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what is the 3D-NLS primary features?


3D-NLS  is the ultimate quantum preventive medicine. By the sound through the eardrum in the human brain, using quantum resonance techniques to probe the specific organs of the body tissue and atomic energy, the resonance of electromagnetic waves more feedback with the computer comparing health standards a huge database, which can make discover the behavior of human organs both past and present and in the next 1 ~ 2 years.

The database of health status was created by the famous scientist in the former Soviet Union and the United States, which spent 35 years spending tens of billions of national research funds, a collection of different sexes, different ages, different races, different diseases, different clinical data.

3D-NLS primary features:

The body detection function : Work on 12 sets an example (endocrine system, respiratory system, etc.). 256 items of organs, viscera, glands, cells …. , 4352 types of the disease make a predictive report, more than 120,000 views of the entire body to ensure accurate detection. Users can see their bodies in the current health status and spent more the future of 3-5 years as well as trends of cell vitality.
Function and analysis of good articles : You can discuss healthy food, health products … The article can detect when there is damage to human organs and suggests the medication they take the human being to achieve a better balance of life.
The role of repair treatment : With the energy spectrum index and repair function can restore those parts of the body where they are acting first symptoms of disease, especially where they have not formed accurately disease, is very good to recognize or detect specific places where there is pain and act in specific repair that damage.

3D-NLS specialty in health analysis:

Natural examination on the body without any damage.
Not only can you see the health of the internal organs, but is also easy to see health trends after 3-5 years.
Rapid detection systems 12 changes in body tissue and purchased according to a relevant scan range of 300 completed at the speed of light in over 100,000 scanning points to ensure detection accuracy.
Fast to assist the user in understanding the function of specific organ.
The test data will lead you to a better daily consciousness in terms of healthier foods.
It provides professional image material for the formation of the professional knowledge of teaching.
It provides the basis for monitoring the sale of health products and its effectiveness.
You can provide a recovery plan professional person and data to consumers.
It can provide the daily diet conscious consumers about their health.


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