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2016 metatron 4025 NLS health analyzer, German Software Hunter Metatron NLS Customise service For Body health Diagnose


The Metapathia-GR Hunter software can operate only with the telemetric nonlinear analysis data processing apparatus

“Metatron” and its subsequent modifications. The telemetric nonlinear analysis data processing device is compatible

with the IBM-type PCs and intended for studying reaction of a biological object to different types of the informational

impact. “Metatron” allows correlating the measurement process with the process affecting it and performs the following
1) It measures J (0) which mirrors the change of the describing parameter, and the entropic potential relative to its initial value;
2) It transforms continuous signal J (0) with the preset intervals of frequencies into a histogram (a row of numerical values of scanned frequencies with serial numbers from 1.8 to 8.2 Hz.);
3) It sends the current W values to PC and displays the graph on the monitor simultaneously with its impact on the examinee.
4) It accumulates the W value in its memory unit, if observing the histogram is more convenient upon completion of the measurements;
5) It issues the scale-correlated commands required for regulating the effect on the examinee at testing;
6) It transmits the W values from the unit into PC memory upon completion of the measurements and saves them in unit memory of prior to the beginning of recording data of the next measurements.


18D lithotherapy picture-4

NLS Stardard frenquency spectra

Appliance Metatron makes is possible not only to understand the level and cuase of health problems, but also directly influence their elminiation.

The essence of so called bio-resonance therapy lies in the transmission of the information, namely, standard values, to the brain. Standard values include electromagnetic frequencies for all organs and body systems in their healthy state. The information can be transmitted on two ways:
– Nosode Therapy (information is saved on the special matrix, e.g. pure alcohol, it will be digested by body during the regular use of nosodes)

– Meta Therapy (signal is transmitted through bio-inductors directly to the brain, while correct wrong frequncey till optimal value for the cells.)
If desired, this information can be empowered by desructive properties-tuned to a frequncey that cuases damages to the various tyepes of bad micro-organisms.


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