.


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